10 Best Slideshow Maker Software to Create Wonderful Slideshow in 2023

Slideshow Maker Software is used to forming slideshow of collected videos and photographs. It gives them life by adding colorful backgrounds as well as adding a transition to them. Once done, you can sit back and play slideshow, which you have created.

Best Slideshow Maker Software to Create Wonderful Slideshow

There are numerous Slideshow Makers available online which can be used for both professional and general purpose. They are divided into two categories one which is available free and one for which you will have to pay money.

10 Best Slideshow Maker Software to Create Wonderful Slideshow in 2023

Below I have listed down some of the excellent slideshow maker software along with their peculiar features, which makes them better than any other software.

1. Movavi Slideshow Maker

I am going to mention it first because it is the most used software for slideshow making. It is effortless to use. Moreover, it allows you to create slideshows with a variety of photos that collaborated with transition and animated text.

If you aren’t sure of what kind of slideshow you want to create, then you can switch to templates available. A library of background music supports it, filters, and overlay effects. Given below are some of the fantastic features of Movavi, and I’ll list down steps of how to make the video in Movavi.

  • It is quick and easy. You won’t find trouble in making videos even if you are using it for the first time.
  • To make your slideshows even better, there are sets of built-in effects. These effects includes 150+ filters, 100+ transitions, and 40+ titles.
  • You can add background music from the library they provide you or your choice of music.
  • Last but not least, you can share your slideshows with your friends and family.

2. Photostage Slideshow Software

Photostage is used by users to create professional and personalized slideshow with a variety of editing features available in it. Slideshows are created using adding pictures along with filters and background music. A prominent feature of Photostage are listed down below.

  • Drag and drop feature available to quickly add pictures.
  • Additional Effects are included, which are zoom, crop, fade, pan, etc.
  • You can add captions along with your pictures.
  • It is Easy to Share slideshows that you have created through this software.

3. Icecream Slideshow Maker

It is free to use slideshow maker in which you can add images one by one or by uploading folders. Then you can create a slideshow as per your requirement. One additional feature which is included in it is the option of Preview. Using the preview option before finalizing it, you can see how it is looking and cross-check if it is meeting your expectations. Once you are sure, then you can finalize the video. Features included in it are given below.

  • You can add text to your slideshow.
  • You can also convert your slideshow to DVD.
  • It offers you great picture quality by creating 4K slideshow.
  • It provides you with a control panel to control the time and transition of your slideshow.

4. Proshow Gold

Proshow gold is a slideshow maker which comes with easy integration of picture and videos from the gallery. Its capable of exporting video and photos from different sources, which include Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, and many more. It is developed in such a way that it is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. For beginners, automated tools are there, and for experts, advanced features are available.

  • There are 950+ filters available in this software.
  • Photo editing features are included, which can be used for cropping, removing red-eye, and color correctness.

5. Animoto

There are options available wherein you don’t need to download software in your PC you can easily use it online. Animoto comes with a 14-day trial period. In this trial period, the user can access features available to pro users. After the end of the free trial period, it can be bought for two purposes, which are personal use and business purpose. For personal usage, it can be bought at $8 per month. But if you are looking for advanced features for business purposes, then it can be bought at $22 or $34 cost monthly.

6. Slydely

Slydely is one of the best slideshow makers because it is free. It comes with stylish and simple to use interface for making a slideshow of collected images easily and quickly. How to make videos in Slydely is given below.

  • Add images from the gallery or social media account to Slydely.
  • Create transition effects using features available in it.
  • Select suitable music for your slideshow.

7. Kizoa

Kizoa is used to create videos for professional use, which can help in increasing your business demand. The functionality of Kizoa is given below.

  • It is used for creating a video using photos, videos, and music.
  • You can also convert your slideshow to DVD.

8. Picovico

Its free slideshow maker used for creating and customizing slideshow, then you can directly share with social media handles. Steps for creating a slideshow with Picovico are given below.

  • Collect photos and videos then upload it on Movavi’s slideshow maker software.
  • Then personalize your slideshow according to your creativity.
  • Done! Now share it with your friends and family.

9. Roxio Photoshow

It provides advanced customization features along with rudiment features offered by all slideshow making softwares. There are varieties of stickers, borders, styles available in Roxio Photoshow. You will be given features according to the subscription plan you will opt for. You can also set privacy access by selecting between public and private options.

10. 123-Slideshow

123-Slideshow is also an example of an online website for slideshow making, which gives complete support for the creation of outstanding slideshows. It is also included with the capability of creating flash slideshows. You can also add hyperlinks to the slideshow.

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These were a few examples of slideshow maker software as well as an online website for making a slideshow. All the softwares are included with different features, and also they all have a different level of difficulty. You can choose among any of these according to features mentioned about softwares.