Why is Entertainment Important for Mental Peace?

The New York Times published a column titled “Now is the best time to play a lot of video games and not be embarrassed at all,” in which the author explains quite reasonably why it is games and not books, movies, or TV shows, that help those who find themselves in self-isolation to keep their peace of mind. 

Surprisingly, even today, this message sounds revolutionary to many people: how can serious adults play games? Although they can long ago.

The industry of modern computer games today is so diverse that it can offer users both simple, high-quality entertainment and real works of art. If, after reading the article, you are interested in them, you can find more on the pirates bay proxy

Why is Entertainment Important for Mental Peace?

The Advantage of Video Games

And most importantly, today’s games can be an opportunity to travel and have new experiences without leaving home.

We’re all locked inside four walls, and the vast majority of us, even the most desperate introverts, are slowly beginning to miss the big world outside the window that has always been taken for granted.

And since our self-isolation is likely to last at least another few weeks, now is the time to give computer games a chance, even if you have never taken a joystick before in your life. 

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And the best way to do this is games that take place in “open worlds” – in which the player is not required all the time to pass the story missions or fight, and can just walk, do some things or just enjoy – like a tourist – the beauty offered to him.

Mental Rehabilitation in GTA V

GTA V is first and foremost a first-rate movie. Something on the level of Michael Mann’s The Clash or Quentin Tarantino’s Mad Dogs.

Three characters are available to you as a player: the already mentioned Michael and Franklin and Trevor, one of the three robbers from the prologue, who is surprised to learn from the TV news that the friend he thought was dead is alive and well.

But if movies offer you an emotional journey in the passenger seat at best, in the case of the game, you’re the one in the driver’s seat. It’s you who decides what and how your character will do and how his story ends as a result.

Entertainment Important for Mental Peace

GTA V Features

Your character is not just a set of pixels, but a full-fledged person with a character, and in Trevor’s case, also with a temper.

For example, when you play as Trevor, you can’t listen to some radio stations (Trevor can’t stand pop music, swears and switches), and if you choose as Michael, he will be at the therapist’s appointment talking about all the outrages he made while you were playing as him.

The individuality of each character shows up most clearly at the moment when the player switches from one character to another. 

At this point, before you get the chosen character under your control, you find out what he was doing while you were away.

And if with Michael and Franklin, it will most often be rather predictable and boring – lying on the couch in front of the TV/lounging by the pool, washing the car, walking the dog, in the case of Trevor, every switch to him will be an independent little story.

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In the end, you can choose not to do any activity at all, but take a bicycle and ride around an amazingly beautiful reserve with waterfalls and mountain ranges, or buy a plane and fly around the entire game world, watching the changing times of day and weather.

With not everyone being able to leave the house nowadays, it seems worth paying attention to the opportunity to take a full-fledged exciting trip without getting up from the couch.