Xnspy Review: An Android Spy Software that Does it All

Looking for an Android spy software? You have come to the right place. Out of the available spying software available in the market, many have climbed the ladder of best Android spy software 2020. Most of these software programs share a lot of similar basic features but differ from each other based on performance, advanced functions, compatibility, and price. After reading a plethora of reviews, selecting a few Android spy software, and testing them, we decided to review Xnspy in detail.

Xnspy - Android Spy Software to Spy Calls, SMS, Chats, GPS Location, Email, Call Recording, Keylogger

Xnspy is one of the best Android spy software 2020 that we came across. Read on below as we discuss Xnspy’s features, compatibility, working, and pricing plans:

An Overview of Xnspy

Xnspy is a well-known Android Spy Software; an effective option if you are looking for an app that could let you access someone’s phone and monitor their digital activities. Be it text messages, calls, emails, web browsing history, multimedia, social media, and instant messaging chats, Xnspy Android spy software has got you covered. No matter if you are a parent, or an employer, the app monitors and records everything and does the job well.

Xnspy - Remotely control a cell phone

You can rely on Xnspy Android spy software to get you accurate information regarding the phone activities. Xnspy performs effortlessly on both Android and iPhone devices. The reason this Android spy software has become a popular option for monitoring. It successfully covers every area and monitors all the phone functions happening on the phone.

With smartphones serving the role of digital diaries, getting access to someone’s phone could get you all the information telling you about who they talk to on calls and messages, their emails, their web browsing history, the places visited recently, along with numerous remote functionalities.

How Does Xnspy Android Spy Software Work?

You can easily get started. Xnspy does not involve any lengthy or complicated steps. You have to download Xnspy from its official site. There are two editions Basic and Premium. You can make your pick according to your budget and monitoring needs. However, subscribing to the premium edition is recommended since it allows you to use all advanced features.

How to Install Xnspy Android Spy Software

As far as the installation is concerned, it is fairly easy. After you have paid for it, you are going to receive an email that will contain an activation code, a download link, and installation details. You are also going to get the login credentials for your web account.

Once the software begins to monitor the phone, the software is going to upload the data from the phone to the web account. You have to open the download link on the phone you want to spy on. You need physical access to the Android phone for installation. Any software claiming otherwise is not to be trusted. Android phones do not facilitate remote installation. The installation process takes barely two to three minutes.

You will get detailed get instructions and user guide so that you can easily get it installed and begin monitoring. You would find the user dashboard simple and user-friendly. The software works in silent mode, so the phone user has no way of knowing that someone is keeping tabs on their phone.

Also, you don’t have to root the Android device for Xnspy to work but some features are accessible only on rooted devices.

Xnspy Android Spy Software – User Dashboard

There are some excellent spy software out there but are unsuccessful in making it to the top because they are too difficult to use. The users have a hard time learning the way around the app that impacts the user experience. However, Xnspy boasts ease of use with a simple and intuitive dashboard for the users so anyone can use it conveniently.

Xnspy Android Spy Software User Dashboard

With the help of the user dashboard, you can access the information on the phone you are spying on. You are going to find each of the phone activity sections and the features within the dashboard. Tapping on each is going to display all the relevant recorded information. Here is how the user dashboard looks like:

Features – Xnspy Android Spy Software

Now let’s take a look at some of the features:

1. SMS: You can monitor all the text messages of the phone you are monitoring, with day, date, and time details.

2. Record Phone Calls & Surroundings: The app records call automatically, and you can access complete call logs (incoming, outgoing, and missed calls).

3. Emails & Online Activities: You can access emails, web browsing history, and the top-10 most visited websites.

4. Chats: Xnspy lets you see the chat conversations of social media apps and instant messengers along with the multimedia shared or received through them.

5. Address Book, Calendar Entries & Apps: You can view the address book, calendar entries, and the apps installed on the phone.

6. Top 5 Callers: The app gives you analysis reports for calls in the form of top 5 callers and top 5 call durations. There is also a weekly call activity punchcard.

7. Real Time Location: You can track the real-time location of the phone, know about the recently-visited places, and even set alerts on particular places’ entrance and exit with the help of the geofencing feature.

8. Set Alerts: You can set alerts on words and contacts along with locations to the app’s Watchlist so that the app notifies you any relevant activity immediately.

9. Remotely Turn on the Microphone: You can remotely turn on the microphone of the phone and record the surroundings of the phone.

10. Wipe Off Data: You can wipe off data from the phone.

11. Keylogger: The app records keystrokes made on Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Viber, Skype, and WhatsApp with the keylogger feature.

12. Wi-Fi Network Logs: You can access Wi-Fi logs and see details of the Wi-Fi connections the phone connected to recently.

13. Remotely control a cell phone: Xnspy lets you lock or shut down the phone remotely.

Xnspy Android Spy Software – Compatibility & Performance

Xnspy scores well in the compatibility and performance area as well. Xnspy runs smoothly on Android devices running OS versions 4.x to 10. The app runs hidden in the background and works silently on the device. It then uploads all the phone data to the web account.

XNSPY Android Tracking App - Call Logs, Text Messages, Location History and Call Recording

Xnspy works effectively on the phone without interrupting any of the activities or hindering its performance. The app icon won’t show on the home screen nor in the list of installed apps.

Xnspy Android Spy Software – Customer Support

If the user finds any problem with the software or has trouble using it, the app provides 24/7 customer support in the form of live chat. Also, you can get support on email too. You have to submit a ticket. Then someone from the customer support will contact you and resolve your issue.

Xnspy Android Spy Software – Pricing

Of course, anyone investing in software wouldn’t want to break their bank. Xnspy facilitates the user in this regard as well. Even with the presence of advanced features, the app is priced reasonably. And considering the range of features and seamless performance, Xnspy is affordable compared to other videos.

You can subscribe to the app for monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions.

Xnspy Basic Edition$49.99$23.33$8.33
Xnspy Premium Edition$59.99$33.33$12.49

Xnspy – Cons

Xnspy does not have many cons, but there are a few drawbacks. There is no free trial or the ability to buy the subscription in bundles.


Xnspy is steadily making its way to become the best Android spy software with its seamless compatibility with all Android OS versions, economical prices, and an impressive range of features. It is one of the few monitoring solutions that support offline monitoring, which means that the app will continue to record without an internet connection too. The data, however, is uploaded to the online web account when the monitored device is back online.

Although the Xnspy app lacks a free trial, there are enough tutorials and how-to guides for every single feature, eliminating any confusion. So, all in all, Xnspy Android spy software checks all the boxes, making it a good choice for catering your monitoring needs.