5 Best Sites Like ‘Viewster’ To Watch Movies and TV Shows Online for Free

Nowadays, the Viewster site is a common name knows to everyone. People were quite familiar with the Viewster.com and its features. This article will give an outline of this interesting site.

Viewster website a platform for especially for movie lovers. Viewster does not compromise for TV shows even it is famous for movie contents. Besides, Viewster provides anime content which is also of this website.

Overall, the website brings out everything in contains for free. Specially, all licensed shows are available in the Viewster website without spending money.

Best Sites Like Viewster to Watch Movies and TV Shows Online for Free

Sometimes it’s better to have alternatives to Viewster to watch different movies and TV shows. In this article, I have detailed five sites like Viewster. All of them will give you as Viewster. But, you have to pay some to get to all features.

Whether you are an ardent fan of anime or a cinephile keen to discover indie films, you might have come across Viewster. Once a beloved platform for niche content, Viewster’s journey has been a rollercoaster ride, leaving fans wondering what happened to it.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Viewster, its disappearance, and its benefits, while also discussing its safety and availability on smart TVs.

What is Viewster?

Viewster was an on-demand streaming service founded in 2007 that specialized in offering unique content, such as indie films, classic TV shows, and a wide range of anime series. It provided a platform for lesser-known creators to showcase their work, giving audiences an alternative to mainstream content.

5 Best Sites Like Viewster to Watch Movies and TV Shows Online for Free

Here are some of the best alternative to Viewster.com that you must give a try. Go through all the sites like Viewster mentioned below to Stream Movies and TV shows for free.

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HIDIVE.com is a suitable one for anime lovers. Users can find their anime content on this website. Moreover, it delivers the contents as your interest. Also, its motto says anywhere at any time. I feel that the creators are taking a great effort job to keep their promise.

Also, the design of the HIDIVE site is simple and outstanding. But, to get access to the full contents, users have to pay a little. There was a small description is given for every video you select about what is going to happen.

The options are helpful to find your favorite videos and also simply superb. Also, one can find some subdivisions in the simulcasts category. These subcategories are helpful to get the stuff. It also supported with subtitle filter section, which is useful for non-English speakers.

HIDIVE also includes an option to select movies from the dubbed category. For these category people, this feature is good. One can choose from user-friendly filter sections. The categories like movies and series, on HIDIVE.com homepage, will certainly amazing.

Besides, the user fined the schedule list and read news about the shows in this. The designers should be appreciated for having such user-friendly filter categories. HIDIVE and Omegle are considerd as the most popular websites in US.

2. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is one of the popular websites in this category. Unlike HIDIVE, you will get everything here. Popcorn Flix offers TV shows and movies as well. Above all, they have a category for viral videos from all around. The homepage is fully equipped with different movies from every category.

This includes new arrivals, staff pick, drama, and many more. Once you click on this category, a full expanded video list will pop up. Here you can find everything which falls under the category you selected.

Also, there were also shows under stand up comedy and even from Espanol are included. Besides, if you select the contents under TV shows, you can see a lot. PopcornFlix has a truly big genre list. A small description of selected content, even if it is a movie or show, is available.

The viral video category will provide you with a different level of experience. For instance, PopcornFlix site creators have added categories for making search better. Even the critics praise that as a platform where all shows are within two clicks.

3. 123Movies

123Movies is a well-designed website to watch movies and TV shows for free. 123 Movies is a great alternative to Viewster site. The platform of the website is designed as simple and lucid. There is a search box on the 123Movies site to find whatever you want. You can see a variety of collections on the website.

Also, one can find in the list of options like genre, new releases, top IMDB, and more on this website platform. The new releases will appear as a pop-up notification on the homepage. Along with this list, duplicate prints are also available which is not recommended.

Additionally, one can also see a full list of TV series and movies by a click on respective icons. Owners have given a small description of the contents. However, this site has some annoying ads coming in between. 123movies.to, 123movies.com, 123movies.go and 123Movies.pro are the best sites to watch Movies and TV shows online free.

4: Sidereel: Track & Watch TV Shows Online

Sidereel.com is an amazing website that contains tons of content. The website currently runs TV shows. Additionally, it provides a list of upcoming TV shows. This calendar on the website includes all information about Premieres and Finales going around.

Users can find a full collection of shows at the bottom of the Sidereel. The news section includes the details of gossips, networks, and showtime of the TV shows. The genre section consists of at least ten different categories.

Moreover, there is a collection of TV shows of all leading networks. Also, you will encounter a few ads while streaming on the website. Like Movie4K it does not allow users to download anything.

5. TVMuse

TVMuse can be the best option as a replacement for viewster.com. This one has a very different design rather than all websites listed. The website gives more attention to TV shows compared to movies. The TV schedule is fully listed on the website.

The TV shows streaming on the current day will come first and continues will come in the chronological order. Also, all the movies and TV shows on TVMuse website are ad-free, this feature is only availble on very few sites, such as FMovies. Moreover, the user can filter out the movies using the options.

The list is filtered according to the release year as well as by genres. The site also has a option for the audience to request a movie and TV show. The site also updates the list of contents and includes newly coming.

What Happened to Viewster?

Viewster became increasingly popular among niche audiences but eventually faced stiff competition from streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The platform ceased its operations and was absorbed by Cinedigm in early 2019, effectively making it unavailable for its existing user base.

What is Viewster on Smart TV?

When operational, Viewster was available on multiple platforms, including smart TVs. It provided an app that could be downloaded directly from your TV’s app store, allowing for a seamless streaming experience from the comfort of your living room.

Benefits of Viewster

  • Unique Selection: Offered a wide array of unique and hard-to-find content.
  • No Subscription Needed: One of the few platforms that didn’t require a subscription.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate, even for those new to streaming services.

Is Viewster Safe?

While it was operational, Viewster had robust security measures in place to protect user data. However, with the cessation of its services, the concern for safety is now a moot point unless Cinedigm decides to relaunch it.

Is Viewster Free?

Viewster was free to use but monetized its platform through ads. Although not completely devoid of interruptions, it did provide a no-cost alternative for viewers willing to tolerate occasional ad breaks.

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Summing Up

Here in this article, a complete list of sites like Viewster that can be the best alternatives to Viewster.com is provided. Some of them may be dedicated to TV shows only, but other stream movies and TV shows.

Viewster is your responsibility to choose from the list according to the need. So, if you really in a search some alternatives to Viewster, visit any of the above listed and enjoy a better experience.

While Viewster may no longer be available, its unique model and emphasis on niche content made it a noteworthy player in the streaming world. Whether or not we will see a revival of this platform under its new ownership remains to be seen.

For those who once enjoyed Viewster’s eclectic offerings, the memories remain, and the search for similar platforms continues. Always remember to verify the safety and security measures of any streaming service you opt to use.