Murray Riding Lawn Mower With Briggs and Stratton Engine

Around need of some assistance in the yard? Cancel your anxieties. Your lawn will be quickly manicured with the help of a Murray lawn tractor.

Murray has a grass cutting option for yards of all sizes, from the little 38″ unit to the massive 54″ heavy-duty tractor.

Murray riders and tractors, with their cutting-edge Briggs & Stratton engines, are up to the challenge of the most demanding yard work.

Murray Riding Lawn Mower With Briggs and Stratton Engine

Murray Riding Lawn Mowers Recalled By Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group Due to Fire and Burn Hazards

The following is a recall the company initiated voluntarily in conjunction with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Unless otherwise instructed, consumers should immediately discontinue using recalled products. Selling or offering to sell a recalled goods is against the law.

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Name of Product

Murray Riding Lawn Mowers with Front Engine


About 2,100


Wauwatosa, Wisconsin’s Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group LLC.


Riding mowers have two-piece fuel tanks, and the joints between the two pieces can come apart, letting gasoline leak out. Consumers risk being exposed to fire and burn hazards if they purchase this product.


Two reports of fuel leakage have been received by Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group. There have been no reported injuries or problems.


The following models and serial numbers of Murray front engine riding lawnmowers are affected by this recall. There is a label on the unit’s frame in the back that contains the model and serial numbers.

What is Riding Mower and Its Use

In contrast to mowers that must be pushed or pulled, a riding mower allows the operator to sit comfortably while cutting the grass.

Commercial riding lawn mowers (such as zero-turn mowers) can be “stand-on” varieties, and generally exhibit little similarity to domestic lawn tractors.

Being built to mow big areas at high speed in the least amount of time feasible, making them ideal for large lawns.

Large, tractor-mounted multi-gang (multi-blade) mowers are ideal for mowing grassy areas.

As extensive as golf courses and public parks, but they struggle to navigate obstacles and are therefore not recommended for such areas.

When operating an engine-powered mower, operators should safeguard their feet, eyes, and ears with protective gear.

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While riding mowers greatly reduce the amount of time spent mowing large yards, they also represent a considerable financial commitment.

You should take good care of your Murray riding lawn mower if you want to keep it in good shape for as long as possible.

Avoiding breakdowns, maximising the mower’s lifespan, and ensuring reliable operation can all be achieved through the establishment and observance of a regular maintenance schedule.