What is ‘Linx’ Pricing, Features and How It Works

Linx is a low-code automation and integration software that allows its users to build automated processes that later can be run either manually or on a schedule, activated by a specific trigger (under your command only). Linx Software is composed of two modules, the Linx Designer and Linx Server.

Linx Designer is a visual development environment, i.e., using which you can easily design even complex processes without even writing code. Using Linx Designer, you can connect the number of applications and solutions, integrated systems & create, debug, and run processes in seconds with drag-and-drop functionality.

linx software

Linx Server functions as a host for the solutions one has created using Linx Designer. Thus, you can think of it as a Windows Service Application. Linx Server handles all the work from trigger events or hosting web services. A browser interface manages all these functions.

In the constantly evolving digital landscape, many platforms, tools, and technologies come into play. One such intriguing name that surfaces for many is “Linx.” However, there seems to be some ambiguity.

To the best of my knowledge as of 2023, “Linx” could refer to various technologies, platforms, or companies. If you are referring to a software or a company beyond this time or a niche area, there might be newer updates. But for now, let’s dissect what we know about Linx.

What is Linx?

Linx is known in tech circles as a low-code development tool designed to accelerate software development by providing a drag-and-drop interface, allowing developers to design, develop, and automate back-end applications and web services. It boasts a wide array of pre-built plugins and services to connect databases, systems, and APIs.

Benefits of Linx 

Let us move on to the number of benefits provided by Linx:

  • An important thing about Linx is that its power lies in its ability to integrate all of your disparate applications, whether it is SaaS or legacy systems, while simultaneously adding automation to save time, reduce errors, and remove human intervention.
  • Linx enables you to streamline your business workflows and processes so you can focus on other things that matter.
  • Linx is highly versatile and flexible, enabling you to get the most from your existing software investments.
  • If you own a software company, you can use Linx to update code repositories and then run your automated builds.
  • IT managers can use Linx for producing quick prototypes for their consecutive companies or work team. And Enterprises businesses use it to automate business processes to handle high work-loads.
  • You can request Linx Platform Demo to understand it better.

Any industry can use Linx to update their company’s daily data sources automatically, transfer big or small files, send notifications, make the call on web services, and many more.

It doesn’t matter what is your industry type if you are looking for a solution to automate a mundane yet time-intensive task, Linx is the tool you should go for.

Linx Features

Linx provides various services and features to offer according to your business needs, including a comprehensive, integrated set of tools for IT pro, from ideation, design, and development through to deployment and operation.

Linx Features

And the features are as follows:

  • Low Code DevelopmentUsing Linx, you can easily design applications visually using only prebuilt components to automate your business workflow for almost any back-end process.
  • Simple Hosting: You can choose the best-suited environment & well support your business, either its cloud or datacenter.
  • Model Complex Logic: Allows you to visually create or reuse processes to implement them better with custom logic, business rules, and integrations.
  • Visual Debugging: Easily view every input/output of your or the company’s actions.
  • Codeless Connections: All your LOB systems, APIs, databases, Files, and web services will be just one click away from you, which you will integrate visually and quickly.
  • Plugin Library: Their drag and drop packages will speed up your application delivery with common programming functions.
  • Designed for Data: This feature allows us to easily construct data rules and operations for automating business logic, data, and system integrations.
  • Enterprise Security: All your applications and web services will run securely and seamlessly.

How Linx Helps You?

Linx is a local development platform that you can use to build, publish, and host an API using a host plugin system. It is composed of a visual designer and a server that helps you create an application without actually writing code even if you are an amateur.

Now let us discuss and understand in detail how Linx helps:

1. Backend Applications at Spectacular Speed

It is suitable for all your APIs, Web Applications, and Automations. It helps you develop & run custom back-end applications faster than ever before with powerful code programming functions.

Backend Applications at Spectacular Speed

Also, their out-of-the-box integrations, intuitive development, high productivity, and drop designer and a customer dedicated hosting environment help to deploy and manage your applications even faster.

2. Build-in Low-code

With their powerful programming functions, build & deploy your application, whether front or backend, in just a few seconds, compared to how long it will take by a traditional hand-coding.

Linx understands the value of time and urgent requirements, so if you are ever in a rush or want to work on a prototype, you can quickly build and execute your idea of the application without even needing to write a whole complex code.

3. Host with 1-Click Deployment

This eases your deployment work and makes it an effortless experience, all done in just a few seconds. Design all you want, test it, tweak it, and release your application directly from Linx IDE, in the cloud, or on-premise without worrying about infrastructure, maintenance, and upkeep.

4. Connect Your Systems & Business Partners

CRM, ERP, Finance, HR, Inventory, Manufacturing, or Logistics, you can connect with Linx. You can also build your API to help your business partners trade with you or consume their API with Linx.

Using Linx’s functions such as REST, Soap, Text, JSON, XML, and drag-and-drop, you can easily connect your business systems & partners. With their special plugins, vis AWS, Google, Xero for an ever-growing, faster connection.

5. Flexibility

Whether your technology, business, or company environment is simple or complex, Linx provides genuine agility and flexibility in every corner for extending your existing applications, systems, and tools.

6. Create Custom Applications

Linx builds your custom applications that are exclusive for your business without coding or compromise. Whether it is simple automated applications, you want to build or eliminate foul points associated with your legacy systems.

Create Custom Applications

  • Linx allows you to build your uniquely customized applications accordingly.
  • Accelerate time-to-market for new ideas & prototypes.
  • Extend and reuse functionality to meet new business needs in record time.

7. Linx Platform for your Systems

Use Linx’s platform to effortlessly connect your business, customers & partners without any interference or change to your current IT architecture. You can perform the following tasks with no need to worry:

  • Unshackle and extend your existing systems.
  • Easily create an endpoint publishing/exposing data from multiple systems.
  • Incorporate databases, messages queues, and third-party services.

