10 Best Sites Like ‘Anime Planet’ To Watch Series for Free

This article is for that person who is an anime lover. Regarding my belief, Anime’s are paramount. They have a strategy, a remarkable protagonist, and a better strategy. Nowadays, Anime’s better than movies and cartoons.

Let us discuss something more about Anime before going to more depth on the topic. Anime-Planet is a prominent online platform that serves as a comprehensive database and community for anime and manga fans.

However, with the emergence of several other anime platforms, people often wonder whether Anime-Planet is still functional, who its founder is, what benefits it offers, and if it’s a safe space for anime enthusiasts. This article aims to address all these queries.

What is Anime?

Japanese cartoons are called Anime. They are formed like a flipping book. There is a large team requirement to make an anime—the team made by producers, editors, and especially illustrators. Picture creating is the main task. These pictures roll over one by one with high speed.

The constant rollover or flipping of images shows that a type of motion picture proceeding for creating only one episode needs a lot of images. One episode contains 24 minutes. The opening and ending song includes this time.

An anime consists of 12 or 24 episodes in general. Every seven days, this program is aired. So you will wait eagerly for the next seven days, which is very painful to the viewers.

Where Can We Watch Anime?

You can watch the Anime after downloading it on your PC or watch it on the website. Anime planet is this type of site. On this site, you can view Anime, which is your favorite. After downloading it, you can see it offline. You can watch some other sites, excluding Anime-Planet for your favorite Anime.

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How to Watch Anime on Anime-Planet?

To watch Anime on the anime-planet is easy. First of all, you go to the official page of the site. Look at the search bar. Type the name of your desired Anime on the search bar. Maybe sometime you will not find the name of your desire search anime because it is posted by another name.

For that type of case, you may search by another name of the Anime. This searching may be an English version name or by the Japanese Language (Pronounced in English). Finding the Anime after searching, you may click the thumbnail of the Anime.

Then you will be taken to a page with the till date and last episode of the series. Click your favorite episode and watch it.

Is AnimePlanet Free?

Anime planet is free of cost. And anyone can access it. Anybody can search the website free and enjoy the episode according to his choice. You can watch the episode online or download the series and watch it offline. Good quality of internet connection one can watch the episode with different types of video quality.

The quality of the picture can be varying, such as 360p, 480p, 720p, etc. You can enjoy your Anime as per your internet speed. Naruto is my favorite Anime, which also you can enjoy here with your internet connection.

10 Best Sites Like Anime Planet to Watch Series for Free

Sometimes the sites cannot be accessible. It is happened due to the maintenance of the site or maybe for the heavy traffic of the site.

We will never lose our mood during the time of watching the anime series or episode. There are some other alternative sites in which one can enjoy this type of episode with proper enjoyment.

1. Crunchyroll

Simply this site is excellent. In this site, you can enjoy the facilities of manga as well as watching Anime. Anime lovers can watch both the two and one according to their choice. This website is advanced.

One can get here the latest release episode or also can watch the very recent release favorite manga. In Crunchyroll you can watch Anime very easily. At first, you need to open an account on the official site, and you can do it.

But the main fact is that the site is premium. The site can provide you with a one-month free subscription for watching the site. However, after one month you will be going by the premium scheme. The main thing is that no one anime does not end only one month. So you can go through the premium version.

2. Funimation

The producer of large Anime is Funimation. One can watch the Anime on this site. Manga facilities are not provided on this site. But provide to buy your favorite Anime. Not only has the Anime this site also provided you with the latest news and blogs.

The site gives the list of the full timetable of anime steaming and also the up-to-date news. This site is a premium site. Funimation site is under construction. So it is not accessible to all the parts of the world.

Note: In your country Funimation may be restricted. One can use free VPNs to access this site.

3. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon’s official website is Amazon Prime Video. You can watch Anime on this site also can watch movies and cartoons on this channel. This website created for video content, and it does not come up with the manga. Amazon Prime Video is a paid version to the users.

So one can watch the site after paying the charge. But 30 days of free trial is available to the site. The picture quality of this site is excellent, and the sound quality is very good.

4. VRV

The VRM site is under construction. So this site is not available to all the parts of the countries. For streaming anime, this website is excellent. The interface of VRM is user friendly. One does not read manga here.

You can enjoy the site with a nice picture. This is a premium site. After payment, one can enjoy the site. But VRM provides a one-month free trial to the users.

