The “Best Android Phones” You Can Buy Today

The greatest Android phones may be found in a broad variety of price ranges, so you can choose one that works for you. If you’re looking for a phone that meets your specific needs, you may buy an Android device for anywhere between $500 and $1,200.

You have some say in which features are prioritized. Don’t require a telescopic lens or a screen with a high refresh rate? Save aside some money. Starting at $599, the latest and greatest flagship Android phones boast stunning displays, powerful cameras, and innovative features like reverse wireless charging and screens that refresh at 120 frames per second.

Check out our comparison of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Pixel 7 Pro if you’re trying to decide between the two best flagships on the market. It’s great to see more reasonably priced Android phones, like the Pixel 6a, OnePlus Nord N20, and Galaxy A53, with access to 5G and the better download speeds they provide.

Best Android Phones

The Best Android Phones You Can Buy Today

In no particular order, these are a few of the top Android phones currently on the market:

1. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

If you want to spend your money wisely, get yourself a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The 200-megapixel camera on this flagship device is impressive, allowing you to print large photos (like posters) while yet retaining high resolution and clarity.

Selfies with the upgraded 12MP front camera are better than ever, and so are photos taken in dim light thanks to the new Nightography feature. The latest Snapdragon 8 gen 2 for Samsung chipset makes the Galaxy S23 Ultra extremely speedy.

When it comes to graphical performance, this chip is superior to the iPhone. What do we love most? Among the longest-lasting smartphones available, its battery lasted for more than 13 hours during our web browsing test. Having 256GB of storage space right off the get is also a big help.

2. Google Pixel 7 Pro

When compared to last year’s already fantastic Pixel 6 Pro, the new Pixel 7 Pro is an improvement. It has a brighter display, a 5x optical zoom, and an improved Tensor G2 processor. It’s a fantastic smartphone with a wide range of helpful capabilities. However, its battery life falls short of that of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Our internal testing revealed that the Pixel 7 Pro’s battery life was over three hours shorter than the 10-hour benchmark we typically expect from smartphones. But, the Pixel 7 Pro’s cameras more than make up for the phone’s other shortcomings, allowing you to take some of the best images possible on an Android device for $300 less than the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

3. Google Pixel 6a

Appreciators of Android handsets who are on the lookout for a deal now have more options than ever before. The Pixel 6a is superior to the Samsung Galaxy A53, in our opinion. The Pixel 6a’s cameras are superior, as one would expect from a Google phone, but the latter has its advantages (which we’ll discuss in more detail below).

The Pixel 6a takes fantastic photos, especially considering its sub-$500 price tag, thanks in large part to Google’s expertise in computational photography. Because it uses the same Tensor chip as the Pixel 6, the 6a has access to the same artificial intelligence (AI) powered software functions, such as in-device translation and smart photo editing.

4. Asus Zenfone 9

Are you longing for the days when phones were… smaller? When earphone jacks were standard, perhaps. Have no apprehensions! The Zenfone 9 from Asus is here to save the day (7/10, WIRED Recommends). The 5.9-inch AMOLED display makes this Android phone one of the smallest I’ve seen recently. A pleasure to grip thanks to its delightfully textured back.

The Zenfone packs the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU from 2022, making it capable of running any game with ease. The screen refreshes at 120 frames per second, and the 4,300 mAh battery lasted through the second day of heavy use without showing any signs of drain. There are also dual stereo speakers and a port for headphones. The lack of a MicroSD card slot is disappointing, but I guess you can’t have everything.

5. Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

The Galaxy A53 5G is another excellent smartphone from Samsung’s A-series (it received an 8/10 rating from WIRED). An excellent substitute for the Pixel 6A. Its 120 Hz refresh rate makes the 6.5-inch AMOLED screen brighter and more responsive, and the screen offers greater software stability (four OS upgrades and five years of security updates).

There must be a better explanation for why it isn’t our first choice. The performance is decent, but it slows down when you switch between multiple apps; the Pixel 6A is more reliable overall. The camera system holds its own, but the Pixel 6A has the edge, and the battery life may last more than a day, occasionally close to two.


Everyone has their own criteria for what constitutes THE BEST ANDROID PHONE, therefore it might be challenging to locate a device that meets all your requirements. Perhaps a smartphone exists that is nearly ideal for your needs.

Our top pick, the Google Pixel 6A, is only one of our favorite Android phones from this vast selection. Each of the phones we’ve chosen offers its unique set of benefits, and we’ve tried to outline them as clearly as possible based on our research.