10 E-commerce Growth Strategies to Drive Your Sales Through The Roof

Several startup companies have grown tremendously since their inception. Almost as if on steroids, these companies have beaten the odds and spread networks and franchisees throughout the world, edging out established companies and taking over entire industries.

Companies like Airbnb and Uber are super companies that now have a footprint in many countries in the world and have become the defining players in their respective industries. There are many lessons that an upcoming E-commerce businessperson can pick up from the operations and tactics these companies have employed to get to the top and stay there.


10 E-commerce Growth Strategies to Drive Your Sales Through The Roof

One of these is the growth strategy.

Growth strategy is the culture of using analytical, innovative, and cheap methods to grow a company’s customer base exponentially. A vast customer base is the desired dream of every business.

1. Build a Brand

Your brand isn’t just your name or logo. It’s the impression you create on people. Do they have confidence in your products? Do they relate easily with your products, and most of all, do they think your products fill a need in their lives? These are questions you need to ask yourself as you build your brand. If you have all these questions answered in the affirmative, you’re well on your way to building a brand.

Branding is essential in the online business because you communicate with your customers and potential customers remotely, without your customers having the benefit of meeting you face to face to gauge your view of them.

2. Be Better

Customers are continually looking for products that will make their lives better or for more accessible ways of getting united with the products and services they need. You do not break any cardinal rule by taking a product or service from your competition, wrapping it better, and presenting it to the customers, that’s business.

3. Add a Personal Touch

Every customer wants to feel appreciated; the days of monolithic monopolies are over. Start by addressing your customers by their first name in an email or other correspondence; this little gesture goes a long way in building a bond between you and the potential customer.

Send them a beautiful thank you card after a sale and invite them again. Use chatbots to communicate with your customers. According to Incify.co, 29% of US online shoppers use or plan to use chatbots to shop online.

4. Offer Irresistible Incentives

Giveaways are a great way to attract customers and visitors to your online store; you can use this to grow a strong subscriber base and generate sales.

Choose prizes and gifts that will draw the attention of the potential customer. Old obsolete gadgets won’t do as the customer today is hunting for trending items. You could have them sample products, give out some free introductory products, or introduce reward-based incentives as most supermarkets do.

5. Shipping Labels

Visibility is a byword for online business. In all marketing campaigns, all companies strive to gain as much visibility in the market place as possible, using media advertising, billboards, IEC materials, and many other strategies.

Shipping labels, being viewed far and wide, present this one item as a vital component of marketing. enKo Products offers affordable shipping labels like zebra labels, sheet labels, and other packaging materials.

6. Video Marketing

Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing is no longer an option in E-commerce. Most customers are on the go, and stopping to read a whole load of text is a turn-off, but they will surely stop to watch a video. Engaging videos are the easiest way to capture the attention of most people. With the emergence of easy to use video editing software and a good Phone or PC, you can obtain and send out a great video in a couple of hours.

7. Social Proofs

Reviews, comments, and testimonials from real people are a powerful magnet in sales. Social media followers, fans or views influence potential customers as everybody automatically wants to be associated with a product or brand that is being followed by many people.

8. Quality Content

Exclusive content beats tons of hacks hands down. Great content gets people hooked and establishes you as a leader in the business, and the trust you earn generates traffic, which means more sales. How you present the product is more important than the product itself. Remember, the competition has a product too.

9. Streamline Your check-out System

Any hitch during the check-out process will drive the customer away in an instant. Almost 70% of shopping carts are abandoned, and you don’t want your cart to be one of these, bearing in mind that this is a common problem faced by E-commerce businesses.

10. Social Media

Use Social Media for E-commerce Growth

One of the most significant contributors to customer base growth and branding is social media. Most successful brands are very active on social media because that’s where everybody in the world meets to socialize, do business, or watch the world go by merrily. Get in and catch all these potential customers.


So these are the 10 best E-commerce Growth Strategies but listen up none of these works immediately. There is no magic to achievement. It’s really about hard work, choices, persistence and patience. Have patience, and build something that helps your audience. Be focused and you will do this.