Who is Isabella Guzman

Colorado is home to Isabella Guzman. After she stabbed her mother 150 times in 2013, she was convicted and sentenced to prison. At the time, she was only 18 years old. Recently, her video on TikTok attracted a lot of attention after going viral.

Others felt she should be exonerated since they thought she was innocent. Her “beautiful face” and “cuteness” won over a lot of people.

Isabella Stabbed her Mother, but why?

The allegations that Isabella stabbed her mother 79 times made headlines initially. However, additional examination revealed that the victim had over 151 wounds across her body. Isabella was discovered by detectives to be different from other kids her age. She never laughed or expressed any desire to be among her loved ones.

Isabella Guzman

She was found to have harboured deep-seated animosity and resentment against her own mother. As a child, Isabella often went without the things she wanted since her parents could not afford them. There would be fighting at home as a result of this. But Isabella’s parents hoped that as she got older, she’d have more compassion for their predicament financially.

After her father abandoned the family, Isabella moved in with her mother. When her mother started dating Richard, everything went downhill quickly. Isabella did not approve of her father’s replacement, which caused further friction between the family members. Isabella threatened her mother and that she would’make her pay’ for how’she had been abused.’

Her mother and boyfriend reported Isabella’s threats to the police out of fear that she could actually carry them out. Her father tried to talk sense into Isabella after they had an altercation one night.

Richard had heard Isabella’s mother screaming from the upstairs bathroom on that day. He hurried over to assist her, but it had been locked from the inside. He listened as Isabella repeatedly stabbed his boyfriend from where he stood.

Isabella stabbed her mother multiple times, including in the face, neck, and body, according to the authorities. Isabella fled the scene of the crime, but undercover police located and arrested her shortly after.

Schizophrenia Was a Problem for Isabella.

Isabella claimed to the police that she was being directed by voices inside her head. This is a common and noticeable sign of schizophrenia. She claimed the voices urged her to murder her mother to prevent global catastrophe.

The Arapahoe County court heard testimony from a psychiatrist who diagnosed her with schizophrenia. According to her doctor, she had to battle with severe Schizophrenic ideas for a long time.

She was declared not guilty due to insanity based on the evidence presented at trial. She was admitted to the Pueblo Mental Health Institute when she was 18 years old.

Is Isabella Finally Ready for Freedom?

Since 2020, Isabella has been eager to escape the Mental Health Facility and return to the outside world. Isabella told CBS4 in an interview that she “was not myself when I did that, and I have since been restored to full health.” The interview took place in the facility and was broadcast through computer webcam.

She also discussed her upbringing and ancestry throughout the interview. “I was abused by my family for many years,” she stated. When I left the religion at the age of 14, my parents’ abuse just got worse since they were Jehovah’s Witnesses. She expressed regret about what had happened, saying, “If I could change it or if I could take it back, I would.” Isabella stated that she was not herself during that time, but that she is now fully recovered.

When did Isabella’s Video Suddenly Become so Popular?

Instagram has become popular for showing clips of young alleged criminals and killers set to popular music. A user uploaded a clip showing Isabella walking into court, sitting down, smiling at the camera, and then frowning.

Millions of people have watched this video after it became viral. These viral videos of purported criminals are nothing new. For example, a video of a ‘handsome’ 21-year-old who crashed his Ford Mustang into a mother and her kid at high speed and went viral shows him being sentenced to 24 years in prison.

The mother and the daughter both passed away. It was said that Herrin, a little boy, was racing another driver at speeds of over one hundred miles per hour. The victim’s loved ones asked for a more severe sentence, but the judge compromised with 24 years. Social media, and especially Tiktok, were captivated by Herrin’s expression as he heard the verdict.

All of these videos have one thing in common: the offender or criminal has attractive features and a sense of mystery, which piques the interest of everyone, especially millennials and Generation Z. This level of interest can have both beneficial and negative effects on people.

After Ten Years in prison, a Woman who had a Miscarriage was Released.

Not too long ago, a tale of a lady who was incarcerated for supposedly having an abortion went popular on social media. Elsy, a 28-year-old mother and housekeeper, had a miscarriage but was sent to prison instead of receiving medical care. For her murder, she received an enhanced sentence. Elsy and three other women were released from prison in El Salvador for identical reasons after recent backlash.

While trying to decipher the motivations behind the people in these films can be fascinating, it’s important to keep in mind that they are, after all, just people. Thanks to social media, we can now reach out to people and learn about topics that would have been impossible just a few decades ago.