How To ‘Funimation/Activate’ Usage, and Everything You Need to Know

Whether you’re a seasoned anime lover or new to the world of Japanese animation, Funimation is a platform you’ll want to explore. Offering a vast library of anime titles in various languages, Funimation has become a favorite among anime enthusiasts.

In this article, we delve into how to activate Funimation, use promo codes, navigate the platform, cancel subscriptions, understand the available languages, learn about its founder, and explore the options for free usage.


For fans of anime, Funimation is a name that likely needs no introduction. Yet, for newcomers to the anime world, understanding what Funimation offers can make a world of difference.

In this article, we’ll dig deep into what Funimation is, the availability of dubbed content, its free offerings, and how you can download episodes for free.

What is Funimation?

Funimation is a streaming service dedicated to bringing a broad range of anime content to viewers around the globe.

Founded in 1994, and now a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Funimation has become one of the go-to platforms for watching anime. The service offers a mixture of old classics and current releases, making it a paradise for anime enthusiasts.

Activating Your Funimation Account

Activating your Funimation account allows you to stream content on various devices. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open the Funimation app on your device.
  2. Go to the “My Account” section and click on “Activate Your Device.”
  3. An activation code will appear. Keep this screen open.
  4. On a separate device with internet access, visit
  5. Log in to your Funimation account and enter the activation code.
  6. Click “Activate,” and your device should now be linked to your Funimation account.

Funimation Promo Codes: How to Use Them

Funimation occasionally provides promo codes for discounts or free trials. To use a Funimation promo code:

  1. Log in to your Funimation account and go to the “Subscription” section.
  2. Click on “Redeem Promo Code.”
  3. Enter your promo code and click “Apply.”
  4. Your account should now reflect the discount or free trial.

Navigating Funimation

Using Funimation is simple. You can browse by genre, popularity, or recent releases. Once you’ve found a show you’re interested in, click on it to see the synopsis, rating, and episode list.

To watch, simply click on an episode and hit play. Remember, you’ll need to sign in to your Funimation account to access most content.

How to Cancel Your Funimation Subscription

If you decide to cancel your Funimation subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to the “My Account” page.
  2. Select “Subscription.”
  3. Click “Cancel” next to the renewal date.
  4. Follow the prompts to confirm cancellation.

Funimation: Available Languages

Funimation specializes in dubbing and distributing foreign content, especially anime. Therefore, it provides content in various languages.

The primary languages are English and Japanese, but depending on the show, you may also find options in Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German.

Funimation’s Founder

Funimation was founded by Gen Fukunaga and his wife Cindy Fukunaga in 1994. It was initially established as FUNimation Productions and later became known as Funimation Entertainment.

Gen Fukunaga’s uncle, Nagafumi Hori, was working as a producer for Toei Company, which led to the initial license for the distribution of the famous anime series “Dragon Ball” in the US.

Is Funimation Free?

Funimation offers both free and premium access. With free access, you can watch a limited library of anime shows with ads.

However, the premium subscription, which comes with a small monthly fee, offers ad-free streaming, access to the complete library, and the ability to stream on two screens simultaneously.

Funimation is a comprehensive platform for anime lovers, offering a wide range of anime content in various languages. Whether you want to watch for free or with a premium account, Funimation ensures that your anime streaming experience is easy and enjoyable.

Is Funimation Dub Free?

One of the standout features of Funimation is its extensive library of dubbed anime. While Funimation does offer some free dubbed content, the complete range is available only to paying subscribers.

The free content is ad-supported and serves as a teaser to the full catalog, encouraging users to upgrade to a premium subscription for unrestricted access.

How Long is Funimation Free?

Funimation offers a limited selection of its library for free viewing. This free content is available indefinitely but comes with ads.

For those interested in availing the full range of services, including ad-free streaming and access to the complete dubbed library, Funimation offers a 14-day free trial for its premium subscription. This gives you ample time to explore the platform and decide if it suits your needs.

How to Download Funimation Episodes for Free?

Officially, the ability to download episodes for offline viewing is restricted to premium subscribers. However, even for free trial users, downloading is possible during the trial period. Here’s how you can download episodes:

  1. Open the Funimation App: Make sure you have the app downloaded on your device.
  2. Sign In or Start Free Trial: If you are not already a subscriber, you can start your 14-day free trial.
  3. Select Episode: Navigate to the episode you wish to download.
  4. Click on Download Icon: Usually represented by a downward-facing arrow, clicking this will start your download.
  5. Enjoy Offline Viewing: Once downloaded, the episode will be available for offline viewing.

Note: Downloading episodes unofficially from unauthorized websites is not recommended, as it violates Funimation’s terms of service and could be illegal.

Crunchyroll vs Funimation: Which Is Better?

Content Library

  1. Crunchyroll: Known for having one of the largest libraries of anime, including a vast range of subbed anime titles.
  2. Funimation: Offers a balanced collection of anime with both subbed and dubbed versions, particularly strong in dubbed content.

Video Quality

  1. Crunchyroll: Offers high-definition streaming, but you’ll need a premium subscription to unlock 1080p.
  2. Funimation: Also provides HD streaming, with 1080p available for both free and premium users in most cases.

User Interface

  1. Crunchyroll: Features a clean, easy-to-navigate interface but may contain ads in the free version.
  2. Funimation: The interface is user-friendly and less cluttered, especially for premium users.


  1. Crunchyroll: Offers various subscription plans, starting from $7.99 per month.
  2. Funimation: Premium plans start at $5.99 per month, offering more flexibility.

Additional Features

  1. Crunchyroll: Provides access to manga and drama titles.
  2. Funimation: Allows downloading of episodes for offline viewing with a premium subscription.


Both services are available in multiple countries, but licensing restrictions may limit certain titles depending on your location.

How Much is Funimation Without Premium?

Funimation does offer a limited selection of its content for free. This free tier is ad-supported and primarily consists of older titles or episodes that have already aired. Most of the dubbed content and exclusive titles are behind the premium paywall.

The free version allows streaming at lower video quality, often capped at 480p. If you are a casual anime viewer and don’t mind ads or reduced video quality, Funimation’s free tier may suffice.


Funimation serves as a comprehensive platform for anime aficionados, providing a mix of free and premium content. While its dubbed library is a key attraction, the full range of dubbed anime is reserved for premium subscribers.

However, you can still get a feel for the service through its free offerings and decide whether you wish to take up a premium subscription.

And if you are curious about enjoying anime offline, the downloading feature is a boon, though restricted to premium users. Thanks For Read Our Funimation Activate Article! Happy Watching!