The Things You Should Know About Videos for LinkedIn

If you are thinking LinkedIn isn’t an effective platform for marketing, you couldn’t be more right. The ads posted by companies are received favorably because of the professional networking atmosphere surrounding them.

One of the tried and trusted marketing techniques is using videos. It is believed that about 300 million videos are viewed by users on the site every year. They also have a higher engagement and sharing rate. It makes sense to create a compelling video campaign for your business or brand.

The Things You Should Know About Videos for LinkedIn

To do that, you need to hire a video production company that oversees your LinkedIn video production. Being professionals, they would know your objectives and plan a strategy accordingly. With the right equipment, lighting, editing, and related processes, you will expand your presence significantly. What are the other advantages of video marketing on this platform?

Enjoy a Higher Return on Investment

If you want a higher ROI or return on investment, videos are the way to go. Depending on the quality, message, and objective of the idea, it will highly influence the buying decision of the viewer.

The reason is that, unlike blogs, printed ads, and posts, it catches the consumers’ attention quickly. It is relatively easier to deliver something unique with moving images than it is with the printed word.

Express Your Idea Clearly

Marketing your brand on LinkedIn is effective because it provides a personal touch to the entire process. There is hardly any room for confusion. You can decide to feature yourself in the video and speak clearly to the audience.

There is also a certainty of the message reaching the right people since professionals use the platform. These include business people, decision-makers, leaders, influencers, executives, and others.

Attract Visitors to Your Website

The potential to convert the viewers of your video into your clients is high with LinkedIn. Objective-based advertising is among other reasons. You can identify the target audience quickly using various factors, including location, work experience, company, education, and interests. That results in brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, and enjoying a high conversion rate.

Some Ideas for Your LinkedIn Video

Any video you create for this professional networking platform should be short and to the point. Try to keep it between three to ten minutes. Your viewers are professionals who don’t have a lot of time. Catch their attention early and make sure it is impactful.

Create a practical video summary of no more than ten sentences, perhaps giving them an initial idea of what the video is about. It should also provide a clear call-to-action or CTA. Captioned videos are also necessary since some people might watch your videos without the sound.

Types of Popular Videos on LinkedIn

It is vital to know the types of popular videos to understand what the visitor might expect. Top on the list is anything related to company updates and news since they help build relationships with customers.

Things You Should Know About Videos for LinkedIn

Videos related to the company’s culture are viewed a lot since they reflect the personal experience of the employees. Q&As are famous because they are informative and enjoyable at the same time. Audiences also look forward to any videos connected to a new product or service launch since it informs them of the latest developments.

These are a few benefits of having a video on LinkedIn. To create a compelling and engaging video, you will need a company that takes care of the LinkedIn video production process. The rewards will be worth the time and investment in the long run.