How a Good Storefront Sign Can Increase Foot Traffic

We are used to looking for signs, be it street signs or signs for businesses. Signs direct traffic and draw the gaze of people as they are walking or driving by your business. A storefront sign is the best way to tell people where you are and what you do.

It is incredibly hard for people to see your business if no appropriate markings are showing where your business is. It happened to all of us, we have to find a store and drive around the address given for multiple rotations without being able to identify the business.

This can lead to frustration for your clients, who may not know your exact location, and are trying to find you based on an address and viewing your signage. This can also cause you to lose prospective clients if they cannot see where your store is located and get an idea of what you offer for sale or services.

How a Good Storefront Sign Can Increase Foot Traffic

Not only do good signs indicate where your business is, but also can draw awareness to your location for new clients.

How can Signs Increase Foot Traffic?

A basic storefront sign can greatly increase foot traffic to your business, especially if the business is on the main road or an area where people generally walk.

If your business is located on the main street, known to be frequented by a lot of foot traffic, but you are not reaping the rewards of foot traffic, it can be a problem with your signage.

The public will be walking past your store, possibly craving the food and drink you provide, or looking to make purchases that can be made in your store. If you want information on signs, visit this website for some expert advice. If your business name is not easily identifiable as a provider of these services, then you will lose out on the clients otherwise searching for items they need.

How Lighting Can Affect This

While your sign may be larger, it can be difficult to see if it is night time, and there is no proper illumination on your sign.

A storefront sign will be one of the larger investments you make into your company, and it is important to have it work well for you. If your sign is not appropriately illuminated, the public will not be able to see where you are and it will not draw the attention necessary to guide clients to your business.

Storefront Signage Displaying Sales and Specials

We have all been walking and seen “2 for 1” signs, or advertisements saying “sale”. These signs are just as important as the ones identifying your business.

Storefront Signage Displaying Sales and Specials

Signs announcing sales and specials can be a very easy way to draw further attention to the items and prices you have to offer.

In the case of restaurants, updating the daily menu specials can bring in new and different traffic, by showcasing what your restaurant has to offer.

In this fashion, you keep the public interested in what you have to offer, and there can be great feedback from people, and intake from foot traffic, leading to an increase in foot traffic business growth.

No matter what signs you choose to install, it is incredibly important to make sure they are well lit, easy to read, and highly visible from the street. You don’t want to spend money on a sign and have it be on the most obscure side of the building, or have it be unrecognizable and not lit up.

If you are serious about increasing the foot traffic of your business, it is important to make sure your sign is bright, easily recognizable, and showcases what your business has to offer. This is an investment into your business that won’t be in vain, as it will allow current and prospective clients alike to more easily identify and locate your specific business.

Without proper signage your business will be lost in the darkness, just another door on a building and people will not know what is inside. Have your signage work for you and not against you. Avoid unnecessary phone calls asking for directions or clarifying your location. Install a sign of your choice that will serve to draw in business and you will see a rapid incline in the foot traffic coming towards your business.

Signs are everything, and without effectively employing them, you will find your business lost in the dark, so bring it into the light by introducing new signage, detailing your business name and the services you provide and watch your client base and profits grow!