5 Expert Tips for Designing Event Trophies

Trophies have traditionally been the symbols for success in certain fields or events. They are not only prestigious but also a motivator for those who get them and those that do. However, not all trophies are made alike and the shiny glamorous trophies you see at famous events are the exception, not the rule. Few people are able to design good trophies for their events.

5 Best Tips for Designing Event Trophies

A well-designed trophy makes the event a lot more memorable and the success even more so. It adds glamour to the event and the prize itself. The following are tips from experts on how to design a great event trophy:

Expert Tips for Designing Event Trophies

1. Include an Image Representative of the Brand

If you are an event organizer or company, you probably want to create brand awareness for your business. When holding an event, the best place for you to further your agenda is on the even trophies.

A trophy is held in esteem and will be stored by the holders for years to come. The name, image, or logo of your brand on the trophy will be synonymous with it and be remembered alongside the trophy.

You will not find an event trophy that does not represent the brand in some way for example the FIFA World Cup or Golden Globe Award. Therefore, you should ensure that your brand is well established on the event trophy.

2. Have A Unique Shape

As with every trophy, the shape is its signature. When designing a trophy for an event, you should choose a unique shape or design if you want it to be memorable.

A grave mistake that most event organizers make is to copy the shape of another trophy or go with traditional designs. The result is events with trophies that no one remembers by the next year save for the holders.

Tailor the trophy to represent the accomplishment or the occasion of the ceremony. It can also be shaped to the receiver of the trophy or the location of the event ceremony.

3. Add A Personal Touch

If you want to make event trophies that are truly memorable especially to the recipients, you should add a personal touch to them. There are many ways to personalize an event trophy.

The good news is that almost every place that makes trophies can customize them for you. It makes it very easy for you to get custom trophies for your next event. However, you will have to give accurate directions for the job.

Details that can make an event trophy more personal include a picture or name of the recipient. Details of the event and the day or date of the trophy presentation should also be on the trophy.

4. Leave Adequate Time

Another expert tip on how to make great event trophies is to allow adequate time for the trophies to be made. A common mistake most event organizers make is to place the orders for the trophies too close to the event.

The result is that the trophies are rarely as good as desired. Leaving enough time before the event also gives you more time to come up with a design for the trophy and the makers with more time to do it well.

A month before the event is a good rule of thumb to use to start preparing your designs. However, you may need more time for more intricate designs.

5. Include A Picture

If you want to design and create a fantastic event trophy, then you should make it as visually appealing as possible. The best way to do that is to have a unique shape and to include a picture.

Designers can easily include pictures in trophies nowadays. Do not just choose any photo but one that will strike a chord with the trophy holders as they are deserving.

The more unique the picture, the better the more memorable it will be. However, the company logo or a picture of the recipient will often do just fine.

6. Select the Best Material

The material with which you used to make the trophy will matter significantly. It is especially so as it pertains to the longevity of the trophy.

The good news is that you have a wide variety of choices as it pertains to trophy materials. Common materials include glass, acrylic, and leatherette.

Select the Best Material for Designing Event Trophies

The material you use for the trophies will affect the budget as well. The use of precious metals like gold and silver will cost you a lot of money.

There are many tips offered by experts as to how to design trophies. If you use the tips above, you should have fantastic event trophies. Feel free to exercise your imagination and be creative when making these trophies.