Everything You Should Know About the Car’s VIN-Code

VIN is an abbreviation that stands for Vehicle Identification Number (Vehicle Identification Number). The code reflects information about the car (manufacturer’s country, year of manufacture, characteristics, etc.). The numbers indicated in the datasheet must match the numbers that are stamped on the body of the transport.

History of Creation

The need for vehicle identification arose immediately after the creation of cars skyrocketed. The VIN code appeared in the middle of the last century when the production of cars became massive. The code was finally formed in 1981 when uniform rules for its use were adopted. However, thanks to the development of technology, everyone has the opportunity to perform a VIN check online and find out the truth about the vehicle.

know everything about the cars vin code


The code consists of 17 characters, and each of them carries certain information. The first 3 characters indicate in which country the car was made. The next six characters carry information about the features of the car (body type, model, transmission, drive). The last eight characters indicate the place and date of assembly.

Where Can the Code Be?

In most cars, the code is located under the hood on non-removable parts. As a rule, it will be placed on a special sign. In addition, it can be located in the following places:

  • near the driver’s or passenger’s seat under the rug and floor covering;
  • near the door pillar;
  • in a dedicated location next to the windshield.

It won’t take long to find the VIN. Just look under the hood and other popular areas.

What Information Can Be Obtained by Examining the Number

In addition to the fact that the VIN code carries information about the manufacturer, model, and date of assembly of the car, it is used to record the car. With it, you can get the following data:

  • how many times the car was placed and removed from the register;
  • machine history;
  • whether the transport was involved in an accident;
  • whether the car is being used as collateral.

Deciphering the number will not take much time. You just need to find information about the marking and designation of a particular combination of numbers. At the moment, you can try to scan the code using the application on your smartphone. You will need to download a specialized program. After that, you will need to scan the code using the phone’s built-in camera. Thus, the decryption will take place as quickly as possible and without any effort.

How to Authenticate

Car theft scammers change the VIN so that it is not possible to identify the car. You can check the authenticity of the number only during the car service. The broken code may not visually differ from the original in any way. When buying a vehicle, be sure to pay attention to authentication.

How to Authenticate

The VIN code is a mandatory element of the machine. Knowing about its features, a person can get a lot of transport information. For verification, it is advisable to seek help from specialists who will not only determine the authenticity of the number but also help to extract maximum data.