Psychic Twins Predictions For 2016 Presidential Election

Paul, the world’s most famous octopus, was resident in an aquarium in the German city of Oberhausen.

Paul became famous around the world as he “predicted” the winners of eight consecutive matches at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Psychic Twins Predictions For 2016 Presidential Election

Including the tournament’s championship game. Paul was given two food-filled cartons before each game.

The flags of the two competing teams were displayed on each storage unit. Paul’s early action in opening and devouring one of the boxes indicated a clear favourite.

This is an example of a random event that occurred despite the fact that it was widely considered to be extremely rare. Paul’s perfect forecasts had a 0.39 percent chance of happening.


2016 Presidential Election Psychic Predictions

In the early stages of this election season, a remarkable number of psychics predicted that liberal outsider Bernie Sanders would become the Democrat nominee for US president, and would go on to win.

Nothing of the sort. On January 6, 2016, for instance, the Pittsburgh City Paper reported on the predictions of two psychics who were wrong on who would win the 2016 presidential election.

Tamar George, a psychic from Pittsburgh, claimed the majority of voters in the United States will pick Bernie Sanders because he would reduce the influence of big money in politics.

Another Pittsburgh clairvoyant, Suzanne Bishop, also predicted that Bernie Sanders will get the Democratic nomination and end up being the next president.

Psychic Gave Generalized Predictions

Santa Barbara, California-based psychic medium and intuitive life coach Tony Morris shared his thoughts on who will win the 2016 White House race.

The Huffington Post highlighted these projections. Morris was always reluctant to pick a victor.

Donald Trump had raised his arms in a gesture of triumph, and he saw it. Critics asserted that, by being vague, his forecast gave him an out if Trump lost.

Morris clarified that Trump’s self-perception of triumph was the most important takeaway from Trump’s vision, and not necessarily a win.


Perhaps the most infamous of the Psychic Twins’ predictions was that terrorists will target federal buildings and the World Trade Center by 2002. In all honesty, they were correct.

Despite the predictions, the sisters are also known as Terry and Linda Jamison, identical twins from West Chester, Pennsylvania.

They have been painters and performers, but it is their ability to see into the future and communicate with the spirits of the dead that has made them famous.