Mandy Patinkin Shares Backstory Behind Iconic ‘Princess Bride’ Scene In Emotional Twitter Video

Mandy Patinkin, who had a pivotal role in an unforgettable moment from The Princess Bride, took to Twitter on Tuesday to talk about how his own life influenced his portrayal of a key character.

One of Patinkin’s sons saw him a TikTok video recorded by a young woman named Amanda (TikTok username: @Alaska Webb), which inspired him to talk about his experience.

Mandy Patinkin Shares Backstory Behind Iconic ‘Princess Bride’ Scene In Emotional Twitter Video

Her dad passed away in March from cancer, and she broke the news in the video. She sobbed, “Princess Bride was always one of his favourite movies.

And it has always been one of mine favourites, and Inigo Montoya was his favourite character from the film.”

Montoya is, of course, the Spanish fencing instructor played by Patinkin, who squared off in a famous duel scene with Christopher Guest’s character.

Count Rugen—aka The Six-Fingered Man—saying, “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You slaughtered my father—prepare to die.”

The TikTok Video Showed Patinkin and His Wife, Kathryn Grody

TikTok footage shows Patinkin and his wife Kathryn Grody reacting to Webb putting out a call to the universe to see if anyone could confirm the claim.

Webb said her father, who died of cancer in March 2021, was a huge fan of Patinkin in The Princess Bride and had often wondered if it was true that he had reflected on the death of his own father when filming the sequence.

She then, through tears, felt that the video “won’t ever get [so] far” as to reach Patinkin, but that she was “really curious” because the scenario “means so much more to [her] now than it ever did” after the loss of her father.


A TikTok user by the name of Amanda Webb recreated the sequence and revealed that her recently deceased father shared her affection for The Princess Bride and Montoya in particular.

Webb stated that she had heard Patinkin was thinking of his own late father in the scene, and wondered if the rumour was true.

Webb added she didn’t anticipate the video to ever reach the actor. Patinkin viewed the video and tweeted his own reaction on Tuesday, after thousands of users tagged his account in it.