Top 13 Alternative Sites To ‘CricFree’ 2024

When it comes to free streaming of various sports, users usually prefer Cricfree as it is undoubtedly the best website for online streaming of sports. There is a reason why this website is ideal for users.

The number one reason being that it provides different classes and administrations. The streaming quality on this website is of a variety of High-quality screen resolutions which offers a great experience to the users and makes them love this website instantly.

This website has surely marked its spot all across the globe among numerous sports enthusiasts for its amazing features.

But as we know that this website has been shut down by the developers of this website for the common people. The reason for shutting down this website is still unknown but the copyright of the content can be a major possibility for the same.

The worst part is that there is no way of getting this website back to normal. That is the reason why we have brought to you the 13 alternatives to Cricfree so that you can still enjoy your favorite sports and stream them online.

Here is a list of 13 alternative sites for you to check out if you are willing to stream your favorite sports and shows online.

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CricFree, as the name suggests, has become synonymous with free sports streaming for fans globally. This platform offers sports enthusiasts a way to watch their favorite matches and events without the traditional restrictions of regional broadcasting.

But what is CricFree, who stands behind its foundation, and is it safe to use? Let’s dive into these questions.

What is CricFree?

CricFree is a sports streaming website that provides free access to various live sports channels, predominantly focused on cricket. Over time, its offerings have expanded to include football, baseball, tennis, and various other sports, making it a hub for sports aficionados.

Top 13 Alternative Sites to Cricfree 2023

1. Stream2watch

One of the best alternatives to Cricfree is Stream2watch which is considered to be one of the most established platforms for providing free live sports.

If one is a huge sports fan then they should not miss the opportunity of visiting this website as it gives you the experience of all the major genres of sports and also lets you know at what times will the sports be live. One can watch live sports on this platform and it gives you almost the same experience as Cricfree.

2. VIPBox

Yet another platform for online sports streaming is VIPBox which gives you the same content as that at Cricfree. The most stunning feature of this platform is that it has an incredible interface on which one can look for various sports and also search for the ones which are streaming live.

There are a number of sports available which vary from Football, basketball, hockey, UFC, WWE, and Table tennis.

3. Ronaldo7

If one is a football lover then they should definitely visit this platform. The website is named after Cristiano Ronaldo who is the favorite of almost all football fans. This site is all about football and football matches. It provides the users with all those matches in which Ronaldo played.

Not only can one have a great time by watching these matches but one can also look at the most recent pictures of Ronaldo inside the platform’s picture exhibition, recordings, news, and other tabs.

4. FromHot

FromHot is considered to be one of the nice sites which have a very smooth database and this platform is filled with live sports and other sports content for you to enjoy. It also gives you information about the upcoming sports and events so that you can be all prepared to watch them.

This is portrayed on the landing page of the website. If one wants to watch a specific sport and does not know which match to watch then they can choose the sport from the classification area. This site is recommended if one is looking for an alternative to Cricfree.


If a person is a football enthusiast then this site is just the perfect fit for them. It provides the users with all the matches, news, recordings, and all the other things related to football.

This site gives you full coverage of football sport. If someone wants to search for something explicit about this sport then they can easily find that by using the inquiry bar which is given on this site and it will navigate you to that particular thing.

6. VIPLeague

If you are looking for a great sports gushing site then Vipleague is the best option. It is just the same as FromHot when it comes to the interface.

All you have to do is select your favorite type of sport and then this platform will navigate you to it and its further classification so that you can pick and choose whatever you want to watch at that particular moment.

7. StreamHunter

As one can guess from the name itself, this platform provides the users to stream. This platform provides you with unlimited content but this content is limited to sports. All sports lovers can have a great time while using this platform as the quality of the content is amazing and it is just the ideal type for your personal computer.

8. Sportlemon

If one wants an alternative to Cricfree or Fromhot then Sportlemon is quite a decent option. This website has a smooth interface and therefore is just like Fromhot.

Sports lovers can watch unlimited Football, Tennis, Boxing, Baseball, and various other sports online. This website also gives you the chance to explore new sports.