5. Hulu

The owner of Hulu is Walt Disney. This site is similar to Amazon Prime. Users can only watch the content here. But it is not possible to manga reading. Apart from watching movies and TV series are also available to Hulu.

Users can watch here the latest released movies and TV series according to their choice. This site is not a free site for the audience. It is a paid site. But this site provides a one month free trial to the users.

6. KuroAni

One can watch the KuroAni site free of cost. You can use the site free of cost to watch your favorite Anime. One thing about this site is that ads are incorporated into this website. These ads are irritating to users. And some ads are click ads.

Some of the ads are disturbing to the users when watching the site. But you can watch the site of Anime peacefully after one or two ads. One can download the Anime from this site. But it’s a matter that this KuroAni site does not provide you with the manga feature. One can also watch cartoons here.

7. KissAnime

One of the popular sites to watch Anime is KissAnime. It is a free site and an outstanding site to the users. The site has a wide range of collection of Anime for users. The searching pattern of it is straightforward. One can find both the dubbed and subbed version here. One disadvantage of KissAnime is ads.

However, you can watch your favorite Anime after watching one or a maximum of two ads. The download option is available to it. After downloading, you can watch it offline. The site provides different types of features like manga, novels, cartoons, and drama, also.

8. GoGoAnime

GoGoAnime is one of the best sites like Anime Planet. It’s a free anime site for users. Anime episodes you can see easily here. The main disadvantage of this site is plenty of ads. The anime movies are also available on this site.

Here you can enjoy a wide range of recently published Anime. But manga is not available on this site. This site is user friendly and easily accessible.

9. AnimeFrenzy

AnimeFrenzy is a free website for users. This site is available both the dubbed and subbed Anime. Popular Anime is also available here. A lot of ads are available here.

It is one of the disadvantages of this site. But the main advantage of the site is that AnimeFrenzy provides you with the latest update every hour. You can also find your recently aired episode here.

10. AnimeHeaven

One of the best sites to watch Anime is Animeheaven. Along with Anime, you can also watch anime movies too. Both the dubbed and subbed format is available here. You can see the latest update of anime episodes and movies here. But manga read is not available on this site.

Does Anime-Planet Still Work?

As of my last update in January 2022, Anime-Planet remains a functional and active platform for anime and manga enthusiasts.

The website continually updates its database with new anime series, reviews, recommendations, and much more. It’s a go-to place for anyone who wants to explore the vast world of anime and manga.

Who Is The Founder of Anime-Planet?

Anime-Planet was founded by Kim Cameron, known as ‘sothis’ within the Anime-Planet community. She started the platform in 2001 to create a space where fans could not only discover new anime but also interact and share their opinions.

Over the years, Anime-Planet has grown into one of the largest anime databases and communities on the internet.

Benefits of Anime-Planet

Anime-Planet offers a plethora of benefits that make it a one-stop destination for anime and manga fans:

Extensive Database

  • With over 50,000 anime and manga titles, Anime-Planet offers an extensive library that can cater to almost every taste.

Personalized Recommendations

  • The platform uses AI-driven algorithms to recommend anime and manga based on your viewing history.

User Reviews

  • The community-driven approach allows you to read reviews and ratings from real users, offering genuine opinions about various titles.

Community Interaction

  • Anime-Planet boasts active forums and user profiles, allowing you to interact with like-minded individuals.

Legality and Accessibility

  • Anime-Planet partners with legal streaming services, making it a legitimate source for watching anime.

Is Anime-Planet Safe?

Yes, Anime-Planet is considered a safe and secure platform for all age groups interested in anime and manga. The website is known for its partnerships with legal streaming services, which sets it apart from many unauthorized streaming platforms.

Its large and active community also serves as a self-regulating mechanism, flagging inappropriate or unsafe content.

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Summing Up

For watching Anime these were some of the famous and common sites. As an anime lover, one can come here and watching the site. The Anime is not defunct. For the next episode, you may wait. Or it may become the next session.

Apart from watching Anime, you can read manga. This is a comic book. From another website, you can read the manga or watch the Anime Planet section. Anime-Planet remains an operational platform that continues to serve its community by offering an extensive database, personalized recommendations, and a safe environment for anime and manga enthusiasts.

Founded by Kim Cameron, the platform has stood the test of time by adapting to the changing digital landscape and continues to offer a wealth of features that make it a go-to resource for anime and manga fans worldwide.