8. Instant Deployment Your Way

Whether it is Linx’s cloud or your data center, you can freely choose the environment best suitable for your business requirements.

  • Deploy directly from the Linx designer.
  • Run in the cloud or your data center without any additional costs or provisioning time.
  • You can manage & monitor your applications through an easy-to-use web-based dashboard.
  • Enjoy enterprise-proven security provided by Azure.

Who Should Use Linx?

Any industry can use Linx, but if you have to narrow it down, then DevOps, Developers, Database Administrators, IT managers, IT Support, Citizen Developers, Technically-minded business unit owners can use Linx.

How Does it Work?

Let us now look at how does Linx works:

1. Integrate Quickly with Easy Automation and Easy Hosting

According to your business needs, build processes, manipulate and orchestrate data across multiple quickly, effortlessly, and efficiently.

Then you can deploy your standard or customized complete application and execute triggered events in our secure environment.

Integrate Quickly with Easy Automation and Easy Hosting

Design your backend applications and web services using low-code IDE to build and other debug processes to integrate your business databases, applications, web services, and files.

Host, Execute & Manage all applications + Web Services all at one place. It can be done in three steps.

  • Host your business applications & web services.
  • Execute each of them autonomously.
  • A review executed applications, and manage them accordingly.

2. Control your Data and Unite IT + Business

Using this, you can easily create solutions to automate your chain of business processes. Effortlessly communicate with internal applications, customers, and business through APIs, email, files, etc.

Control your Data and Unite IT + Business with Linx

3. Convert Problems to Prototypes

Transform your unique business ideas into custom-built applications, processes, and microservices using Linx’s zero-code development & hassle-free deployment.

4. Focus on Business Logic

You can choose from an extensive library of ready-made components to design, build, and deploy business processes with unparalleled speed.

5. Backend without the Backache

Do all your backend work from running services on cloud, development, test, optimize & automate MBaaS tasks with a secure & ultra-scalable integrated platform.

6. Exceptional Support

Customer services are provided by a real human on a one-to-one basis, just a call away whenever you needed it. One step for all the strategic guidance, excellent technical skills, and relevant expertise to quickly achieve your business goals.

Exceptional Support

Thus, integrate systems & databases, Automate tasks and workflows, create & host APIs, and mobile backends.

Why is Linx Better than its Competitors?

Linx provides high-level functions as part of their plugin architecture by reducing 1000s of code lines to a single visual function, with unique features. With Linx, you can create your API in just 10 minutes, even if it is your first time doing so.

Linx can translate your large paragraphs of complex concepts and logic into rock-solid services with unparalleled speed and ease. There are several other features, services, and plans offered by Linx.

All these beautiful features, powerful operating system, intelligent AI, and best customer support contributes towards making Linx better than its competitors.

How Much Does Linx Cost?

In order to host your Linx solution you need the server (on-premise or cloud). The cost of Application Server is $149.

Linx Software Pricing

Linx offers IDE Desktop Designer for free. Linx’s pricing is based on the number of deployed applications.

Linx Pricing

All plans offered by Linx includes Hosted Infrastructure, Enterprise Security, Human Support. Some additional services offered by Linx includes:

  1. Custom Development: you can customize and develop your applications accordingly with their skilled & experienced workforce.
  2. Custom Deployment: you can deploy applications, whether on the cloud or your localhost.
  3. Premium Support: back up your business with an on-call dedicated account manager, available on all plans from $99/month.
  4. Additional Hardware: upgrade your application cloud with extra RAM, storage, or security for optimal performance.

How Successful is Linx?

Linx has carved a niche for itself in the realm of rapid application development. Some of its highlights include:

  1. Time-Efficiency: With its user-friendly interface, Linx cuts down the time traditionally taken in writing extensive lines of code.
  2. Diverse Integration: With a multitude of plugins, Linx facilitates easy integration with various platforms and services.
  3. Growing Community: The tool’s adoption has been on a steady rise, bolstered by an active community of developers and users.

Who is the Founder of Linx?

As of the last update in 2022, specific details regarding the individual founder or the founding team of Linx remain limited in the public domain.

It’s often advisable to check the official website or credible company profiling platforms for updated and detailed insights into the company’s founding history and its key members.

Is Linx Safe?

  1. Security Measures: Linx, as a development platform, integrates various security measures ensuring that applications and services built are secure.
  2. Regular Updates: The tool receives regular updates, addressing potential vulnerabilities and enhancing overall security.
  3. User Responsibility: However, like with all development tools, the safety of the end product often also hinges on the developer’s practices. It’s crucial to follow best practices in software development to ensure the security of applications built using Linx.

Is Linx Free?

Linx offers different pricing tiers catering to diverse needs:

  1. Free Version: There’s a free version available which provides a substantial subset of features. It’s ideal for individuals or small businesses starting.
  2. Paid Versions: For more extensive features, enhanced support, and scalability, Linx provides various paid versions.

Final Words

Linx is low-code development tool to quickly translate your unique business logic into code. Linx Software enables rapid development and deployment of back-end applications like APIs, integrations, and automation for your business or organization.

With Linx, all your solutions are deployed with just one click. It comprises features such as building & hosting customized back-end applications, fast delivery of commands, building web services as well, and many more. All-in-all, Linx is an ultimate solution for anyone looking to accelerate their backend development processes.

Linx emerges as an efficient tool in the software development toolkit, offering a blend of ease and sophistication. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting, Linx caters to a broad spectrum of needs.

While it assures safety and provides a free version, like all tools, its effective utilization hinges on the user’s intent and practice. Always ensure to stay updated with the latest from the official Linx platform to leverage its maximum potential.