What CTFU Means and Where To Use It?

Social media must be a support system by now. Most of us spend hours on these sites to view recent posts and news. It is seen that, nowadays, GenZ has an active status on these sites. The Netizens and active members on social networking sites always try to make the conversation interesting and creative.


What CTFU Means And Where To Use It?

As a result, they end up creating memes, funny clips and videos, new challenges, and many other things. These things came into a trend that is later being remembered for a very long time. One such way of making the stuff on the internet by building new terms and jargon. Recently, a new term got a high endorsement.

The term was CTFU, which simply means, “Cracking the F*** Up”. The term became quite popular and can be seen in every comment and conversation. The acronym is used when a funny meme or an incident is reported and you are not able to hold your laughter.

When Should You Use CTFU?

There could be a situation, that people used different types of acronyms without even knowing the context of the conversation going on. Hence, sometimes it becomes confusing for the social media people to understand the motive behind that jargon. Talking about this particular acronym, CTFL is used mostly in funny conversations.

For example, if you’re given a meme that is making you laugh harder, then the jargon fits into the conversation. However, if the jargon isn’t making you laugh that harder, then there is no point sending this jargon. Hence, users should avoid sending them for the sake of internet slang. If you’re actually laughing uncontrollably, you can use this slang.

When Should You Not Use CTFL?

You should avoid using this slang if you’re just giggling or having chuckles in your conversation. A slang with an F word should only be used if you’re actually freaking out in laughter. Also, even if the joke sounds funny, you can only use the slang If you’re talking to someone who is actually very familiar with you. You cannot use them anywhere and with anyone.

If you’re not even laughing, then there is no point texting this slang. During a decent conversation like sending emails to clients or your boss, you can never think of using this slang when it comes to your workplace. Every workspace has some ethics and rules, which have to be followed. Using this slang creates an unprofessional impression among your colleagues.

There could also be a possibility that many people may not be updated with this slang. Under such conditions, it is better to use the full form or any other common slang. No wonder when would they get offended.

When To Use CTFL?

Apart from texting the slang to your close friends, you can also use this slang as a caption for any funny video you like to upload. You can try using a hashtag with that slang, and you’ll see other people are also uploading the video with the slang.


Using slang is seen as very common nowadays among GenZ kids. The world is changing at a rapid rate. Hence, in order to fit into this world, remembering certain slang is not a bad idea for you all.