4 Best ‘NBA Streaming Services’ in 2023

Want to get rid of the cable TV to save money but don’t want to miss your favorite NBA games? I feel you. The good news is that you can do so very easily by using live TV streaming platforms. The difficult news is that you will need an internet connection to be able to stream.

Although that is not a problem for those living in cities, people living in rural areas would have to figure out a way to get good internet service. As an option, you can check Hughes Net internet packages to see if any of these work for you.

Best NBA Streaming Services

Once you have the internet, the next thing would be to subscribe to a good streaming service.

If you’re an NBA enthusiast who can’t get enough of the slam dunks, three-pointers, and last-second game-winners, you’ll want a reliable way to stream NBA games. With numerous options available, finding the right platform that suits your needs can be a game-changer.

This SEO-optimized guide offers a comprehensive look at NBA streaming, the benefits of using dedicated NBA streaming services, and answers to frequently asked questions like whether NBA is free with Amazon Prime or available on Hotstar.

What is NBA Streaming?

NBA Streaming refers to watching National Basketball Association (NBA) games live or on-demand through the internet. Unlike traditional broadcasting methods, which require cable or satellite connections, streaming services allow fans to access NBA content on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and laptops.

4 Best Streaming Services for NBA in 2023

For cord-cutters, live TV streaming services are the best way to watch NBA games. But there is a catch. Some of the NBA games are aired on regional sports networks while not all streaming platforms offer those channels.

Moreover, this season’s national games are going to be aired on NBA TV, TNT, ESPN, and ABC, and YouTube TV is the only streaming service that offers all these channels.

So, before you sign up for any of these streaming platforms, make sure it offers channels that will air your favorite games of this season. As for recommendations, here are some of the best streaming services to watch NBA games in 2021.

1. YouTube TV

If you are interested in watching national games this season, YouTube TV is the best option. In fact, it is the only live TV streaming service that is offering access to NBA TV, TNT, ABC, and ESPN – all four channels that are going to air national games.

YouTube TV

Concerning the price, a YouTube TV subscription costs $64.99 per month. That might seem expensive but it also allows users to stream simultaneously on 3 devices and create 6 user profiles. So you can share one subscription with your friends or family and enjoy the games from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

You will also get a free unlimited cloud DVR service that allows you to record shows and save them for up to 9 months. YouTube TV is available across different platforms including mobile phones, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV, Chromecast, gaming consoles, and the Web.

The problem with YouTube TV is that it doesn’t offer some of the RSNs including the ones from Fox Sports and Sports Net. So you will have to sacrifice the games that are aired on those channels.

2. Hulu

The second option to stream NBA games is the Hulu+ Live TV. At a monthly price of $65, its channel lineup includes ABC, TNT, and ESPN along with RSNs from NBC Sports. Moreover, it also includes the DVR service that allows users to record shows for up to 50 hours.

On the other hand, it doesn’t offer access to NBA TV and other RSNs from Sports Net and Fox Sports. You also have to pay additional for several useful add-ons such as unlimited streaming devices on a home network.

If we compare it to YouTube TV in terms of streaming NBA, this one might not seem like the best option. But since it offers access to various other sports channels such as Golf Channel, NBC SN, ESPN2, and Fox Sports 1, it is a good choice for sports fans in general.

3. fuboTV

fuboTV is also a great streaming choice for sports fans as it offers an extensive channel line-up with several sports channels such as NFL Network and FS1. These also include ESPN, ABC, NBC Sports RSNs, and RSNs from Sports Net that will air several NBA games.

However, if you are looking to get it solely for NBA, fuboTV doesn’t have everything. Mainly, it is missing TNT, and Fox Sports RSNs whereas the NBA TV costs $6 a month additional.

On the other hand, if your favorite games are going to be aired on the channels offered by the fuboTV lineup, it might turn out to be great for you. You will also get 250 hours of DVR content storage along with start over and lookback features.

4. Sling

Sling is so far the cheapest option for NBA streaming that costs $35 per month for its orange plan. With this plan, you will be able to watch ESPN and TNT.


And if you are interested in watching NBA TV as well, the add-on will cost you an additional $11 per month. The benefit is that you will also get 20 other sports channels through this addon including MLB and Golf Channel.

Since ABC is not included in the Sling channel lineup, you can watch the local ABC channel by adding an HD antenna and avoid missing any games. As for RSNs, they are mostly not included and you will have to make that sacrifice.

Benefits of NBA Streaming Services

Here are some of the undeniable advantages of using NBA streaming services:


You can stream games from any location at any time, provided you have a stable internet connection.

Multi-device Access

Watch on the go with your mobile device, or switch to a larger screen at home for a more immersive experience.

Variety of Content

Many streaming platforms offer more than just live games, including interviews, game analyses, and exclusive NBA documentaries.


Some services allow you to follow specific teams or players, making your NBA streaming experience personalized.

Lower Cost

Generally cheaper than cable or satellite subscriptions, some streaming services even offer pay-per-view options for individual games.

Is NBA Free With Amazon Prime?

As of my last update in September 2021, the NBA is not available for free streaming on Amazon Prime. However, you may be able to purchase an NBA League Pass through Amazon Channels, allowing for seamless integration with your existing Amazon account.

Can I Watch NBA on Hotstar?

For fans in India, NBA games have been made available on Hotstar, a popular streaming platform. However, the availability is subject to broadcasting rights and may change, so it’s advisable to check the current status on the Hotstar website or app.

What is the Cheapest Way to Stream NBA?

Here are some budget-friendly options for streaming NBA games:

  1. NBA League Pass: Offers a range of options, from a single game to an all-teams pass.
  2. Sling TV: A good choice if you’re interested in other sports and entertainment channels as well.
  3. Local Broadcasting Apps: Some local stations stream NBA games for free, although this is limited to games in your area.

Can I Stream NBA Live for Free?

While some sketchy websites claim to offer free NBA streaming, it’s essential to note that these sites are often illegal and riddled with malware. However, some official platforms offer free trials, which you can utilize to watch a few games without commitment.


NBA Streaming has revolutionized the way fans interact with their favorite sport, offering unparalleled flexibility, a variety of content, and customization options.

Though it’s not available for free on Amazon Prime or universally on Hotstar, there are numerous cost-effective ways to catch all the action. So, equip yourself with the right streaming service and never miss a shot!