9. Feed2all

If one is looking for an alternative to Cricfree and wants it to be absolutely free of cost then Feed2all is the site for you because it has an astonishing sports stream. This platform allows you to stream sports videos and matches in high definition without any sort of interruption.

The only drawback is that one needs to have a fast internet connection otherwise it can lead to buffering. However, people who have no sort of issues with the internet can have a great time on this platform.

10. StrikeOut

StrikeOut is so popular among sports enthusiasts because it has the smoothest interface amongst all the platforms. One can easily live stream sports on this site and this platform offers you to view the content in high definition quality.

This website has an interface that provides you to watch your favorite sports matches in appealing quality and it is surely one of the best options or alternatives other than CricFree.

11. FirstRowSports

FirstRowSports is considered to be one of the most popular sites among other sports streaming websites. The reason for the same is that it provides the users with a lot of prominent sports and they can watch them for free and live. Another great thing about this website is that it can be accessed on almost all gadgets.

They have a feature of XBMC add-on importance which keeps your sport running on the whole of your set-top boxes and all the other android gadgets. It has a versatile android browser that offers users to observe each one of the streams.

12. FuboTV

If one is looking for a website to enjoy sports for absolutely free of cost then fuboTV is a perfect choice. The administration is quite superior to most of the platforms and is free. The main reason why one should go for this platform is that it has the best administration amongst all the websites.

The platform provides the users with unlimited content which they can stream live and also exceptional channels which are identified with sports which provide them with further knowledge of sports.

13. goATDee

goATDee is considered to be one of the best alternatives to Cricfree as it provides you with an experience of watching absolutely free sports and that too live at your doorstep. The users can watch their sports shows and matches without any interruption which makes it all the more user-friendly.

You can just select the sport you want to watch and can go about watching them without any hurdle immediately. This platform provides a good stream that is very easy to access.

The only issue with this platform is that which is with every free platform- constant ads and promotions. But if one can bear them, then this site is perfect for them.

The Genesis: Who is the Founder of CricFree?

The actual individual or group behind CricFree remains somewhat elusive. The platform’s origins are murky, largely because many free streaming websites prefer to keep their operations low-key due to the gray legal areas they often operate within. As of this writing, the founder’s specific identity or identities remain undisclosed to the public.

Benefits of Using CricFree:

  • Diverse Content: CricFree covers a vast array of sports, not limited to just cricket. Whether you’re a football fan or an avid follower of tennis matches, CricFree likely has something for you.
  • Cost-Efficient: The primary allure of CricFree is its free access. For sports fans without premium cable packages or those living in areas where specific events aren’t broadcasted, CricFree offers a cost-free alternative.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The website’s design is straightforward, making it easy even for non-tech-savvy users to navigate and find the sporting event they want to watch.

Safety Concerns: Is CricFree Safe?

The safety of using free streaming platforms like CricFree can be multi-faceted:

  • Legal Implications: Streaming copyrighted content without proper licensing can be illegal in many countries. Users should be aware of their country’s laws and regulations concerning online streaming.
  • Malware and Ads: Like many free streaming sites, CricFree is ad-supported. Some ads can be intrusive or misleading, and there’s always a risk of malware. Users should be cautious and consider using trusted ad-blockers and anti-malware software when accessing such platforms.

Is CricFree Truly Free?

In terms of monetary costs, CricFree does not charge its users. However, the “cost” can come in the form of the aforementioned safety concerns, especially the potential risks associated with ads and malware.

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We have provided you with the most amazing alternatives to Cricfree so you have all the options to check out. The reason for getting all these platforms for absolutely free is that they do not have the copyright of the content they display but still one can enjoy their favorite sports here.

There is a lot of possibilities that these websites also shut down just like Cricfree for having no copyright for its content but until then one can enjoy these websites.

We will update you with other websites and platforms which come up in the future, until then you can hook onto these and have a great time binge watching your favorite sports personalities playing your favorite sport at your availability.

CricFree has cemented its place in the world of sports streaming due to its free access and diverse content range. However, like all platforms of its nature, there are inherent risks involved.

Users should weigh the benefits against potential threats and take precautions to ensure a safe streaming experience. Always prioritize using legal and official streaming methods whenever possible.