EU Plans to Make Common Charger Mandatory

The European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, has made a new law. This law can be game-changing on a lot of fronts. Now it is easy to understand why they have made such a law, but the people are taking this law very happily.

The European Commission is making this law is more impactful. What is the law, you ask? Well, the law is going to force the smartphone manufacturing companies along with other tech and electronic companies to include a common charger in their device sets. The standard USB-C is enough as a charging port.

EU Plans to Make Common Charger Mandatory

The legislation was proposed on Thursday, and it was designed in such a manner that it would make the life of the consumers easier, and that would also help the reducing in the wastage of plastic and other materials. This would also be useful and efficient on the front that a person can use that common charger for a number of devices. That makes it so much easier.

It could be a good impact on the smartphone manufacturing companies, but it might be a very big impact on Apple. Apple was not late in responding to this new law immediately where we find the statement of one of Apple’s Spokesperson.

The spokesperson from Apple said that the firm, in other words, the company Apple, stands for “innovation and deeply cares about the customer experience.”

“We are in this together, and we are also on the same, and we also share the European Commission’s commitment to the environment. Because of that, we have already made sure that we are carbon neutral for all of our corporate emissions worldwide,” the statement continued.

“We, however, are still concerned about the fact that this newly made strict regulation which is actually just mandating just one type of connector is going to be very bad, and it will stifle the innovation rather than encouraging it,” the statement said.

This is how it went. How the companies will further react is yet to be seen.