15 Best ‘AnimeKaizoku’ Alternatives

Anime is being loved by more and more people as the days are passing by. People are recommending their friends and close ones to watch animes because animes have that separate charm which you will not find in movies or other series.

AnimeKaizoku is a great website to watch anime but it is often unavailable in certain regions or gets taken down due to copyright issues. However, here we provide you with alternative sites to AnimeKaizoku where you can stream your favorite anime.

In recent years, anime has transcended its cultural origins to become a global phenomenon. Fans around the world are always on the lookout for platforms that offer a comprehensive range of anime titles.

One such platform garnering attention is AnimeKaizoku. This article will delve into what AnimeKaizoku is, explore its founder’s background, discuss the benefits of using the platform, and answer the critical questions of safety and cost.

What is AnimeKaizoku?

AnimeKaizoku is an online platform dedicated to anime content, offering a wide array of anime series, movies, and OVAs (Original Video Animations) for download and streaming. Users can find anything from classic titles to the latest releases, often available in various resolutions and subtitle options.

15 Best Anime Kaizoku Alternatives

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1. KissAnime

Kissanime is one of the most popular anime watching sites. It has a large database of anime that is streamed for free for people around the world to watch. To watch on the website, you can search them by name or you can have them list up alphabetically as per your convenience.

The website houses many genres of anime like action, adventure, comedy, demons, etc. So you can choose from any one of these of genres and start watching anime right away.

The website is also beneficial to those who are always on the lookout for new animes to watch because the website has a separate space where update about the upcoming animes is posted. This allows you to navigate through several new animes and choose the ones you want to watch. This makes Kissanime of the best alternative to Anime Kaizoku.

2. 9Anime

On opening the 9Anime website, you can straightaway go to the search option and search for the anime that you want to watch. Or if you want recommendations, then you can choose from its extensive library that is separated into different genres of anime.

The website is also divided into more sections like genre, season, year, type, and also by language, which gives you the liberty to choose from any of these categories. There is a space where it shows the ongoing animes so that you can watch the latest episodes right away. You can consider this website as a good alternative website to Anime Kaizoku.

3. Animefreak

Animefreak is another top notch website for watching anime. It streams anime for free of cost for the viewers. Some feature of the website that makes it better than others is that the animes here are not have subtitles, but are also dubbed so you can watch them with more ease.

There is also the option of creating a watch list in case you want to come back later, or find an interesting anime which you want to watch next.

Adding them to the watch list makes it easier for you the next time you want it, and saves you the trouble of having to search for it later. The website also has a simple and good looking interface so that it is pleasing to navigate through.

4. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime should be your go to alternative to Anime Kaizoku if you want to or love to watch your animes to be dubbed. The website has a long list of animes that you can watch which are dubbed in English. This allows people from across the world to watch English dubbed anime.

There is also the provision of descriptions of each anime including details of the story, genre, duration of the anime, etc. The animes are also rated by the viewers which makes it easier for other viewers to choose and watch the top-rated dramas, or base their decision of whether to watch the anime or not based on the ratings.

5. AnimeLab

Animelab is the website that elevates your anime viewing experience to the next level. The website provides premium anime for the viewers to watch free of cost. The best thing that makes this website stand out from the rest of the anime viewing websites is that you can view the website from multiple devices other than your phone or laptop.

You can access the website from Xbox One, PlayStation, Samsung or Apple TV, iPad, iPod Touch, Sony TV, Google Chromecast, Blu-Ray. This gives you the freedom to watch from anywhere you wish to.

6. MyAnimeList

MyAnimeList is also a great alternative to Anime Kaizoku with a huge collection of anime to watch from. The website provides descriptions about each anime like its story, characters, genre, and even the actors who voice the characters.

This is something that is rarely seen on any other website. This helps the voice actors get their name across. There is also a separate blog space in the website where people post about their favourite anime or the one they are currently watching.

This allows for great discussions and the viewers can engage more in the content they are watching. There is also a good collection of manga that the viewers can check out.

7. Chia Anime

Chia Anime is another good website that streams anime for free of cost. The website regularly updates the anime episodes so the viewers can be assured that they do not have to wait for the new episodes. This way they can watch the updated new episodes right away.

Chia Anime also streams anime from various different servers, so in case one server gets taken down, the viewer can continue watching the episode from another server. This gives an uninterrupted viewing experience.

8. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is another website that you can choose as an alternative to Anime Kaizoku. The website streams anime legally so you can watch anime guilt free. The website is regularly updated to upload the latest episodes any new anime that is aired.

It has an extensive collection of Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Super Ball, Attack on Titan, along with many more such popular anime that is loved by people around the world. Navigation around the website is easy with the animes being divided alphabetically.

