11 Best Android Apps Every Student Should Have

A smartphone is an irreplaceable device for every student. It simplifies a lot of processes. Smartphones can help teenagers to study, monitor expenses, and stay healthy. Let’s review the selection of the apps that every student with an Android smartphone should have.

11 Best Android Apps Every Student Should Have

1. Dropbox

Dropbox Best Android Apps

Students always work with different documents, read e-books, and share files. One of the best ways to access them is by using cloud storage from Dropbox. It allows users to store any files and share them in a few clicks. Moreover, it’s a great way to backup all documents.

2. Office Lens

All information becomes digital due to a large number of benefits over printed papers. With this app, there is no need to look for a scanner to make any paper document digital. Just grab your smartphone, point its camera on a paper, and make a snap. Office Lens will scan it professionally, despite an angle, position, and lighting.

3. Dictionary.com

Some students who come from overseas have poor English proficiency, so the question, “Who can write essay for me cheap?” appears in their minds. This app will help those learners to improve their English-speaking skills and pronunciation for free.

4. Forest

Sometimes it can be uncommonly hard to focus on homework. Consequently, students delay doing their assignments to the last moment. This Android application blocks any distractions and grants access to education apps only on smartphones. It helps to concentrate on one task only while doing homework.

5. Google Docs

Don’t want to bring an external hard drive with you everywhere? Download Google Docs on your smartphone and edit your papers on the go. You’ll also be able to access them from any device and provide a shareable link to your friends. As a result, an unlimited number of people will be able to work with the same document online.

6. Mint

It’s not a secret that a lot of students have a tight budget. This application will help track income and expenses and plan a budget. Also, it provides detailed reports every month. The app allows adding a widget on the home screen to make money management effortless.

7. Evernote

It’s impossible to remember everything if you have dozens of things to do a day. This app will help you make notes and synchronize them on all your devices. The rich functionality allows you to make handwritten notes, scan papers, pin web articles, and stay organized even if you have a mad schedule.

8. Socratic

It provides access to well-made step-by-step explanations on any subject with visual guides. The in-built math scanner will resolve any math problem in a few seconds. Google AI can also assist by looking for the most appropriate answers to any questions on the web.

9. Exam Countdown Lite

Do you want to keep yourself updated about the time left for exams? Using this app, you can create a list of further exams, customize it, and check the number of days left. It’s as simple as useful.

10. Google Fit

It’s important to take care of health while studying. Google Fit will monitor your activity, provide reports, and offer personalized training programs. Paired with a fitness band or smartwatch, it will also monitor your heart-rate and sleep. Also, there are a lot of workout programs to make your sports life more tech-infused.

11. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha Best Android Application for Student

This app is a must for every student who studies the exact sciences. It is a scientific calculator that can resolve almost any math task and provides a step-by-step workflow of getting a solution. Wolfram Alpha is a tool that will help you resolve equations, do statistics homework, help with chemistry, physics, engineering, astronomy, etc.

Final Thought

These days, a smartphone is not only a device to communicate with each other. It is also a camera, computer, calculator, and a comprehensive education tool. We hope that the selection of the Android apps that every student should have will help you turn your Android phone into a full-featured education device.