Best Bitcoin Wallets of all Time

Bitcoin has attained enormous popularity and acceptability in recent times. The concept of an e-wallet that can store your assets is very fresh in the marketplace as the stock market is devoid of such a concept.

Optimal bitcoin wallets embrace the ease of storing, transferring, and receiving bitcoins. If you want to start bitcoin trading, check the status of the stock market.

Bitcoin wallets are not merely restricted to storing and transferring digital currencies as selling and buying bitcoins is correspondingly available on the best bitcoin wallets.

Moreover, Bitcoin wallets account as one of the popular security measures that a virtual coin investor should take to enhance the security of their cryptocurrency assets. Here listed are the best bitcoin wallets of all time.


When it comes to a bitcoin wallet optimal for beginners, exodus always leads the charts. The compatibility of departure is not merely limited to mobile phones as it is also a desktop-based wallet.

Best bitcoin wallets

Furthermore, you can interchange between digital currencies using this bitcoin wallet. In short, despite being a dedicated bitcoin wallet, exodus also supports other digital currencies.

The number of virtual coins available for interchangeability on the Exodus digital currency wallet is more than 150. Since exodus is optimal for beginners, it has a very easy-to-understand user interface, and you don’t even have to read the user manual of this digital currency wallet.

At first, exodus came up with a closed source, but now exodus is categorized under open source. Moreover, departure is one of the few digital currency wallets that comprises the feature of transaction fees customization.


Electrum is one of the popular dedicated bitcoin wallets. In short, electrum merely allows bitcoin transactions, and it does not support any other digital currency. People count this as a drawback of an electrum bitcoin wallet as they have to shift to other digital currency wallets whenever operating with different cryptocurrencies. Moreover, electrum is not structured for beginners as it comes up with an advanced user interface.

Undeniably, it does not support other digital currencies, but it comprises an option to choose between the hard forks of bitcoin. Electrum is one of the few digital wallets comprising a feature of cold storage.

People prefer electrum over any other bitcoin wallet because it comes up with an open-source feature of Multi signatures. Like the departure, electrum correspondingly has a transaction fees customization feature.


Electrum and Mycelium both comprise a cold storage feature despite being online wallets. Mycelium is the mere digital currency that offers you massive governance over the transaction fees.

Mycelium also allows you to alter the transaction fees while making transactions. Mycelium offers you the ability to utilize the hardware wallet, and similar to the above-listed bitcoin wallets, Mycelium comprises open-source software.

However, Mycelium is not compatible with desktops and is only structured for smartphones, and this accounts for one of the cons of this bitcoin wallet. Furthermore, Mycelium’s user interface is not built for beginners.

Ledger Nano S

The bitcoin wallets are categorized in hot storage, and ledger Nano S is categorized in cold storage. In addition, Ledger Nano S comes up with a Bluetooth feature, making connecting this bitcoin wallet with any mobile device and computer very easy.

The range of Bluetooth in this bitcoin wallet is not very robust in contrast to other hardware bitcoin wallets in the marketplace. The company has given USB connectivity to this hardware wallet. Ledger Nano S correspondingly supports a massive number of digital currencies.

And the bitcoin wallet comprises a USB C and a USB A cable. However, people usually prefer Bluetooth over USB cables, making the connection very easy. The cost of this bitcoin wallet is $109 at the instance, and you can buy it from any e-commerce or the official online store of the ledger.

Ledger Nano X

Nano S is the compact version of Ledger Nano X, and the market value of this bitcoin hardware wallet is half as of the ledger Nano X. Ledger Nano S does not comprise any Bluetooth feature.

And this is why the cost of acquiring this bitcoin wallet is lesser than ledger Nano X. Ledger Nano is a budget hardware wallet. You can buy this wallet for $59 from a similar place as ledger Nano X.

The above-listed portion explains the best bitcoin wallet.