How To ‘AncestryDNA.Com/Activate’ And How To Contact Their Customer Service

AncestryDNA, the genetic testing arm of Ancestry.Com, provides DNA testing services to individuals looking to uncover their ancestral roots.

This SEO-optimized guide will walk you through the process of activating your AncestryDNA kit, answer some Common questions about the service, and guide you on how to contact their customer service.


How to Activate Your AncestryDNA Kit

  1. Visit the Activation Website: Navigate to www.AncestryDNA.Com/Activate.
  2. Sign in to Your Ancestry Account: If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create one to proceed. Ancestry accounts are free and can be set up with an email address.
  3. Enter the Activation Code: You’ll find a 15-digit activation code on your AncestryDNA kit. Type this code into the required field.
  4. Complete the Activation Process: You’ll be asked a series of questions. Fill these out accurately to Complete the process.

Why Can’t I Activate my AncestryDNA Kit?

If you’re having trouble activating your kit, it could be due to a few reasons: a server issue on Ancestry’s end, an incorrectly entered activation code, or an issue with your account. If the problem persists, contact AncestryDNA’s customer service for assistance.

How Much is Ancestry per Month?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Ancestry offers various subscription options. The U.S. Discovery package costs $24.99 per month, while the World Explorer package is priced at $39.99 per month.

The All Access package, offering the most Comprehensive access, is $49.99 per month. Note that prices can vary, so always check the latest on Ancestry’s website.

Can You Use AncestryDNA Without Subscription?

Yes, you can use AncestryDNA without a subscription. Purchasing and using the AncestryDNA kit does not require a subscription. However, to access detailed historical records and connect with family trees, you’ll need an Ancestry subscription.

Do AncestryDNA Kits Expire?

AncestryDNA kits do not have a set expiration date. However, for the most accurate results, it’s reCommended to use the kit soon after purchase and avoid storing it in extreme temperatures.

Is AncestryDNA Safe?

AncestryDNA uses industry-standard security practices to store and protect your DNA sample and results. They also provide clear guidelines on their privacy policies and allow you to choose how your data is used.

AncestryDNA Customer Service

If you need further assistance or have any queries about the activation process, you can contact AncestryDNA’s customer service. You can reach them via the ‘Support’ section on their website or call their support line at 1-800-Ancestry (1-800-262-3787).

AncestryDNA.Com FAQ

1. Potential Negatives of DNA Ancestry Testing

While DNA ancestry testing offers exciting insights, there are some considerations:

  • Privacy Concerns: Personal genetic data is sensitive, and users may have concerns about how this information is stored and used.
  • Emotional Impact: Discovering unexpected family histories can be emotionally challenging for some.
  • Accuracy Limitations: Results are generally accurate, but the interpretation can vary, and there’s a margin for error in genetic ancestry testing.

2. Accessing AncestryDNA Results

To access your AncestryDNA results:

  • Wait for Notification: AncestryDNA will notify you via email once your results are ready.
  • Log In to Your Account: Access your results by logging into your AncestryDNA account.
  • Review Your Results: Your DNA results, including ethnicity estimates and potential family connections, will be available on your dashboard.

3. Information Provided by AncestryDNA

AncestryDNA provides a range of information:

  • Ethnicity Estimates: Breakdown of your genetic ethnicity.
  • Genetic Matches: Identification of potential relatives who have also taken the test.
  • Migration Patterns: Historical insights into the migration patterns of your ancestors.
  • Traits: Some packages include information about genetic traits.

4. Privacy of AncestryDNA Results

Your AncestryDNA results are private and can only be viewed by you unless you choose to share them. AncestryDNA has privacy settings that allow users to control how their information is shared with other users.

5. Handling of DNA After Testing

Post-testing, AncestryDNA stores your DNA sample according to its privacy policy. Users have the option to instruct AncestryDNA to store or destroy the sample. The company states that it protects users’ genetic data with high-security measures.

6. Cost of AncestryDNA Subscription

AncestryDNA offers different subscription plans, with costs varying:

  • Standard AncestryDNA Test: A one-time fee for the DNA test kit.
  • Ancestry Subscriptions: Monthly fees for access to extended historical records and family tree features, with several tiered subscription levels available.

7. Timeline for AncestryDNA Results

The timeline for receiving AncestryDNA results typically ranges from 6 to 8 weeks from the time the sample is received by the lab. Users can track the status of their sample through their AncestryDNA account.

8. Accuracy and Reliability of AncestryDNA

AncestryDNA is known for its accuracy in ethnicity estimation, using a vast genetic database and advanced algorithms. However, as with all genetic testing, there’s a level of approximation involved.

9. AncestryDNA for Discovering Family Connections

One of the key attractions of AncestryDNA is the ability to discover and connect with genetic relatives, potentially uncovering unknown family links or validating existing family history research.

10. User Experience on

The AncestryDNA platform offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate their DNA results, family trees, and historical records.

11. AncestryDNA’s Data Security Measures

AncestryDNA emphasizes data security, employing various measures to protect user information, including encryption and secure databases.

12. AncestryDNA as a Tool for Genealogy Research

AncestryDNA is a valuable tool for genealogical research, complementing traditional record-based research with genetic insights.

13. Understanding Ethnicity Estimates from AncestryDNA

Ethnicity estimates provided by AncestryDNA give users a percentage-based breakdown of their genetic heritage, offering insights into ancestral origins and ethnic backgrounds.

14. Customer Support for AncestryDNA Users

AncestryDNA provides customer support through various channels, including a help center, phone support, and email, to assist users with their queries and concerns.

15. Continuous Updates and Enhancements in AncestryDNA

AncestryDNA continuously updates its database and algorithms, providing users with refined and updated information as the field of genetic testing evolves.


Activating your AncestryDNA kit is an easy, straightforward process that brings you one step closer to uncovering your genetic heritage.

Whether you’re encountering issues during activation or have questions about the service, remember that AncestryDNA’s customer service is there to help. So, embark on this exciting journey to discover your ancestral roots with AncestryDNA.