Resident Evil 9 Release Date, Cast, Plotline, And More

The highly anticipated ninth installment in the Resident Evil horror game series has yet to receive a release date. The game has been in production since 2018, long before Resident Evil: Village was released.

The most recent RE game left players hanging on a number of questions that need to be addressed in the sequel. The creation of RE 9, which has been anticipated with great anticipation by fans, is reportedly well under way.

There has been no official word from Capcom Games as of yet. But by the end of the year following, we anticipate that to have been completed. Despite this, there are a few things we may guess about the new Resident Evil game. See what we have learned so far about it below.

The Release Date and Description for Resident Evil 9

Neither a release date nor an official announcement for Resident Evil 9 have been made as of yet. Even the existence of the game’s development at Capcom has not been publicly confirmed. While RE: Village was released in 2019, a prolific insider, AestheticGamer alias Dusk Golem, has disclosed that RE 9 has been in development since 2018.

He also announced that the development time for RE 9 will be the longest of any game in the series. It will be in the works for another six or seven years. It looks like Resident Evil 9 won’t be out until 2024 or 2025 at the earliest. The release date may be announced a year or two in advance, and promotional materials will begin appearing several months beforehand. As soon as we hear more from the developer, we will post an update.

What to Expect from Resident Evil 9’s Plot and Gameplay.

Golem has also stated that Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and Resident Evil 8: Village would conclude with Resident Evil 9. The first two books were told from the protagonist’s point of view. It is expected, however, that the series would once again use the Third-person perspective that has proven so popular with fans.

Leaks posted on 4Chan suggest that Chris, Claire, Leon, and Jill will return for Resident Evil 9: Apocalypse. The game will have a semi-open setting like the Village and will aim to wrap up the stories of the original cast.

The game will be single-player only, have a “Innovative partner system,” combine elements from bio2 and bio breakout, and evoke a primal fear of the unknown and the terror of deep forests through its ambiance.

From what we can tell, the events of RE 9 will pick up just after the conclusion of RE Village. In the end, Rose was working in secret for Christ Redfield, who has snipers constantly aiming at her to keep her under his control. Given the background, it’s possible that Rose may take the stage in the next episode.

Duke may play a pivotal role in the next act, and Chris won’t have any trouble convincing Rose to continue his work. His focus is clearly on the Winters clan. It’s possible that RE9 will shift its attention from Ethan Winters to another character.

However, he has the potential to significantly alter the dynamic. In addition, there is a shadowy group only referred to as “The Connections.” We anticipate learning more about them and discovering whether or not they are affiliated with the Umbrella Corporation. This leaves RE 9 with a varied terror, supernatural abilities, exhilarating action, and many other interesting components, and a dynamic plot.

Who Will Appear in Resident Evil 9?

Rose and Chris will undoubtedly appear in the next chapter, as evidenced by the ending and post-credit scene of RE Village. Clues about Resident Evil 9 have suggested that we’ll see familiar faces like Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy, and Jill Valentine.

It’s possible that Ethan Winters may be an integral part of the upcoming chapter as well. A piece of concept art for Village has also shown that fan favourite Ada Wong will be playable in the forthcoming game.

Capcom has room to diversify the cast by adding fresh faces. I’m looking forward to learning more about the mysterious person we seen at the close of the previous chapter.

What will the System Requirements be for RE 9?

There is currently no confirmed information regarding which systems Resident Evil 9 will support. On the other hand, we anticipate the game to debut first on next-gen platforms alone. It will be compatible with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One S.

After that, it might become live on Steam and Microsoft Windows PC. Speculation also suggests that Nintendo Switch could get its own port of the game. We don’t know if the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One versions will be released. For nearly 25 years, the Resident Evil series has been shocking players. The reception of their most recent offering from the public was overwhelmingly positive.

Will Resident Evil 9 be Horror?

Given the franchise’s history, it’s reasonable to assume that Resident Evil 9 will continue the trend of blending survival and horror elements. The series has dabbled in various sub-genres of horror, from psychological to body horror, and each installment typically incorporates new twists to keep players on their toes.

It’s highly likely that the ninth installment will aim to innovate while staying true to its horror lineage.

What Would Resident Evil 9 Be Called?

While it’s challenging to predict the exact title of the game, past naming conventions suggest that the title will likely include a play on words or a subtitle that reflects the game’s theme.

For example, “Resident Evil: Village” used the Roman numeral for eight (VIII) within the title to signify it as the eighth installment. It’s plausible that Resident Evil 9 may employ similar creative naming tactics.

Why Did Leon Leave Resident Evil?

Leon S. Kennedy is one of the franchise’s most iconic characters, appearing in several games and spin-offs. However, his absence from the latest titles has fans questioning his role in future installments.

While there hasn’t been an official explanation for why Leon has been absent, narrative directions and the introduction of new characters like Ethan Winters could be factors. That said, given his popularity, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him return in future installments, possibly even in Resident Evil 9.

Will Resident Evil 9 Have Ethan?

Ethan Winters, introduced in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, has become a focal point in the series. His story was further explored in Resident Evil: Village.

While we can’t confirm his presence in Resident Evil 9 due to the lack of official announcements, the narrative trajectory suggests that Ethan could very well be a part of the next installment. His story arc has garnered a significant fan following and seems far from concluded.


While much about Resident Evil 9 remains shrouded in mystery, fans can make educated guesses based on the series’ history and trajectory. The game will most likely continue to focus on horror elements, possibly under a cleverly devised title.

As for characters, the return of Leon S. Kennedy is still up in the air, but the rising prominence of Ethan Winters makes his inclusion more probable.

Stay tuned to official channels for announcements that will inevitably clear the fog of speculation surrounding this highly-anticipated title. Until then, we can only imagine what Capcom has in store for us with Resident Evil 9.