This Application Has Encountered An Unspecified Error SWTOR

An “unknown error” has been found in SWTOR.

For the time being, try the procedures listed below to see if they help you fix any issues with your computer. From the simplest to the most practical, these techniques are presented in ascending order of difficulty.

This Application Has Encountered An Unspecified Error SWTOR

“This Application Encountered An Unspecified Error” is a Common Error Message For SWTOR Players.

Originally designed to speed up the download and installation of conventional games, Bitraider has come under fire from players who say it crashes SWTOR and displays an array of errors, including all of the ones discussed in this article. Please make sure you and your family follow the instructions carefully before deleting anything.

It’s possible that your data plan is interfering with the ability of this game’s client to update. Adding a catchball exception to your firewall is the best solution to the problem.

When a computer is suspected of having malware, it’s critical that its infected virus be removed by following the instructions outlined here. Having SWTOR not operate is a big problem, especially if you have crucial files on your computer that you need to access.

Solution 1: Delete All Bitraider Processes And Their Deletion Folder, Specifically

Bitraider has been blamed by many users for this issue. By utilising Bitraider’s technology to offload the network, players are able to keep their clients up to date while playing. Many people, however, have given up playing because of the increasing instability and frequent crashes.

  1. The task manager must be used to close all Bitraider-related activities. The Task Manager can be opened by repeatedly pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc, the keyboard shortcut.
  2. Alternatively, the Ctrl+Alt+Del keyboard shortcut can be used to bring up a pop-up menu where you can select “Task Manager” from a list of grouped options. It’s also listed in the Start menu, if you like. aria-scribeby=”caption-attachment-79031″>
  3. Figcaption: Launch Task Manager
  4. Bitraider related processes, such as.entries.of the.same.exe, can be found in the lower left corner of the window by clicking “More Data.” BRSptsvc.exe and brw.exe are examples of additional services. Like background processes, they aren’t constrained to a specific location. Once you’ve selected it, click the “End Method” button in the window’s function bar in the bottom right.

Be sure to confirm this by clicking “Yes” to any pop-up messages warning you about the potential consequences of eliminating various processes from your wonderful computer.

In Task Manager, Close the Process.

  • You can now delete the “Bitraider” directory from the game system (or root folder). If you used Origin to host the game, the default save location is C: Program Files (x86): Origin Games. Select “Delete Receipt” from the context menu when you right-click on the main “Bitraider” folder. whether>
  • You can use Origin or an EXE file on your PC to re-examine the offender.

Solution 2: The Message “This Programme Encountered an Unidentified Fault” Should Still Appear if SWTOR is Still Running.

This is the second option. Enable The Client To Update By Adding A Large Firewall Exception

When an update is ultimately issued, some network issues can cause problems, and firewalls are to fault. The problem is that you should try to fix it by disabling it, regardless of whether you’re using a third-party firewall or just Windows Defender Firewall.

If you’re using a different firewall than Windows Defender Firewall, the methods for overcoming the problem may differ from one firewall to another, and you may look into a simplified Google that should assist families resolve the issue. Use these easy actions to improve your diet so that SWTOR doesn’t require Windows Firewall:

Search for this service in the Control Panel by hitting the Start button or the magnifying glass, mine or the round Cortana button on the far left of Our trustworthy taskbar, and then click on the results that appear.