How to Start Your Career Journey With No Job Experience

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Are zebras black or white? These questions have haunted us since childhood. Here is another riddle that we face as teenagers. If employers are not willing to hire with no job experience, where can one get this experience from?

Keep Calm and Go to Job Interviews

There is an element of truth in this joke. But do not take it too seriously. If that was the ultimate truth, everyone around you would have been jobless, right? So do not panic and continue reading this article to find a way out of this vicious circle.

Start Your Career Journey With No Job Experience
Start Your Career Journey With No Job Experience

Writer’s Block – Ways to Overcome It

It is time to get down to the CV. You would need to rack your brain and create one, even if it seems that you have nothing to write about. You could address one of the top professional resume writing services if you experience a blank page syndrome. If you feel excited about exploring this venue, you are welcome to discover the no-job-experience-career life hacks.


1.  Draft a Skills-Based Resume

Are you a member of Toastmasters Club known for excellent communication skills? Or a captain of your college soccer team who demonstrates strong leadership? There are plenty of examples of resumes with no job experience with an emphasis on soft skills. Attention to detail, creativity, and teamwork are great skills to present in your resume.

2.  Tell Your Story

Storytelling is a powerful instrument for convincing people. This is not about describing your life according to the principles of the three-act structure. But if you manage to tell a story that illustrates your desire to get this job, your chances increase. Especially if you outline your motivation.

3.  Create a Cover Letter

Some CVs are not even considered by the companies if they do not have a cover letter attached. Your resume itself does not reflect your personality. A creative cover letter can. Think outside the box. Instead of writing another block of text, design something visual. Depending on your skills, it can be a YouTube video or a personal website to introduce yourself.

An online cover letter writing service can do wonders for you. They will highlight your skills and experience in a way that your future employer will definitely appreciate.

4.  Highlight your Transferable Experience

Let us assume you are looking for a job as a babysitter. You have no job experience as one. But you helped your parents a lot when your sibling was young. Or you would like to get employed as a barista. You have not worked in a coffee shop a day in your life.

But you have a professional coffee machine at home and making a latte for your mom, an espresso for your dad, and a flat white for yourself is a daily routine. You can always prove your skills and start the job immediately if asked.

5.  Gain Experience on a Part-Time Basis

Finding a freelance or a part-time job is usually easier than getting employed in a full-on position. Take lower-paid or unpaid opportunities, if there is no better option. You are paying for a line in your CV saying ‘Previous work experience’.

6.  Try Volunteering

Offer your services to organizations that need help. You kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you gain valuable experience. It will definitely create a positive impression. On the other hand, you are likely to find the process enjoyable.

Try volunteering

If you are an animal lover, contact an animal shelter. If you prefer helping people, get in touch with the home for the elderly in your neighborhood. Volunteering is rewarding.

1.  Research the Specific Requirements

It is not the best idea to apply for a job if you have no clue what the job description is about. Talk to a knowledgeable contact who can explain your role in the company. Sometimes a job requires the knowledge of a specific program. Apply for a course to learn its features. It might even help you go through the probation period quicker in the future.

2.  Do it on Your Own

During COVID-19 people needed to survive not only physically but also financially. Many businesses transformed into online platforms. You can hire yourself. Create a series of videos for people learning English. Sell your paintings through Instagram. Before long, you may consider developing your own business without getting officially employed.

3.  Consider Relocating

If you are looking for a job in a particular area, you may discover that there is not enough demand in your hometown. Explore the options in bigger cities around you. If you establish contact with a company there, move. A dream job should be worth it.

You do not feel stuck in a rut anymore, do you? There are many doors you can knock at in search of a job. Sometimes you have to knock harder. Sometimes try pulling even if the sign says ‘Push’. If none of the doors open, look for a window of opportunity.