Avast Won’t Let Me Play League of Legends

Due to the complexity of both the game and the client, technical difficulties with your computer are to be expected when playing League of Legends.

The game’s makers have done a fantastic job designing it such that you rarely encounter crashes and glitches; instead, you need focus on maintaining a stable Internet connection, as the game is unplayable with any significant amount of lag.

However, League of Legends performance issues may be caused by some of the programmes and settings on your computer, but these are usually straightforward to resolve.

Avast Won't Let Me Play League of Legends

Avast is a well-known antivirus software that is used to protect computers from malware, viruses, and other threats. While it is efficient in ensuring your system’s safety, sometimes it can interfere with certain applications and online games like League of Legends.

This article aims to address common issues that users encounter when running League of Legends with Avast antivirus and provides actionable solutions.


What Does it Mean When Avast Won’t Let Me Play League of Legends?

If you’re finding that Avast is not letting you play League of Legends, it often means that the antivirus software has mistakenly flagged the game as a potential threat. This can lead to a frustrating gaming experience, preventing the application from running or accessing the internet.

Common Causes of Avast Blocking League of Legends

  1. False Positive: Avast might wrongly identify the game files as malicious.
  2. Firewall Restrictions: Avast’s firewall may block League of Legends from accessing the internet.
  3. Outdated Software: Running an outdated version of Avast or League of Legends might cause compatibility issues.

League of Legends Won’t Start After Installing Avast

League of Legends is not an exception to the rule that antivirus software can cause incompatibility issues with a wide variety of video games. Avast antivirus in particular has been the subject of numerous complaints from players.

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This issue prevented the launch of League of Legends because Avast falsely identified many LoL-related files as viruses and quarantined them. But there are ways to undo the damage you’ve done:

Launch Avast! Antivirus Software

Your antivirus software should be simple to launch. If you want to access it right away, you may find it in the taskbar, right-click on it, and choose open. If Avast doesn’t launch automatically, you can always launch it from the Start menu.

You may find Avast near the top of the list of all installed programmes in Windows 10, which is shown in alphabetical order. It will take some time to load, so please click it and be patient. If you have a desktop shortcut, you can use that instead.

Seeking Out League of Legends Data

If you are unable to run the League of Legends client, it may be because Avast has incorrectly quarantined some of the game’s fundamental files, mistaking them for viruses. Scanning >> Virus Scan >> Quarantine (Virus Chest) will quickly and easily resolve the issue.

You can find the quarantine button towards the bottom of the screen. You may find League of Legends-related data in the quarantine folder.

Click “Add to Exclusions” to restore these files. If any of these files have already been created by the game, you can overwrite them with the originals that have been put in quarantine by selecting the Overwrite button.

Yet Another Remedy

If this didn’t work, or if you didn’t locate any League of Legends-related files in the Avast antivirus’s Quarantine area, Avast could be interfering with your game in some other way. It’s likely that Avast is still getting false positives about the game, but it’s not doing anything about them (like putting them in Quarantine) and hence continuing to prevent them from running.

Even this problem can be fixed. Launch Avast through one of the aforementioned methods. Then, navigate to Exclusions under Settings. Here, users can store data that does not require maintenance, nor should it be checked for or flagged as a security risk.

If you have any doubt that a file contains a virus, don’t do this. Include the Riot Games folder containing League of Legends to prevent it from being scanned. After that, simply right-click the Avast symbol on your toolbar and the window will automatically dismiss. If the shields are malfunctioning, trying turning them on and off again should fix the issue.

How to Stop Avast from Blocking a Program

  1. Open Avast User Interface: Navigate to the Avast icon and open the interface.
  2. Go to Protection: Select the ‘Protection’ option and then click ‘Virus Chest.’
  3. Add Exceptions: Find League of Legends in the Virus Chest and choose to add it as an exception.

Why is Avast Blocking Everything?

If Avast is blocking more than just League of Legends, you might have set the software to a higher sensitivity level. Lowering the sensitivity or updating to the latest version can often solve this issue.

Allowing Apps through Avast Firewall

  1. Open Avast: Go to the Avast interface.
  2. Navigate to Firewall Settings: Usually under ‘Protection’ or ‘Settings.’
  3. Add Application Rule: Find the option to add an application rule and select League of Legends.

Avast vs. Windows Defender

Both Avast and Windows Defender offer adequate protection, but they have their own pros and cons. Avast provides more features in its free version compared to Windows Defender. However, Windows Defender is deeply integrated into Windows 10, providing a smoother user experience.

Does Avast Block Malware?

Yes, Avast is designed to block various forms of malware, including viruses, trojans, and spyware. It offers both real-time and scheduled scans to keep your system protected.

Does Avast Block Hackers?

Avast comes with various security features, including a strong firewall and network scanning capabilities, which help in blocking unauthorized access and potential hacking attempts.

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Running League of Legends with Avast should not be a complicated endeavor. By understanding how to navigate Avast’s settings and how to deal with common issues, you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Whether you’re concerned about Avast blocking your gameplay or wondering how it stacks up against Windows Defender, this guide provides you with the answers.