Types of Services You Can Get With A Drone

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones were previously reserved for the military and other private businesses. However, drones are now widely available and can be accessed by anyone.

Drones are particularly being used to offer services to others and developing a business that was previously impossible. The growth of the drone industry is projected to grow tremendously in the coming decade.

Types of Services You Can Get with a Drone

Types of Services You Can Get with a Drone

Drones now offer incredible features such as high-definition cameras, built-in GPS, autopilot capability, collision avoidance, active tracking, and speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. With such attributes, there are many services you can currently get with a drone, including:

1. Security Services

One of the major applications of drones has been security primarily by the military of various countries. However, you can also use it for security in metropolitan areas and not just combat zones.

Drones are a great tool for commercial and residential security. They offer a perspective that cameras, security guards, and other security measures cannot provide. A drone can capture and stream live video of a crime to your device or the authorities.

Drones can be applied in other security measures such as spotting fires or leaks in property. The threat can then be reported immediately to the appropriate authorities, which is a huge advantage.

2. Aerial Photography

Before the development of drones, taking pictures or videos from above was a very expensive endeavor. It typically included hiring high tech cameras and fixed-wing aircraft.

On the other hand, with the creation of low-cost drones and high-resolution cameras, taking aerial photographs and video footage has never been easier or more affordable. A great example of such a service can be found at https://www.paddlecreative.co.uk/drone-services. Aerial photography offers a perspective that you just cannot get from the ground.

Moreover, drones can fly lower to the ground and much more safely than regular aircraft. You can use a drone to take high-quality aerial photographs of landscapes, sports events, wildlife, and other things.

3. Building Surveys

Traditionally, you could only survey a building from a very limited perspective. It was often done by a building inspector crawling into tight spaces around the house. It was often expensive and hazardous for all parties involved.

On the contrary, you can use a drone to conduct a very comprehensive survey of your property. It can be done safely and cheaply with the use of low-cost drones.

The survey will have an aerial view and can take close up images or video footage of every square inch of the property. A drone inspection is an incredible service to add to your other building inspection services.

4. Agricultural Surveys

If you have some sort of agricultural project, you can use drones to survey the state of the project. Surveying a large farm or warehouse was previously time consuming and cumbersome. However, with drone services, farmers can now collect a tremendous amount of data using their drones.

It is not an understatement to say that drones are changing the way we do agriculture. A drone survey can offer information about plant development, soil composition, and pest infections, among other things that will help you with your project.

With drone agricultural surveys, you can schedule them as often as you would like to do them as opposed to patrolling a large farm on foot. The breadth and accuracy of the information provided by an agricultural drone survey are unmatched.

5. Mapping and Surveying Land

The traditional method of surveying a piece of land involves using stationary equipment and moving it physically to where you want. It is a tiring and time-consuming process for everyone involved.

More land surveyors are turning to drones to get accurate and vivid data about the land. It is also safer, cheaper, and faster to conduct land surveys using drones.

Drone land surveys are a service used in many fields, including archeology, construction, and forestry management, among others. Therefore, you will never lack use for land surveying and mapping services.

6. Advertising

You can use just about anything for advertising, including drones. There are many ways in which drones are currently being used to offer advertising services.

One of the ways is by flying banners with company advertisements. Another way to use drones for advertising is to pinpoint the dropping of promotional products.

Drone Services

With drones, the advertising campaigns for businesses can be as unique and varied as the businesses themselves. It is a very innovative business service that will continue into the foreseeable future.

There are a great many drone services that you can offer, as you can see from the examples above. The uses of drones for commercial and personal use are only being discovered. More services will definitely arise in the future.