Why Should You Use URL Shorteners?

One of the best ways to drive traffic to a website is by creating engaging social media posts. Typically, a marketer writes a post encouraging the target audience to check out the brand, its products, or its services. Then the marketer adds a link for customers to click on and check out the website. However, what if the URL is too long? Most marketers make short link.

Suppose the company uses Twitter that has a limit on characters. So, you have to decide between adding a link or making an engaging post. But if you use a link shortener, you don’t have to make this tough decision. Keep reading the article to learn more about URL shortener tools and their benefits. 

Why Should You Use URL Shorteners?

What Is A URL Shortener?

Not everyone knows that URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It’s a link or a web page address. So, a link shortener is an instrument that uses a full-length web page address and compresses it into a shorter and neater URL. Typically, this tool reduces all unnecessary symbols while redirecting to the correct web address.

A URL shortener instrument isn’t a new invention. Businesses have been using such tools for several years now. URL shorteners are especially popular among Twitter users due to their character limits. Just imagine that a few years ago, Twitter had an even stricter limit of 140 characters in a post, so it was even harder to include a link.

URL shorteners have some other benefits, and not just for Twitter users. Users dislike clicking on odd-looking links with symbols like “%” or “&.” People take cybersecurity seriously and avoid clicking on long links thinking they may contain viruses. However, the list of benefits of using URL shorteners can go on. So, keep reading the article to learn why you should use such a tool. 

Reasons To Use URL Shorteners

Tools like https://abgl.link/shorten-link offer neat links you can include in posts, shared among employees, etc. Changing the link’s appearance doesn’t change the web address. So, why not use a shorter version if the web address remains the same? 

Distributing shorter links on social networks and various useful channels may help businesses to drive traffic to their websites. Thus, they increase their sales and income. That’s why website owners can benefit a lot from using such instruments. Here are a few reasons to use URL cutters:

  • professionalism;
  • improved engagement;
  • performance tracking;
  • increases in sharing. 

Now let’s check more details about each of these benefits.


Most companies and brands already use shortened links in their posts. As a result, the netizens are used to posts with short links. If they see a post with a long URL, chances are, they will think a rookie wrote it. The first impression is critical, and a neat URL can offer a positive experience. 

Improved Engagement

The target audience is more likely to engage with a shortened URL. First, it looks professional. Second, it doesn’t create the impression that you will get a virus on your device if you click on the link.

Another factor influencing customer engagement is the association of a brand with a link. If you can read what the link says and it’s related to a brand, the users are likely to click. The statistics prove that shorter links increase engagement by 39%!

Performance Tracking

Link shortening tools provide one of the most valued benefits: the ability to track user clicks on each link a company shares in a post. Different shortening services provide companies with more than just link compression. They track the visitors by demographics, for instance, age, sex, country, city, etc. Getting access to such invaluable data enables companies to understand their target audience. 

Instead of targeting everyone, they can create campaigns that specifically target users from a country or city where people show interest in the brand. Moreover, companies can better understand what types of social networks (and posts) drive more traffic to the website. Focusing on these social networks saves time, effort, and funds while making more profit. 

Increases In Sharing

Typically, users not only click easier on short links. Users also prefer sharing shorter links. By shortening URLs, you can expect organic exposure on social media.

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Key Takeaways

As you see, a URL shortener is not malware and won’t damage your reputation. It’s merely a tool that makes a URL look pleasingly short. Moreover, a shortened URL builds trust between you and your clients. People don’t like to click on links with hundreds of symbols since they fear the link will lead to an infected website.

Posting shorter links allows business owners to create valuable posts with URLs without exceeding the character limits. Moreover, brand owners may even track the performance of a link by checking how many clients click on the link. Link shortener tools have many benefits that can help businesses boost their sales.