5 Tips on Actually Escaping from Tarkov

If you love games that center on survival, then Escape from Tarkov is the perfect match for you. It stretches you to the limits by presenting a lot of challenges to you. For instance, you will be mindful of other players trying to kill you. Also, you’ll be watching out for health issues such as blood pressure, hunger, dehydration, etc.

So, this is not a game for carefree players. You need to concentrate and be creative from the time of spawning into the game. But how do you actually survive in that land and also flee when the time comes? All these are what we will discuss in this article.

Escape from Tarkov Tips

Top 5 Tips to Escape from Tarkov

But before our tips, try grabbing some Escape from Tarkov hacks to increase your chances of survival. Afterward, start implementing the tips we have below.

1. Gather Your Tools Through Scav Raids

If you must make it out alive from Tarkov, you need all the tools required for survival. There are two ways to enter the game; as a Scav or PMC. Each of these modes has advantages and disadvantages. But we’re recommending the Scavenger raids at the beginning so you can grab all the tools you need.

Scav raids are easier, and everything you make will be saved even if you die. So, that’s a great opportunity to loot what you need before playing as a PMC. But one rule to follow is don’t kill another Scav while playing as a Scav, or the AIs will come for you. PMC raids are tougher, and if you die, everything disappears. The only good thing is that you can go to raids with all the gears you looted earlier.

2. Monitor your Health

You can’t escape the land of Tarkov if you’re dead. One of the ways to stay alive is to monitor your health. Every player goes into the game with only 435 HP (Health Points). These points are divided into all the parts of your body, such as the arms, head, legs, stomach, and thorax. Monitor these body parts to know when you’re losing HP.

If a body part turns red, you’re hurt. Grey means okay but black means over. So, what to do when any part shows red is using the Medkit and some bandages. If the color turns black, you must need painkillers, morphine, and Surv12 surgical kit. The point is to monitor your HP to avoid dying in the land.

3. Make Enough Money

You need money in Tarkov, and fortunately, there are some ways to make it. The in-game currency is called Robles, and certain actions can award you with some. For instance, if you win raids, you will make money.

Also, all the items you grabbed during the raids can be sold to suitable NPC vendors. But if you make it to level 5 and others above it, you can make good money from your items in the “Flea Market.” Another way to make money is by visiting the “Health Resort” located at “Shoreline.” If you complete some runs there, you might make up to thousands of roubles.

Making money is very important because you can buy all the advanced equipment you need with the roubles. Also, some extraction points might require payments with roubles before you can escape. So, make as much as you can for the rainy day.

4. Identify the Extraction Points Early

Extraction points in this game are never the same for every player. Also, the extraction point for Scav mode and PMC modes differ. So, try to locate the one available for you earlier in the game. That way, you can plan your moves and fights towards that location.

Also, knowing these points earlier will help you to know when to stop your raids and move to them. But before you use these points, they must be open, and the way to know is by checking for green smoke, lamps, or spotlights. Moreover, you need to find out if the extraction point requires you have to pay with rubbles or complete some actions.

5. Watch Out For The Timer

Watch Out For The Escape from Tarkov Timer

If you have made it to the extraction point, the next thing is to watch the timer. To locate it, check the right corner at the top of your screen. The time will start counting down, and once it gets to zero, you’ll be out of Tarkov for good. But note this, your timer might be in seconds or in minutes. So, keep watching it until you gain your freedom.


Escape from Tarkov is not simple, but it is doable. Since the game focuses on survival, make sure to do anything to stay alive. Start the game as a Scav to loot all the important items. Then watch out for your health points and try to identify the extraction points. Don’t forget to make money so you can buy good equipment or pay for the extraction point if you must.