Is Mariah Carey Married? The Queen of Pop’s Life Unveiled

Mariah Carey, an American singer-songwriter, often dubbed the “Songbird Supreme,” has a voice that has captivated audiences for over three decades.

In this SEO-optimized article, we delve into the life of Mariah Carey, covering everything from her marital status and children to her incredible career milestones.

Marital Status: Is Mariah Carey Married?

As of 2023, Mariah Carey is not currently married. However, she has been married twice in the past.

List of Her Husbands:

  1. Tommy Mottola (1993-1998) – A music executive who played a significant role in Mariah’s early career.
  2. Nick Cannon (2008-2016) – An actor and TV host; they share twins Monroe and Moroccan.

How Many Kids Does Mariah Carey Have?

Mariah Carey is the proud mother of twins, Monroe and Moroccan, born in 2011. The twins are often affectionately referred to as “Dem Babies.”

Mariah Carey: The Career Highlights

Songs, Events, Albums, and Products

With hits like “Vision of Love,” “Hero,” and the timeless Christmas classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” Mariah has solidified her place in music history. She has released 15 studio albums to date and has multiple branded products, including a line of fragrances.

Nationality, Net Worth, Age, and Height

  • Nationality: American
  • Net Worth: Estimated at around $520 million as of 2021.
  • Age and Height: Born on March 27, 1969, Mariah Carey is 54 years old and stands at 5 feet 8 inches.

Education and Parents

  • Education: She attended Harborfields High School in Greenlawn, New York.
  • Parents: Mariah was born to Patricia Hickey, an opera singer, and Alfred Roy Carey, an aeronautical engineer.

More Personal Details: House, Awards, Social Media

House and Awards

  • House: Mariah owns a luxurious estate in Beverly Hills, among other properties.
  • Awards: She’s a recipient of numerous awards, including 5 Grammy Awards.

Where Does She Live?

Mariah Carey currently resides mainly in the United States but often travels for both work and leisure.

Twitter and Instagram

You can follow Mariah Carey on Twitter and Instagram.

FAQs About Mariah Carey

How Many Billboard #1’s Does Mariah Carey Have?

Mariah Carey holds the record for the most number-one singles by a solo artist, a female songwriter, and a female producer, totaling 19 number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100.

Why Does Mariah Carey Sing So Well?

Mariah Carey’s vocal range spans five octaves and she has a unique ability to perform in various styles, including pop, R&B, and gospel. Her exceptional voice is a result of natural talent honed through years of practice and training.

What Was the #1 Hit for Mariah Carey?

Her first number-one hit was “Vision of Love,” released in 1990, which set the stage for her illustrious career.


Mariah Carey is an icon in every sense of the word, from her incredible vocal talent to her intricate personal life.

Whether you’re curious about her marital status or simply a fan of her music, there’s no denying that Mariah Carey continues to be a fascinating figure in the world of entertainment.

With a career that shows no signs of slowing down, we can expect to hear much more from this legendary artist in the years to come.