Every Canadian Streamer Loves These 5 Top OTT Platforms

There is a certain kind of thrill that comes from spending an evening or an entire weekend streaming. But what if you’re not just any casual viewer but a meticulous Canadian streamer, someone who prides themselves on picking out the finest, most engaging content from the vast ocean of digital entertainment?

This guide will unveil the top five OTT platforms that have consistently captivated even the most meticulous streamers in Canada.

As a passionate Canadian streamer with a discerning taste, finding top-tier content can often be like looking for a needle in a haystack. To enjoy a variety of entertainment options, you can now stream Disney Plus Hotstar Canada directly on your preferred device.

We’ll also explore how to navigate geo-restrictions with ExpressVPN, ensuring you can dodge geo-restrictions. Let’s start!

5 Top OTT Platforms in Canada

The Streaming Scene in Canada

In Canada, the streaming scene is vast and varied, with a whole smorgasbord of over-the-top (OTT) platforms catering to different tastes. Yet, like everything else in life, not all streaming platforms are created equal.

Only a handful manage to hit that sweet spot, offering a balanced blend of quality, variety, and user experience that tickles the fancy of even the most selective Canadian streamers. Let me take you through my top five picks.

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1. Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ offers a delightful platter of Entertainment that’s as appealing to a nostalgic adult as it is to a wide-eyed child. With an impressive archive of Disney classics, Marvel blockbusters, Star Wars sagas, and Pixar animations, it’s hard to resist the charms of this platform.

The fact that they also offer National Geographic content just broadens its appeal. Remember Hotstar’s Indian library is not available in Canada, streaming communities recommend using a reliable Tool such as VPN to unblock it in the country – more on that later.


  • Houses a rich array of Disney classics, Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar content.
  • Offers content in 4K quality at no extra cost.
  • Family-friendly platform with robust parental controls.


  • Lacks the variety of adult content compared to other platforms.
  • Newer releases often come with an additional fee.

2. Crave

Crave is a Canada-based streaming service, home to an enviable line-up of Popular and critically acclaimed series like Letterkenny, Handmaid’s Tale, and Game of Thrones.

For a fussy streamer who’s also a patriot, Crave’s focus on indigenous content is a major plus. It’s like getting a taste of home, with a pinch of international flavor thrown in.


  • A robust library of popular and critically acclaimed series.
  • Highlights Canadian-produced content.
  • Offers current HBO and Showtime series.


  • More limited selection compared to international platforms like Netflix.
  • Some content is locked behind additional subscription tiers.

3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another gem in the streaming crown. With a rich medley of movies, shows, and documentaries from across the globe, it’s a treasure trove for a choosy streamer.

The clincher? It brings the best of Amazon Originals, including award-winning series like Fleabag and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.


  • Included with Amazon Prime membership, which also provides other benefits.
  • Offers a variety of movies, shows, and documentaries, including Amazon Originals.
  • Allows downloading content for offline viewing.


  • Interface is not as user-friendly as some competitors.
  • Some content requires renting or buying even with membership.

4. Netflix

Netflix is a titan of the streaming world, and its domination extends to Canada as well. This giant brings a cornucopia of genres, languages, and styles, right to your fingertips.

With a catalogue that boasts of a rich selection of local Canadian content and an assortment of international shows, Netflix’s unending, ever-changing roster is an attractive draw for the pickiest streamer.


  • Offers a massive library of diverse content, including films, series, and documentaries.
  • Regularly updates with new content, including Netflix originals.
  • Available across multiple devices.


  • More popular content often leads to price hikes.
  • Content availability varies by region due to licensing agreements.

5. CBC Gem

CBC Gem is the dark horse in this race. As the online arm of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, it brings a unique blend of live and on-demand content. From News to entertainment, it’s got all bases covered.

For a discerning streamer who’s keen on staying in touch with local events while enjoying a good binge-watch, CBC Gem is a real find.


  • Offers a unique mix of live and on-demand content.
  • Highlights Canadian news and entertainment.
  • Free tier available.


  • Limited variety compared to larger, international platforms.
  • Some content only available on the premium tier.

5 Top OTT Platforms in Canada

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Wrap Up

Catering to a choosy streamer can be a daunting task, but with these top-notch OTT platforms, it’s no longer a herculean feat.

From Netflix’s vast repertoire to Crave and CBC Gem’s uniquely Canadian content, Amazon Prime Video’s diversified offerings, and Disney Plus’s nostalgia-laden catalog, Canadian streamers have an abundance of top-quality content to satiate their streaming appetite.

Combine this with the geo-restriction solution offered by ExpressVPN, and you have a recipe for endless, unrestricted entertainment.