Everyone Is Questioning Geno Auriemma’s OT Decision Tonight

On Monday night, the UConn women’s basketball team prevailed over NC State 91-87 after two thrilling overtime periods.

Jakia Brown-three-pointer Turner’s for the Wolfpack in the last tenth of regulation forced a second overtime period in the Elite Eight thriller.

It was a game-winning shot on a flawless move, but everyone in the stands was wondering what had just happened.

Everyone Is Questioning Geno Auriemma's OT Decision Tonight

While it’s true that hindsight is 20/20, the ESPN broadcast team actually debated that particular decision before making it. It’s a topic that always seems to arise during three-point contests.

Any foul committed outside of the process of shooting prevents the opposite team from tying the score.

Even though it’s a simple math problem, many teams still worry that their opponent may rush their shot and end up with three free throws.

Although it would be unfair to criticise the coaching of an 11-time national champion like Auriemma, she likely should have fouled.

Regardless, UConn prevailed and will be making its 14th straight appearance in the Final Four.

What Went Wrong for the UConn Women’s Basketball Team Against South Carolina?

During the first half of Sunday night’s national championship game, it was clear that UConn was no match for top-seeded and number-one ranked South Carolina.

There were 13 points separating the teams after five minutes. Only a few minutes later, the score was 17-4.

But despite the Huskies’ best efforts, including a late third-quarter comeback that got them within six points.

The Gamecocks ultimately prevailed 64-49. This is UConn’s first loss in a national championship game in 12 attempts.

Repeatedly Bouncing Back

After a quick 11-2 run by the Gamecocks in the first quarter, South Carolina led 8-1 in rebounds, including 5-for-5 on the offensive glass.

Sadly, it was the tale of the night for UConn. Final rebounding stats were 49 for South Carolina and 24 for the Huskies. South Carolina grabbed 21 offensive rebounds and scored 22 points off of turnovers.

It Was Destanni

A lot of people’s attention was on Boston before the game. The most notable performer was Destanni Henderson.

The senior guard was 9 for 20, 3 for 6 from 3-point range, and finished with 26 points. It was the kind of game-changing performance that Auriemma has been predicting for weeks.

When coach has said that one player may decide the winner of any of these NCAA Tournament games.


After South Carolina’s 64–49 victory over UConn, coach Dawn Staley toured the court’s perimeter with the NCAA national championship trophy held high over her head, accompanied by a deafening roar.

At a packed Target Center, Gamecocks supporters cranked up the volume. The team’s fans have broken a national attendance record that their rivals had held for a long time.

As a result of beating UConn and destroying coach Geno Auriemma’s undefeated record in the championship game, South Carolina now has two national championships to their name (11-1).