Keyboard Not Working in Windows 10 {Solved}

Laptop keyboards often give the users a lot of trouble. There are instances when the keyboard is not working or maybe some keys are not functioning as they should. In such cases, there are various probabilities for the user to solve the problem. This article is all about causes and the solutions for laptop keyboard not working. So let us explore each of the causes and solutions.

How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Not Working Error

We have predicted various causes for the improper functioning of the keyboard. Some of them are incompatibility of the driver that has been installed on the computer of the user.

There are also situations when the keyboard is not working properly because of the malfunctioning of any internal wire, which connects the keyboard to the device. However, these mere problems can be overcome by just power looping the device used by the user.

The user might also complain against a few keys that are not working. This might be because of the presence of dust or some other interference. This will block the signal from reaching the receptor. Such problems require the cleaning the keyboard, specifically those keys causing the disturbances.

But often there are situations which require some other complex situations and for overcoming them we need to follow a few steps that require guidance.

Below stated are the eight causes and the solutions to the predictable situations which might lead to malfunction of the laptop keyboard.

Solution 1: Restart Laptop and Remove the Battery

The very first solution to the malfunction of the laptop’s keyboard is restarting the laptop and removing the battery.

Moving into details we must say that it is not advised to uninstall the drivers at the very initial step. But to try to fix the problem using power cycling the device, in this case, the laptop.

When the laptop is power cycled, the hardware components attached to it get loaded with new parameters. And moreover, we can say that the laptop is reinitialized.

After the battery is removed, we need to be patient enough and wait until the process completes.

Step 1: Shut down the laptop. If the user is unable to shut down the laptop completely then make to press the power button a few times. This will make sure the laptop is shut down forcefully.

Step 2: Remove the battery from the laptop, once we make sure that the power is shut down. To remove the battery, there will be a button present alongside the battery installed place. Just slide the button, and a click sound will be heard. This will enable us to remove the battery.

Step 3: After the removal of the battery from the laptop, it is required to make sure that the entire power is drained out of the laptop. This might take a few minutes, so wait patiently. Once it is done, we are needed to plug the battery back to the laptop. The power cord should be attached and the power should be turned on.

Make sure the problem is solved, if not move to the next solution.

Solution 2: Installing Default Drivers

In case the user fails to solve the problem by power cycling the laptop, then the other option is to uninstall the drivers. These are the drivers that are attached to the keyboard.

Talking about the default rivers, we should know that they are present in the BIOS. IN case the laptop is unable to find proper drivers for the device then, in that case, these drivers stored in BIOS are initialized. This solution actually brings forward the fact that whether the underlying problem is due to any driver or because of some physical problem.

Step 1: We need to press Windows + R. This will open with a dialogue box. In the dialogue box, we are required to type ‘devmgmt.msc’. Continue the process with Enter. Or The Device Manager option present inside the Windows icon can also be pressed.

Step 2: There will be an option to expand the Keyboards, present inside the Device Manager. We need to select the keyboard by right-clicking on it. Once done, we need to Uninstall Device.

Step 3: Once the device is uninstalled, the laptop should be restarted. The system will find that the device is not installed and therefore the default driver will be installed. In case the driver is still not showing up, then right-click on any white space present on the Device Manager. And then select the Search for hardware changes option.

There might be a situation, where the user will get to see the keyboard as a device, along with a yellow exclamation mark. In that case, we need to right-click and then select the Update Driver. The user can also install the driver after physically downloading it from the official manufacture’s website.

Solution 3: Changing Ease of Access Settings

All the users of Windows using every version of it is familiar with the Ease of Access Settings. This Ease of Access Settings makes it easy for users to explore the various features of the computer. It may also happen that due to the malfunctioning of the Ease of Access Settings, sometimes there might be a problem in using the keyboard. If that is the case, then the user is required to disable the settings and make sure the problem is resolved.

To disable the Ease Of Access Settings we are required to follow the steps:

Step 1: There will be a Windows Search, where we are required to type Ease of Access. This search option will be present on the left-hand corner of the user’s screen.

Step 2: Once the application of Ease of Access is open, it will take us back to the results.

Step 3: When we are inside the Ease of Access, then we will find an option like Make the keyboard easier to use. We need to select that.

Step 4: We will be acknowledged with various options, but we need to uncheck some specific ones, like Turn on Mouse Keys, Turn on Sticky Keys, Turn on Toggle Keys, Turn on Filter Keys.

Step 5: We now need to restart the computer.

Solution 4: Checking for Hardware Problems

For a keyboard to work properly we require the software and hardware both to be in perfect condition. In case we are unable to find any software issues, then there might be a chance for the device to have hardware problems and then, in that case, we require to fix that.

Following are the steps which we will require to troubleshoot the hardware components.

Step 1: We need to make sure that the connecting strip of the keyboard is connected properly to the device, through the specific spot.

