15 Best Sites Like ‘LimeTorrents’ To Download Free Movies and Software

Nowadays, coming across an active torrent website is a massive challenge in itself. This all began in the year 2016 when KickAss owners got arrested because of illegal file hosting as well as sharing.

And soon after this incident, most popular websites like Extra Torrentz, Torrentz, etc. have also been shut down. LimeTorrents is one of the many affected websites in the incident.

Best Sites Like LimeTorrents to Download Free Movies and Software

LimeTorrents was a very popular website, but after the demise of sites like KickAss torrents, the website got new active users. This website managed to stay active for a few months after the great mass torrent ban; still, it wasn’t stable.

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LimeTorrents has been a buzzword in the torrent community for many years. In this guide, we delve deep into LimeTorrents, its benefits, how you can download movies from it, its new domain, what happened to it, and the queries related to its free movies app.

What is LimeTorrents?

LimeTorrents is a popular torrent search engine and directory. It doesn’t host any content but provides a platform where users can share and access torrents, which are essentially links to files that are distributed across several computers.

LimeTorrents has been in the industry for more than a decade and has maintained its place as one of the top torrent sites, despite the turbulence and challenges in the torrenting world.

15 Best Sites Like LimeTorrents to Download Free Movies and Software

Stability has become one of the major drawbacks of the LimeTorrent. This forced its users to search for sites like LimeTorrents. If you are one of them and are desperately searching for the best LimeTorrent alternatives, then you have reached the right place.

Your search ends here. Given below is the list of 15 best alternatives to LimeTorrent that are highly stable. You can easily visit these websites. Let’s have a look at all of them.

1. TorrentsSites


TorrentsSites is a collection of multiple torrent sites. If you want to download any movie, pdf, music, software, games, etc, Torrentsites is a one-stop solution for you.

Torrent sites are classified under categories like Best torrent sites, TV show torrent sites, Gaming Torrent sites, Movie Torrent sites, Software torrent sites, Ebook torrent sites, Music Torrent sites, etc.

2. 1337X

In case you are looking for a torrent site that has a huge collection of torrents to offer, then 1337x might be the best choice for you. The greatest thing about 1337X is its huge torrent files database that consists of TV shows, softwares, movies, games, etc. Along with all of that, 1337X possesses a very friendly user interface that makes the experience with 1337X awesome.

3. The Pirate Bay

The TPB or The Pirate Bay is one of the best alternatives to LimeTorrent. There is a reason for keeping it on the top of our list. The Pirate Bay does not require any introduction today. It is the leading torrent site in today’s time.

The best thing about The Pirate Bay is that it is one of the most stable sites like LimeTorrents out in the business that is rarely offline. Other than that, The Pirate Bay is also known for its colossal collection of torrents. Users can find almost anything they wish to watch, starting from TV shows, movies, Softwares, Games, and much more on The Pirate Bay website.

4. TorrentKing

If you wish to find a torrent website that has all the latest releases to offer, such as most recent games, latest movies, and more, then TorrentKing is one of your best shots. We highly recommend you to visit this website. TorrentKing is a one of best Alternatives to LimeTorrent that users can consider and can enjoy almost everything on the website.


If you enjoyed visiting LimeTorrent for downloading video content, then believe us, you are going to adore YIFY. It is a video torrent site from where users can easily download all the latest releases such as Web series, movies, TV series, etc.

One of the best things about YIFY is its user interface that looks very well organized and clean. Other than that, it contains all the newly added and popular torrent content on the homepage of the website.


RARBG is yet another great alternative to LimeTorrents. It is another video torrent site on our list. It has a bit old-school user interface. Although the UI is a little outdated, it is very fast and easy to handle. And guess what?

RARBG serves all of the most famous torrent content on the homepage of the website only. The website possesses other content too, such as softwares, games, ISO, files, and much more. But RARBG is well known for its video content.

7. Torrent Project

Torrent Project is one of the most stable torrent websites which people can visit at times when LimeTorrents is down. The best thing about Torrent Project is that it has a user interface that looks very well organized as well as clean.

Other than that, this website possesses 10 million torrent stuff to serve to its audience. On this website, people can find almost all the stuff they wish to watch, for example, games, movies, TV shows, and much more.


If you are trying to find a torrent website to visit that provides movie torrents at times when your favorite LimeTorrents is down, then EZTV can be your ideal choice. The unique thing about this website is that it only offers video content.

People can find and enjoy content like Web series, movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, and many more on this platform. Every day this website receives millions of hits, and it is undoubtedly one of the best torrent websites to visit in today’s time.

9. TorLock

In case you are searching for a torrent site that only contains verified torrent files, then this website is highly recommended by us. Another unique fact about this website is that it is a community-driven site that has a very clean user interface. This website possesses numerous high-quality torrents for its audience, and all its files have been verified before they were being published.

