Rafael Nadal Prevails After Five Sets and Charge of Favoritism

Denis Shapovalov, a Canadian tennis player, has reiterated his claim that Rafael Nadal enjoys special treatment from the authorities.

Twenty-time Grand Slam winner Federer defeated 22-year-old Shapovalov in a thrilling five-set quarterfinal at the Australian Open. The match went the distance, with each set going the distance.

Shapovalov, frustrated after surrendering the first set, complained to chair umpire Carlos Bernardes about the slow speed of play and the lack of intervention from the official.

Rafael Nadal Prevails After Five Sets and Charge of Favoritism

“The guy just isn’t ready yet. What do you mean you don’t believe me? All of you are rotten to the core “At the outset of the second set, Shapovalov revealed his plan to Bernardes.

With the help of a stomach complaint to Nadal, Shapovalov was able to rally and take the third and fourth sets before the Spaniard came back and won the pivotal fifth set.

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Shapovalov was Disappointed by the Spanish Champion Nadal

When nine-year-old ball boy Denis Shapovalov met Spanish champion Rafael Nadal at the Canadian Open in Montreal, he was unhappy. And then, in his first match of 2017, he lost in spectacular fashion, also in that city.

Despite the fact that Shapovalov, with his rounded eyes, may have once been a Spaniard, he didn’t try to hide his heritage on Tuesday.

Nadal complained throughout the match and thereafter that he was given much time between points.

Referee Carlos Bernardes signalled the end of the first set, and Nadal changed into a new outfit before leaving his seat. Whilst waiting, Shapovalov picked up the ball and got ready to serve.

About 45 seconds after Bernardes’ announcement, Nadal walked onto the court, and Shapovalov went up to him to complain that he should have been penalised for the delay.

Shapovalov went back to the baseline after Bernardes voiced his disagreement, and Nadal went back to Bernardes to tell him he wasn’t ready.

Since you came to talk to me instead of getting ready to play, Bernardes said, “You’re not ready to play.”

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Regardless of how naive Shapovalov may have been about the Spaniard in the past, he didn’t hold back on Tuesday, arguing both during and after the match that Nadal was being given too much time between points.

After Nadal won the first set, the umpire, Carlos Bernardes, yelled “Time,” and Nadal slowly got up from his chair to change clothes.

When Nadal finally arrived on court approximately 45 seconds after Bernardes’ pronouncement, Shapovalov went over to him and said that he thought Nadal should have been fined for the delay.