Seaport Whose Name Derives From the Arabic Word for Obstacle

The Arabic term for “obstacle” is “Aqaba,” which gives this seaport its name. The Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) owns Jordan’s sole port, the Port of Aqaba.

Which is managed by a total of five different companies (the Aqaba Company for Port Management and Operation.

The Aqaba Container Terminal, the Industrial Port Company, the Phosphate Company, the National Electricity power Company, and the Aqaba port Marine Services Company, which is in charge of pilotage).

Seaport Whose Name Derives From the Arabic Word for Obstacle

What Are The Major Ports In Jordan?

The Port of Aqaba, near the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea, is Jordan’s sole major seaport. Jordan hopes to increase its international trade and commerce through the Port of Aqaba.

The port city of Aqaba is home to a world-famous diving and beach resort in addition to a well-developed multimodal transportation system and logistical infrastructure.

It is a thriving industrial hub, contributing significantly to the Jordanian economy through the export of phosphate and shells.

Current State of Aqaba Port

The current Aqaba Port includes 12 terminals and 32 modern berths, all of which are run with cutting-edge technology and equipped with first-rate amenities.

The government’s goals for the Aqaba Port are to increase maritime traffic, foster public-private partnerships, and provide high-caliber service to its customers.

Therefore, it plays a significant role in the economy of Jordan. Port of strategic importance, serving as a hub for transhipment. Location in the region’s deep seas gives it an advantage over other ports.

Commuters can take advantage of frequent ferry services between Aqaba Port and Egypt’s Nueib’e port. It also has easy access to major highways and trains in addition to its airport.

By royal decree issued in 1952, the Aqaba Port Authority was established. In 1978, it was renamed The Ports Corporation and given the duty of running port facilities.

Currently, Aqaba Development Corporation is the sole owner of the Aqaba Port. The Danish firm Aqaba Management was awarded the concession in 2004.

With the goal of increasing Aqaba’s productivity and developing the city into an international commerce centre.


Southeast Jordan is home to the Port of Aqaba, located on the Red Sea near the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba.

The only harbour in the country is the Port of Aqaba, which is barely nine miles from the border with southern Israel.

Located in the Aqaba Governorate, the Port of Aqaba is a popular vacation spot thanks to its proximity to the Red Sea and excellent diving and snorkelling.

However, the Port of Aqaba is a major industrial hub and phosphate and shell exporter.