10. IsoHunt

It is yet another amazing torrent website on this list that receives millions of hits on a daily basis. Another great thing regarding this website is that its user interface is very friendly and clean.

IsoHunt is very easy on the eyes and can be handled with great simplicity. Other than that, IsoHunt contains more than 10 million torrents to offer to its audience. People can find almost all the things they wish to watch, ranging from games to movies.

11. Zooqle

This website is very popular for its huge database of torrent content. Zooqle is a video torrent website, and people can find only video content on this website. And guess what?

Users can find numerous latest TV shows, movies, web series, and much more on Zooqle. Other than that, the user interface of this site is what makes it stand out from the rest of the torrent websites.

12. iDope

One of the most noticeable features of this torrent website is its user interface that looks very amazing. As far as the torrent content of the site is concerned, iDope, at present, contains more than 18 million torrents in its database. Users can also find numerous TV shows, movies, games, music, softwares, etc. on iDope.

13. Torrent Downloads

Torrent Downloads is a website that is visited by millions of users on a daily basis. This website was founded in the year 2007, and it has more than 16 million torrents in the present time. Talking about the torrent content, the website covers all the torrent categories including, movies, books, TV shows, music, software, and much more.

14. Demonoid

It is possibly the oldest torrent website on our list. Demonoid has more than 8 million torrents at present. However, the website goes offline very frequently due to its legal issues. Talking about the torrent content, this website covers various torrent categories, including Books, movies, games, software, and any more.

15. Zooqle

In case you are looking for an alternative to LimeTorrent, which has a decent user interface and contains a lot of video content, then this website is one of the best sites like LimeTorrents.

It is another old torrent website present out there that we have included on our list. Zooqle is mostly visited by music lovers. This website primarily focuses on video content and contains countless TV shows as well as movies.

16. SkyTorrents

SkyTorrents is specifically designed for users looking for ad-free torrent websites. The user interface of this site is well optimized and clean. Sky Torrents covers all the categories, including TV shows, software, movies, games, and much more. All the files that are published on this site are verified manually by the owners of the website.

Benefits of LimeTorrents

  1. Diverse Library: One of the major strengths of LimeTorrents is its vast and diverse library of torrents. From movies, TV shows, software, games to music and ebooks, it has it all.
  2. User-friendly Interface: The website boasts a clean and easily navigable interface, making torrent searches simple and efficient.
  3. Verified Torrents: LimeTorrents has a system in place to verify torrents, which helps in reducing the chances of downloading malicious files.
  4. Minimal Ads: While there are ads on the site, they are relatively fewer compared to other torrent sites.

How Do I Download Movies From LimeTorrents?

  1. Use a VPN: Before downloading from LimeTorrents or any torrent site, always use a VPN. This helps in maintaining anonymity and security.
  2. Search for the Movie: Go to LimeTorrents’ official website, use the search bar to enter the movie name you’re looking for.
  3. Select & Download the Torrent File: From the search results, pick the movie torrent with a good seed-to-peer ratio. Download the torrent file or click on the magnet link.
  4. Use a Torrent Client: To download the actual movie, you’ll need a torrent client like uTorrent or BitTorrent. Open the downloaded torrent file with your client, and the download will start.

What is the New Domain for LimeTorrents?

LimeTorrents has frequently changed its domain names due to legal issues and site blocks. The original domain was limetorrents.cc.

However, because of domain seizures or to evade blocks, the site often shifts to different domains. It’s advisable to check official forums or trusted torrent news sources for the latest active domain.

What Happened to LimeTorrents?

Over the years, many torrent sites have faced legal actions, and LimeTorrents is no exception. It has faced its share of shutdown threats, ISP blocks, and domain seizures.

However, through mirror sites and domain shifts, LimeTorrents has managed to stay afloat and continue providing its services to the torrent community.

Is LimeTorrents Free Movies App Legitimate?

As of my last update in September 2021, LimeTorrents did not have an official app on mainstream app stores like Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

It’s essential to be cautious as there could be third-party apps claiming to be “LimeTorrents” which might be malicious or scams. Always download apps from trusted sources and do thorough research before installing any unofficial apps.

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Summing Up

In conclusion, these were the most suitable alternatives and sites like LimeTorrents that fans of the later can visit at times when LimeTorrents is down. I hope our list proves useful to you.

LimeTorrents stands as a beacon in the torrenting community. However, it’s essential to remember that while torrenting is legal, downloading copyrighted content without appropriate permissions is not.

Always ensure you’re on the right side of the law, use VPNs for privacy, and stay safe by avoiding potentially malicious files or apps.

Thank you for reading!