Where is WPS Button On Canon Printer

One of the hallmarks of a well-run business is a system that allows for a minimum number of moving parts while maximising productivity. Imagine a scenario in which you either have to utilise a single computer to print all of your documents, or you have to link each individual PC to its own Printer in order to produce output.

Since neither of these is ideal, I’ll be covering the WPS button on printers and how to use them as a shared resource among multiple computers in this article.

Where is WPS Button On Canon Printer

Knowing Where is WPS Button On Canon Printer for network connection requires a solid grounding in the button’s purpose and operation. The big concern now is where on the Canon printer one can find the WPS button.

In this article, you’ll find out how to connect your Canon printer to a wireless network by pressing the WPS button, and you’ll also find out how to do it by accessing the Printer’s Settings menu.

Where is WPS Button On Canon Printer

A WPS button is included on the Canon printer for easy wireless network setup. Connecting the Canon printer to a wireless router or gateway can be done via the WPS method (also known as the “Push button method”).

Pressing the WPS button on the Canon printer will allow you to link it to the premise’s wireless LAN. You can find the WPS button on the control panel; it has a wireless symbol on its button.

If all of the computers in your office building are linked via a network, you can print the document from any of them by clicking this button and sending it to the printer of your choice.

Using the WPS Button to Connect Your Canon Printer to Your Wireless Network

If you’ve ever wondered where the WPS button on a Canon printer is, this article should help you out. Canon printers can be connected to a wireless LAN.

Pressing the WPS Button

Use the WPS button on the Canon printer, which facilitates a painless setup procedure. To allow the devices to connect to the network without any further action on your part, simply turn on the relevant switches.

  • Navigate to the control panel of the Canon printer and press the WPS button.
  • After two minutes, press the WPS button on the wireless router to observe the devices connecting.


With any luck, you were able to use this manual to locate the WPS button on your Canon printer. To learn more useful hints and techniques, bookmark this page and share your thoughts in the space provided. Tell us, too, what it is you need help with most.