The Future of Data Centers: Career Opportunities & Why You Need Cisco CCNP Data Center Certification

What is in the future for the data center industry? While we cannot accurately predict, the main driving factors are climate change and the pandemic, with the latter being the cause of dramatic shifts in various sectors, work-life cultures, organizations, and individual lives.

We’ll explore in this guide these changes and how to build a career in the data center industry.

Future of Data Centers

Overview of the Data Center Industry

The data center industry is evolving due to disruptive technologies, climate change, and challenges brought on by Organizations are now transitioning from traditional data centers to cloud-based data centers.

Climate change also means that traditional data center location choices must be carefully considered to reduce the carbon footprint or moved to the cloud while disruptive technologies such as cloud-level resiliency and flash storage continue to shift how data centers operate.

Also, the industry is bound to exponential growth as AI and ML technologies continue to grow. Anyone considering a career in the industry can be sure of the influx of job prospects and opportunities as the industry evolves 200-201, especially if they are keen, fast learners.

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Build a Career in the Data Center Industry

While having the required skills and experience for data center job roles is important, it’s imperative to combine them with the appropriate certifications. The certification 200-301 is what you need to prove your skills to deal with data center solutions.

This accreditation testifies that you are a qualified professional able to complete the given tasks. The accreditation includes two exams you need to pass, 350-601 (DCCOR), a core exam, and the second exam, a concertation one, you can choose from the pool of those, offered by Cisco.

The first exam checks your knowledge of data center infrastructure. The second exam assesses your skills related to specific topics, such as creating Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (300-610) and applying Centric Infrastructure (300-620), to mention a few.

Passing these exams and earning the CCNP Data Center certification open you many job prospects and command recognition as a certified professional.

Professionals looking to pivot or advance their career in data center administration should consider this professional-level accreditation 200-901.

Career Opportunities with the CCNP Data Center Certification

 Professionals in the field can apply for roles including data center systems administrator or engineer, data center network administrator or engineer, data center technician, and data center consulting engineer, among others.

A 300-410 typical data center professional earns about $81,087 per year, though this number can be transformed into 170,000 per annum if you gain more skills in this domain, as per the Ziprecruiter website.

Future of Data Centers

In addition, if you are a networking or security professional, you can earn more than a typical CCNP Data Certified professional. This means that you can incorporate the gained skills related to the data center domain in your current position.

This is an ideal way to increase your paycheck for CCIE Engineer ($147,791/year), CCIE Network Engineer ($137,346), and CCIE Network Engineer ($137,346).

To add more, you need to develop soft skills such as efficiency, team player, fast learning, effective communication 300-415, and flexibility also greatly influence how fast you adapt to the data center industry.

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All major companies rely on professionals to provision and manage their on-premise and cloud data centers. You will demonstrate your skills to implement and troubleshoot data center solutions, security, network, compute, and automation.

This will make you a demanded professional able get access to exciting job roles with decent salaries. So, if dealing with data centers and implementing solutions in this field is your passion, opt for the Cisco CCNP Data Center certification.