The Main Reasons To Turn To Art Outsource Studios

Today when it comes to the prospects of this or that type of development and potential earnings in the game industry, product development is considered the most attractive. It often implies that, in any case, the team will develop its own project.

And here, it does not matter how it will be financed: with their own earned money (if the company has already achieved success), with their own resources (indie development) or with other people’s money (crowdfunding or investment project).

Art Outsource Studios


Professional Art Outsourcing Studio

The main reason for outsourcing part or all of the game, the developers believe, is the ability to quickly build up skills. For example, if a company has an urgent need to scale and connect professionals to new projects who can perform tasks quickly and with high quality.

Instead of looking for one person at a time, training them, assigning managers, signing documents with each person, fitting in and so on, you can simply outsource a project or specific tasks to an art outsource studio.

The second equally important reason is the need to create more content. Savings remain in third place.

To summarize, the outsourcer takes on the following tasks:

  • Art Direction. iLogos Game Studios helps the customer get exactly what is required from the artists. This is especially important for developers with little experience.
  • Evaluation and selection of performers. After a conversation with a client, an art director can understand what kind of skills artists should have and how to form the team better.
  • Communicating with artists in a language they understand.
  • Ensuring the stages of internal acceptance.

The Main Reasons To Turn To Art Outsource Studios

Working with iLogos Game Studios allows small studios to make larger projects with limited resources. And for large companies, turning to an outsource studio is an opportunity to get the art of the required quality on time while spending the least time and effort.

Art Outsourcing Studio Working Costs

The cost depends on the number of studio hours spent on the rendering of all materials. Sometimes one artist can fail, in which case, iLogos Game Studios will outsource the job to another artist. Such risks are borne by the outsourcer.

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By the way, this is one more important competence of an art director – the ability to estimate the amount of work before the start of the project.

Intermediate points in the timetable are written out at once, in which the client has to choose one of several variants or confirm that the right direction has been chosen. This helps to avoid rework at later stages and saves time in the long run.