Warzone Guide: Tips and Tricks to Help You Win the War

Here’s the thing – COD Warzone is one of those games that offer you a plethora of different ways for you to play it, hence making it all that much more difficult to stand out in the crowd since not everyone dares to stray out of the regular playing strategies. That being said, with a couple of expert tips, you will surely be able to take your gaming experience to the next level, so if that’s what you are looking for, you are going to be able to find it right here.

Warzone Guide: Tips and Tricks to Help You Win the War

In this article, we have listed the most efficient tips and tricks regarding Call of Duty: Warzone that are going to ensure that your winning streak reaches an all-time high. So, let’s start unpacking.

Warzone Guide Tips and Tricks to Help You Win the War

1. Get to the Battlefield Faster

Timing is key in COD Warzone, so you shouldn’t waste any of it if not necessary. That being said, what better way to open this list than with the very beginning – getting to the battlefield.

Make sure that you shorten the time it normally takes you to get to the battlefield, hence ensuring the quickest touchdown by deploying your parachute before you actually go back to the free-fall mode. Keeping your parachute deployed for too long ultimately is a waste of time, especially since being the first to touch the ground naturally means you’ll find better equipment.

It should also be mentioned that employing this tactic is also going to save you from all the players that choose to open fire during parachute drops.

2. Scout Out the Area While You’re There

It should be mentioned, though, while you’re up there, make sure that you utilize the viewpoint. Scout out the area, it will help you pinpoint a lot of different places of interest, which will ultimately provide you with an enormous advantage before even landing.

3. Are Aimbots With It?

Short answer – absolutely. Basically, not all of us are as proficient in aiming as we would want to be, but there are ways for you to overcome that problem and tweak your aiming in such a manner that you practically become a hitman without even breaking a sweat.

As experts on gaming hacks for COD over at iwantcheats.net explain, utilizing such hacks will give you a major advantage, and by taking time to find good hacks, you will ensure that nobody even notices that you are using them. That being said – if you want to better your aim and do so quite easily, opting for such cases is right up your alley.

4. Complete Your Contracts!

Sure, it’s absolutely understandable that you want to get straight into the action, but completing your contracts is by far the best way to earn extra money. Contracts are a new addition to COD, and they have proven quite useful.

COD Warzone Tips

There are plenty of different ones that you can opt for, their tasks varying from collecting different loot boxes all the way to killing a specific enemy. Basically, they are not only useful but quite fun as well, so there’s no excuse for overlooking them!

5. Even Just Entering Them Counts

Completing contracts can still be of use even if you don’t actually manage to fulfill them entirely. For instance, they can provide you with an enemy’s position or even show you the way to a quite substantial loot. On the other hand, you should still strive for completion if you want to ensure that you conjure up some extra cash money or to earn some special abilities.

These special abilities range from gaining an insight into the next shrinking zone way before other players get to see it, which is an incredibly powerful tool to have. Still, make sure to keep in mind that a team isn’t able to activate more than one contract at a time.

6. Rescuing Teammates From the Gulag

You don’t need to abandon your teammates once they have been taken captive, there are some extremely efficient strategies that can even turn the whole situation to your teams’ advantage.

Basically, the best way in which you can help your teammate in captivity in their struggle to come back to the field is by accurately showing them where the enemies are, or by utilizing the stone trick while on the balcony. In fact, many players utilize the situation in which their teammates are captive by throwing stones on the C4 explosives on the battlefield, hence managing to kill their teammates’ rivals.

In the end, it all comes down to taking the initiative to do your research in order to come up with the best strategy possible. Surely, after reading this text, you have gained some information that’s a good starting point, but practicing and trying out different things is what’s really going to make the difference. No tip is a magical one, so, take action and start practicing, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits in no time!