Warriors’ ‘Beautiful’ Ball Movement Already Reaching Regular-Season Form

The typically elegant Warriors basketball was nowhere to be found at Chase Center on Monday.

Instead, they spent 48 minutes hurling themselves into each other and the Celtics until one of them fell to the floor.

It was a huge message for the Warriors that it was the Celtics who lost, and they’ll need it if they want to win the NBA Finals.

The Warriors’ determination and flexibility in Game 5 were superior to Boston’s. In order to beat a bigger, longer, and younger opponent.

The team famed for its sophisticated ball movement and rhythmic flow must identify and implement new strategies.

Warriors pulled off an ugly victory despite the Celtics’ best efforts to neutralise their offence. That’s not only true of Game 5; it’s been a common thread across the entire series. They have won three of the five games in this way.

Golden State Warriors Ready to Tear Through Powerful Western Conference

Golden State’s offensive fluidity was on full display in its four exhibition victories, as the Warriors used cutting, crossing, and other moves to overwhelm their opponents from every aspect.

Changes made at the top of an organization’s structure are expected to take more time to implement than a typical training camp. Steve Kerr’s Warriors are different now that he’s the head coach.

The next two preseason games the Dubs played they lost. Both games were wins, but Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson played a grand total of zero minutes in the second one because it was the second night of a back-to-back.

Maybe it’s giving Kerr and his staff too much credit, but the Warriors showed absolutely everything they needed to in the first four games of the season.

We’re just coasting into the season opening now, with our only real goal being to be healthy.

Those first four games were crucial in helping the Warriors lead the NBA in true shooting percentage and effective field goal percentage for the preseason.


The NBA has never seen somebody like Luka Doni. He is in complete command of the game, can go to any point on the court, and makes shots that no one else dares try.

Though a formidable player, the Mavericks’ great point guard is hardly the Golden State Warriors’ biggest obstacle in their quest to reach the NBA Finals.

In fact, going into the Western Conference Finals against Dallas, the Warriors’ biggest threat is actually themselves.