Are Tom And Jerry Best Friends

For as long as we can remember, “Tom and Jerry” has been one of our favourite cartoons. Well, they were continually at each other’s throats, so to speak, and their competition was plain to see. They appeared to always annoy one other, but they had a deep connection anyway.

Are Tom And Jerry Best Friends

However, the battles have always been the most exciting parts of the show for audiences of all ages. And, if you’ve ever watched the classic cartoon, you probably remember wondering, “Are Tom and Jerry best friends?”

Are Tom And Jerry Best Friends

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Popularity for the 81-year-old American animated comedy series “Tom and Jerry” continues to grow. Tom (cat) and Jerry (mouse) are shown engaging in a sugary-bitter rivalry. About a year ago, a social media post attempted to address the age-old question, “Are Tom and Jerry best friends?” and it went global.

If you believe a thread on Reddit, which features both strange questions and strange replies, then the answer is “Tom and Jerry are best friends.” Over a year ago, the extraordinary friendship between Tom and Jerry was widely publicised on Reddit.

That Tom and Jerry are close pals was written there. But Tom needs to seem as though he hates Jerry to keep his owner from getting a new cat that truly wants to kill Jerry. Users on Twitter commented on the Reddit article, spreading it far and wide and helping it to grow viral.

Since Tom and Jerry are close pals, this is also how we learned the answer to the age-old puzzle. Tom and Jerry are described as being extremely fond of one another in the article. Tom merely acts hostile towards Jerry in front of his owner and makes grabby gestures towards him.

Because if the owner thinks Tom dislikes Jerry, he or she is less likely to get rid of Tom and introduce a new cat that could harm Jerry. That’s why Tom is so adamant about keeping an eye out for Jerry. Twitter users weighed in with their thoughts on Tom and Jerry’s strange newfound friendship.

The cartoon “Tom and Jerry” centres on the comedic battles between a housecat named Tom and a mouse named Jerry. Tom and Jerry spend the entire cartoon attempting to annoy and provoke each other, which leads to a lot of mayhem.

Tom, who was much larger than Jerry, used his own vigour and creativity to cause trouble for Jerry, who was just small enough to avoid being caught yet cunning enough to narrowly escape. The attention of everyone was focused on this pair, though, and they won hearts by showing true care for one another.