The website also offers premium subscription for those who want more features added to their viewing experience. Overall, this is a good option when it comes to being an alternative website to Anime Kaizoku.

9. Masterni

Masterani is one of the best websites for watching anime. The website has a huge database of anime, and you can possibly find any anime that you search for. With a smooth interface, the website also easier to access. You can search by using the name or can shift through the various genres and choose one that interests you.

On opening the website, you can easily see the list of ongoing dramas and you do not have to waste time by manually searching for them. This makes it one of the best websites to watch anime for people around the world.

10. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven as its name suggests is truly a heaven for anime lovers. The website has a large collection of over 3500 anime titles. The viewers can use the search bar to search for their favorite anime and not waste time by having to navigate through the whole website.

The website is also categorized according to different anime genres like action, adventure, romance, superpower, horror, etc. The short descriptions about the story and the background of the anime make it easier for the viewers to take the decision of watching the anime or not.

There is also no limitation to the number of downloads that a user can do on the website. All these features should be enough to convince you that AnimeHeaven is a great alternative to Anime Kaizoku.

11. AnimeLand

AnimeLand does as its name suggests, the land of animes where the anime lovers are the residents. The animes are streamed legally and for free of cost, which makes for a guilt free watching experience for the viewers.

With a simple interface, the website makes it hassle-free for the viewers to navigate through. To watch an anime, the viewer can either search for it in the search bar or explore through the endless list of animes in the category section.

Another feature of the website is that offers a short description of the story of the anime and its characters. This way the viewer can read through and watch the one that intrigues them. The website also offers English dubbed animes to watch, so if anyone is lookout for English dubbed anime, then this is the right destination for them.

12. Viewster

Although not a website solely to streaming anime, Viewster has many popular animes to watch from its collection. It offers high quality videos so the viewer can be assured about the quality of the episodes.

The website streams all these animes for free of cost, so the viewer does not have to pay anything or register on the website to watch these high quality animes.

13. Animenova

Another great alternative website to Anime Kaizoku on the list is AnimeNova. The website streams anime in high quality. The factor that makes this website one of the best alternatives to Anime Kaizoku is that it is one of the first websites which brought anime outside of Japan for the people of the world to see.

The animes have English subtitles added to it and are also dubbed in English, so more and more people can start watching anime who were previously deterred by the language factor. There is also the option for selecting different resolutions to watch the episodes.

14. Soul Anime

Soul Anime is a great alternative website for Anime Kaizoku. This website is for those who love anime with their soul. With a vast collection of animes, you will surely find the anime you love.

There is also a good collection of anime movies, so if the viewer wants to watch anime movies for a change, they can do so right away without having to go to another website. There is also separation based on ongoing and completed anime so it is easier to choose and search from.

15. Anime Planet

The planet of the anime, this website offers 40,000 anime videos for the viewers to watch from. They stream these animes legally and charge a very minimal price for it. It is one of the largest directories of anime.

The website also suggests to the viewers what anime to watch next after they finish one, so this makes it a more interactive experience.

Who is the Founder of AnimeKaizoku?

The identity of AnimeKaizoku’s founder is not publicly disclosed, similar to many other online platforms that provide downloadable content.

This anonymity is common in the industry and often a strategic move to navigate the complex landscape of copyright laws and online community management.

Benefits of AnimeKaizoku

Comprehensive Library

One of AnimeKaizoku’s most appealing features is its extensive library. Whether you’re a fan of shoujo, shonen, or something more niche like seinen, you’ll likely find titles that pique your interest.

High-Quality Downloads

AnimeKaizoku offers multiple resolutions, often up to 1080p, allowing you to choose the quality that best suits your device and internet speed.

Subtitle Options

Most titles come with multiple subtitle options, catering to an international audience.

User-Friendly Interface

The website is designed to be user-friendly, with categories, tags, and a search function that makes it easy to navigate through the extensive library.

Is AnimeKaizoku Safe?

The question of safety is paramount when dealing with any online platform that offers downloadable content. As of the date of this article, there have been no widespread reports of malware or other security issues associated with AnimeKaizoku.

However, it’s always advisable to have reliable antivirus software when downloading files from the internet.

Is AnimeKaizoku Free?

AnimeKaizoku offers free access to its library, which is one of its most attractive features. While the platform is ad-supported, these ads are generally not intrusive and are a small price to pay for the wealth of free content available.

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So, if you find that AnimeKaizoku is not available, then you can choose from any of these websites and watch your favorite anime without interruption! AnimeKaizoku serves as a robust platform for anime enthusiasts, offering a broad array of content for free.

Although the identity of its founder remains undisclosed, the platform has garnered a reputation for its user-friendly interface, quality content, and safety measures. As always, when downloading any content online, ensure you’re taking adequate security precautions. Happy anime watching!