Step 2: We need to make sure the keyboard is clean enough to work, and no substances are offering any physical interference., may it be dust particles, or any edible substances.

Solution 5: Uninstall Synaptics Driver

Windows 10 often is incompatible with older versions of drivers. One such driver is the Synaptics Driver. Due to this incompatibility of Windows 10, with the Synaptics driver, the keyboard might not be working normally.

So we are required to follow the steps to make it compatible.

Step 1: The Start Button should be right-clicked and the Device Manager should be opened from the list of provided menus.

Step 2: Once the Device Manager is clicked open, we will get the option of selecting the Synaptics driver from the list that will be provided.

Step 3: We need to right-click the Synaptics Driver and choose the option of uninstalling from the menu that will be provided to us.

Step 4: The user can also look for Delete the Driver Software for this option. Once found, click on OK.

Step 5: After the Synaptics Driver is Uninstalled, make sure to restart the device.

Once these steps are performed, the default driver will get installed manually and then the keyboard will start to work normally. There are situations when the users are advised to uninstall the mouse drivers, touchpad and all the HID keyboards. But just make sure that the device is restarted after each is uninstalled.

Solution 6. Use the Windows Key + Space Shortcut

Well, there are situations when the user might be facing problems with some specific keys on the keyboard. In that case, we have come up with a very easy solution to this problem.

Step 1: This issue of some keys on keyboard not working properly can be resolved by just pressing the Windows Key + Space. This often makes all the keys on the keyboard to start working properly.

Step 2: One more solution to some keys not working properly can be pressing the lock icon and the Fn letters inside it. In most cases, this is the Esc key. But this might vary depending on the kind of laptops we are using. So just hold the Shift key and then the lock icon key, and the keyboard should start working all over again.

Solution 7: Install the Latest Updates

Every Windows 10 user should be familiar with the fact that the rate of release of updates by Microsoft for Windows version 10 is really very high. Almost every other day some of the other updates are released. So the user should get them updated with these latest updates. And make sure they are downloaded on a daily basis.

However, this kind of a situation is quite tedious for any user. So any Windows 10 user might find it very hard to keep a track of the latest updates are releasing.

So in case there is a problem in the working of the keyboard, do make sure that all the updates are installed.

Solution 8: Use a USB Keyboard

Well in the worst-case scenario, if the user is unable to fix the problem of malfunctioning of the keyboard, then, in that case, it is advised to use a USB keyboard.

Yes, this is not a solution but for the time being at least, the user will be able to work normally using the keyboard.


There are few common questions which are often asked by the users regarding the proper functioning of the keyboards. We have listed below the most common ones and have answered them one by one.

So in case any of readers are facing the same problem, and want an answer to their questions, then they can have a look into this part of the article. This part of the article is basically an interaction sort of writing with the readers.

Q 1. Is Issue with the keyboard or software?

Answer: Well in our article we have listed as many as eight solutions to resolve the problem of the keyboard not working properly. But certainly the solutions are classified as software-based or hardware-based. This will ensure an overall introspecting of the keyboards before moving forward with the solutions.

However, the very first question that arises to our mind is that how do we classify out keyboard’s problem to be related to software or hardware. So to remove that confusion we have come up with the solution.

The user in the beginning is required to perform a system boot. If the user can use the keyboard keys with absolutely no difficulty to move to the BIOS Settings, then we must know that the issues with the keyboard is software related and not hardware related. Otherwise, if there is a difficulty faced by the user while navigating to the BIOS Settings, then the user will be ensured that the problem with the laptop is hardware related.

Once we are made sure about the kind of problem the keyboard is facing (hardware or software), we can approach to the solution accordingly, referring to the solutions mentioned by us already in the article.

2. How to lock a keyboard?

Answer: The second question that many users come up with is that they want to know the steps for locking their keyboards. Well, the step is pretty simple. The user is just required to press CTRL + ALT + L, in order to lock the keyboard. And in order to unlock the keyboard, the users are just required to write the word, Keyboard.

3. How to find out whether the keyboard is locked or broken?

Answer: The third question that the maximum of our users come up with is how do we really know whether the keyboard is locked or broken. To now this, we need to do understand a very simple and easy thing.

If after typing the word Keyboard, the keyboard is unlocked, then on that case the keyboard is locked. And if after typing the word Keyboard, the keyboard remains locked, then, in that case, the keyboard is most likely to be broken or have some other issues. To solve the issues we need to follow the various methods mentioned in this article previously.


In this article, we have discussed the possible reasons for the keyboard not working properly. We have also listed solutions for situations where some specific keys of the keyboard do not work properly.

The eight solutions written in this article covers all the probable situations both related to hardware or software. Not only are the solutions mentioned but in the end, there is a section to clear the common doubts of the readers.

Three of the most common questions that we usually come across while finding solutions for the malfunctioning of the keyboard are been discussed along with their answers.

We hope after reading this article the user can find a solution to the keyboard malfunctioning issues. And at the same time find answers to the doubts.