The Video Editing Guru’s Guide To Making A Perfect Advertising Video

Video marketing is one of the best ways to communicate the value of your services to millions of people. Since social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have become the go-to for many brands, posting video content is necessary. Before social media, TV ads were the most effective out of other traditional methods.

This is because images tend to be more memorable compared to words. However, back then, the price of creating TV ads was so much that small businesses couldn’t afford it. Fortunately, the internet has changed that. Now, social media platforms such as YouTube make it so simple for anyone to make and share videos.

The Video Editing Guru's Guide To Making A Perfect Advertising Video

Top 5 Video Editing Tips To Make A Perfect Advertising Video

There are so many factors to consider if you want to make the perfect video for your brand. Below is a guide of things you need to consider for your perfect marketing video;

1.  Selective Targeting

The first element to creating a perfect marketing video is understanding who your audience is. Who is your video marketing for? Who should it appeal to? If you are working in the marketing department, you’ve probably heard too many times about how an ad should appeal to everyone. However, this isn’t the best idea. Think about it, everyone can cook, but why do ads about utensils target women?

Selective targeting is one of the major keys to making an advertising video effective because when people relate to a product or service, they are more likely to purchase it. The professionals in Toronto will let you know that this is step one of a great ad video. So, you need to research and find out the best group(s) of people that your product will appeal to.

2.  Select The Type of Video Ad

There are so many different types of video ads that you would likely see on the internet every day. You have one goal, which is to sell your product. However, your video type might determine the message you pass across to your audience. The following are the major types of video ads you can try.

  • Demo Ads: Product demonstration videos are perfect for showing your audience that your products can solve a specific issue. These types of video ads show exactly how a product is used and are usually very effective.
  • Instructional Ads: Also called educational videos, these types of ads explain the solution to a challenge in a short, reel video. It usually leaves your audience wanting more.
  • Review Videos: These videos usually perform excellently because more people trust the experience of other users. Simply let your clients do the work for you and add a call to action at the end.
  • Behind The Scenes Videos: Show your audience a little more by piecing together a story about the value of your product, why it is made a certain way, and how it makes it stand out. This will make your audience more loyal and trusting.

3. Make A Great Script

Creating a script is an important way to tell a story. Storytelling is important for every type of marketing but even more with video marketing. This is because the story keeps viewers engaged and drives them to pay attention. You need to tick the following boxes when you are creating a script for your video;

  • Create interesting and relatable characters
  • Choose a setting your audience would be invested in
  • Be creative with the plot and do something memorable

Another important aspect of using scripts is that they should tell the reality your audience can identify with. For instance, if your ad implies that purchasing a new tv would isolate your child from the outside world, it would do horribly. However, if it is about promoting family time and game night, it would likely do well.

Create a storyboard, visualize your ideas and get to filming.

4. Create A Filming Schedule

Now that you’ve gotten the idea of what your script should be like and the type of video, it’s time to film. There are so many important factors before you start filming, which is why you need a schedule.

  • Do a test shot and possibly edit it before filming.
  • Be ready to film out of order. By filming one actor’s entire scenes in a single day, you can save money.
  • Consider locations and the time of the day.
  • Get the right crew
  • Shoot the riskiest portions at the end

5. Pick The Right Equipment

Pick The Right Equipment To Make a Perfect Advertising Video

As mentioned earlier, anyone can create the perfect advertising video now regardless of your budget. Here are the essentials to worry about;

  • Camera: The cheapest option with good quality is using an iPhone 7 plus. With multiple camera sizes, you can get various shots of different angles. You can also add an external lens and a professional app such as Filmic pro to help.
  • Audio: There are multiple cost-effective mics you can choose from. With proper research, you can find one within your budget.
  • Lighting Set: Without properly lighting, your video might look tacky and low quality.

Once you have filmed your ad, you will need to edit the video professionally. There are so many free editing software you can choose from, like Adobe Premiere Pro. Be sure to watch out for the color grading between shots, dialogue speed, and possibly cutting off some parts that don’t feel right.