Print Screen Not Working {Solved}

Now the print screen is a widely used feature for capturing whatever is being shown on the desktop. Now, this can be simply by pressing the print screen button on your keyboard. The image of your desktop is in the clipboard and now can be pasted anywhere you want from MS-Word to MS-PowerPoint.

Not only this if you happen to use a combination of left alt and left shift key the high contrast mode shall be activated. Another shortcut for capturing the screenshot is using a combination of Windows + Prt Sc key.

How to Fix Print Screen Not Working

Many of the users use this feature for daily tasks or to report something, but some people are unable to use it. There can be several reasons for such problem, but the main reason can be the missing keyboard driver. In this article we shall be talking about various ways by which you can solve this issue.

Solution 1: Closing Background Program

There can be various background applications which can stop you from taking screenshots. There are some features which block this windows function. You can simply start off by closing these programs and try to understand which program is causing this problem.

Now once you have identified the app causing this problem, you can easily turn it off when you need to use your print screen feature. You can also try using the Safe Mode to block programs from running unnecessarily.

Also, you can check up if any cloud service is active on your system which saves your screenshots on the cloud server. There are several photo editing apps too which track your screenshots.

Note: You can use the clean boot to remove all the unnecessary services running.

Solution 2: Check If Print Screen is Rightly Used

The world has evolved and the laptops too, the size is becoming compact. In some laptops you might need to press an additional key for capturing the screenshot. There is a separate key generally known as Function key, this key can vary on different devices. You need to use this key in combination with the print screen button.

Sometimes you might have bought your laptop from a different location and the keys might not be in sync. So, you need to assure that the buttons are correctly synced. If you find some difference, try pressing other keys and try to understand the print screen button.

Solution 3: Up to Date Drivers

This is a common error which can be caused due to outdated drivers. Make sure that you have up to date drivers for your keyboard and all other hardware attached. To install the right driver, you just need to navigate to the manufacturer’s website and download it at the desired location.

Step 1: Open device manager simply by searching for it. You can also do it by pressing Windows+ R to open the run dialogue box and type in “devmgmt.msc”.

Step 2: In the keyboards section, search for the driver used by your keyboard. Right click and update driver.

Step 3: It shall ask you from where to update the driver. Now as you have already downloaded the driver just browse for it and select it.

Step 4: After the installation is complete, restart the system and see if your problem is solved.

Solution 4: Usage of Alternatives

It isn’t necessary that print screen is the only option to capture your screen there are several alternatives to it. Now we have some alternatives to help you.

Alternative 1: Snipping Tool is a tool which is built in Windows. Its easy to use and can be used as per your convenience, you can capture any size and any shape you want.
You can open it up by searching for it.

Alternative 2: Windows+ Prnt Screen lets you capture your screen and store it in the directory Pictures/Screenshots. This is one of the instant ways to take up screenshot. If you need to paste this screenshot somewhere you can press the combination of Alt + Print screen to save it in clipboard.

Solution 5: Troubleshoot for Keyboard

Windows provide you a facility to troubleshoot your devices, if they do not work correctly. It can be sometimes that your system doesn’t work fine due to a bad configuration. This can be done by running the troubleshoot.

Step 1: Search for troubleshoot and select troubleshoot settings.

Step 2: Look for keyboard section. Run this trouble-shooter.

Step 3: Simply follow the instruction on the screen and complete the process.

In this article we have tried to cover all the ways that will help you fix your problem. In case your keyboard still doesn’t function well you can try on with a new keyboard. You can also try to capture in windowed mode. If you face any difficulty with any of the methods provided feel free to text us.

Solution 6: Disable the F Lock or F Mode

Step 1: Visit this site and download the software Screen Print Platinum

Step 2: Install this software, after this, go into setup, in the screen print platinum menu and simply and select Screenprint.

Step 3: In the configuration window select the Hotkeys Button. Enable hotkey and select any character of your choice from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: There shall be another option under the Global Capture Hotkey Checkmark Ctrl and Alt.

Step 5: Now save all your settings by clicking the save button. Now all your configurations shall be saved and the buttons Ctrl + Alt+ P shall be assigned for print screen.

Step 6: You can try out these buttons and try to capture screenshots.

Solution 7: Make Sure Windows Is Up To Date

Sometimes there can be trouble with the functions if windows are not up to date. You need to make sure that your system is up to date. Here are the steps for this

Step 1: Hold Windows key +I to open the settings window and select the update and security icon.

Step 2: Click on “Check for updates”.

Step 3: If there will be any update for your system, it shall show up, download the update and install it.


Here are all the methods by which you can fix the working of your print screen function, in case you face difficulty with any of the methods feel free to contact us. These methods shall help you do your tasks efficiently.