Taylor Kitsch Dating History

Who is Taylor Kitsch now dating? This list will provide you additional information about some of the lucky women who have dated Taylor Kitsch.

This detailed dating history of Taylor Kitsch includes information like his current girlfriend, as well as his former relationships, images of him with his girlfriend, and rumours about his dating life. I’m sorry to break it to you, but he’s never been married, therefore there’s no use in your looking for his wife.

Taylor Kitsch Dating History

Who Taylor Kitsch Dated Before

Among the many women Taylor has dated, a select number have gained widespread notoriety. Some of Taylor Kitsch’s rumoured exes include Rachel McAdams, Minka Kelly, and Jessica White.  In the following part, we’ll take a closer look at each of the women he’s dated.

From January 2006 until February 2007, Rumours Circulated that Jessica White was Dating Taylor Kitsch.

It was speculated that Jessica White and Taylor Kitsch were dating after they appeared in a sexy calendar photo together. Their romance began in January of 2006 and ended in February of 2007.

Jessica White is a well-known American fashion model who has also worked as an actress and TV host. She has appeared in the swimsuit issues of Sports Illustrated and Sports Illustrated for Women in addition to modelling for Victoria’s Secret.

The Young and the Restless, America’s Next Top Model, Famously Single, and Zoe Ever After are just a few of the shows she has guest-starred on and brought her fame.

There were Rumours that Minka Kelly and Taylor Kitsch were Dating Around 2007.

Taylor Kitsch was said to be dating his Friday Night Lights co-star Minka Kelly in March of 2007. Just as Lila and Tim Riggins were falling in love on the show, so did the rumour that they were dating in real life.

At least they succeeded in making the screen foggy. U.S.-based model and actress Minka Kelly. She first came to prominence as a cast member on the NBC drama series Friday Night Lights (2006-2009), and she has since gone on to star in other television programmes like Parenthood (2010-2011), Charlie’s Angels (2011), and Almost Human (2013).

Taylor Kitsch Started Dating his True Detective co-Star Rachel McAdams in June 2015.

The two celebrities’ relationship was speculated about after they were seen on a date at LA’s Osteria Mozza in June 2015. Taylor and Rachel, both of whom were born in Canada, have been “friends for years,” according to a source, and they “grew closer on set” while they worked together.

Canadian-born actress Rachel McAdams is well-known for her adaptability in a variety of roles. McAdams spent a lot of time as a kid performing with the Original Kids Theatre Company and in school productions. She studied drama at Toronto’s York University and graduated with a B.F.A. (2001) while performing with the Necessary Angel Theatre Company.

In 2001, she made her first appearance on screen as the title character in the Disney Channel series The Famous Jett Jackson. My Name Is Tanino, a comedy about a summer love triangle in a tiny village, was her first feature film.

The Comprehensive Guide to Taylor Kitsch: From Canadian Roots to Hollywood Stardom

Taylor Kitsch, a name synonymous with talent and versatility, has carved a niche for himself in Hollywood. From his breakthrough role in “Friday Night Lights” to blockbuster films, this Canadian actor has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into his career, net worth, personal life, and more.

Taylor Kitsch Career as a Canadian Actor

Born on April 8, 1981, in Kelowna, British Columbia, Taylor Kitsch had his initial career break in the TV series “Friday Night Lights” where he portrayed Tim Riggins.

His performance was well-received, setting the stage for further opportunities in Hollywood. He transitioned to the big screen with movies like “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” “John Carter,” and “Lone Survivor,” among others.

Taylor Kitsch Movies and TV Shows

Kitsch has a wide-ranging filmography:

  • Movies: “John Carter,” “Battleship,” “Savages,” and “Lone Survivor” to name a few.
  • TV Shows: Apart from “Friday Night Lights,” he starred in “True Detective” and made guest appearances on shows like “The Normal Heart.”

Taylor Kitsch Net Worth

As of 2021, Taylor Kitsch’s estimated net worth is around $12 million. His earnings come primarily from acting, but he’s also ventured into modeling.

Taylor Kitsch Age and Height

Born in 1981, Taylor Kitsch is currently in his early 40s. He stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall, an imposing presence on and off-screen.

Taylor Kitsch Education

Taylor Kitsch attended the University of Lethbridge for a year. However, he left Canada for New York in pursuit of a modeling career, which later paved the way for his acting journey.

Taylor Kitsch Parents, Spouse, Ex-Affairs, and Kids

Little is known about Taylor Kitsch’s parents. In the realm of romantic relationships, Kitsch has remained relatively private. As of the latest reports, he is not married and doesn’t have kids. However, he has been linked to several co-stars and celebrities over the years.

Taylor Kitsch House

Kitsch owns a house in Austin, Texas, where he often spends time away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood life.

Taylor Kitsch Awards

While Taylor Kitsch has not won any major film awards as of 2021, his performances have garnered critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.

Taylor Kitsch Social Media Presence

Taylor Kitsch is not highly active on social media, choosing to maintain his privacy. However, he occasionally posts updates on his Instagram, where he has a significant following.

What Happened to Taylor Kitsch?

While Kitsch hasn’t been in the limelight recently as much as in his “Friday Night Lights” days, he continues to act. He has opted for roles in lesser-known films and indie projects, proving his acting chops beyond mainstream Hollywood.

Is Taylor Kitsch Still Married?

As of the latest available information, Taylor Kitsch is not married. He is known to keep his personal life under wraps, making it difficult to ascertain his current relationship status.


Taylor Kitsch is a multifaceted actor whose career trajectory has been both intriguing and inspiring. From his Canadian roots to Hollywood stardom, Kitsch has proven that talent combined with hard work can open doors to unimaginable opportunities.