Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Incognito Mode

Things have dramatically changed due to the advancement in technology. Our life is now tied to the internet. Every business that you see in this world has a direct connection to the internet. So, if the internet stops for a day, the world is going to halt. But a group of bad people from different parts of the world, often known as the hackers are continuously trying to harm online users. The big companies are also taking data from the consumer’s end to improve user interference. But all these collected data are also used to improve the strategic process in the online advertisement. The big companies are selling this data to the advertisers in the form of keywords, which means your search data is no longer private. This is where the terms Incognito Mode kicks in.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode is the built functions of the most popular browser Google Chrome. You might access a specific website by clicking the “enabled cookies” button but still, you are safe in the Incognito browser. The cookies and search data will be deleted from the local data folder after the browsing session is over. In other words, the uploading functions of the cookies, and third-party plugins are blocked while you use the Incognito mode.

Does That Mean You Are Completely Safe?

Well, no one is completely safe on the internet. You might be using the best private search or the best browser in the world, still, there will be some loopholes by which the professional hackers and IT gurus can extract vital information. Remember, information is not always extracted to turn against you.

At times, it is done to improve the marketing strategy. Though the incognito browser doesn’t offer 100% protection, still you will be safer than using the regular browsers. But make sure you do some research on the browsers which you are using. Relying on the third-party browsers without having any strong reputation might put you in great risk.

So, My Browsing Data is Completely Anonymous?

You might be thinking that by browsing the internet in the Incognito mode, your search data is completely deleted from the browsers. In a sense it’s true but you are still vulnerable to the advanced users. We have already said, Incognito mode deletes the browsing data and prevents it from uploading additional files to the localhost. But this doesn’t mean, the advanced uses can get access to the DNS files.

In some cases, the browsing information can be extracted even without the help of any additional resources. If you explore the details of how to search incognito on Chrome, you will realize why it is so hard to secure the browsing data on the personal computer. However, by using the advanced private search engines like Privado, you can add an extra layer of security.

Does the Search Engine Track Incognito Browsers?

There is a big ongoing debate whether the popular search engines like Google, Baidu, Bing, etc. track the incognito browsers. There is no definite answer but from the user perspective, it is safe to assume NO. So, how can keep your search data private? If there any valid way we can do so? You can start relying on the private search engine and this will create an encryption medium so that the data are not being tracked.

Even if the data is extracted in any form, it’s going to be encrypted and it will be nearly impossible to decode the encryptions. Some of you might not feel comfortable with private search thinking that they are not providing precise data. But compare the search results with big search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. and you will be more than satisfied with the private search results.

Protection from the Hackers

Can the incognito mode help you from hackers? The answer depends on the actions of the users. In some respect, the incognito mode makes it hard for the attackers to exploit personal information but this doesn’t mean they hackers will always fail. You have always used a secured internet connection and rely on the updated version of the software.

Protection from the Hackers

Learn more about personal security on the internet and you will realize how smartly the hackers are taking advantage of the minor loopholes. So, take your time and study your environment.


Keep yourself tuned with the latest online threat and develop the habit of using the incognito browser. Just by taking a few smart steps, you can make an easy task nearly impossible for the hackers