TV Host Comedian With 23 Emmy Nominations

TV host and comedian who has been nominated for 23 Emmys is American actress, comedian, singer, and author Carol Creighton Burnett was born on April 26, 1933.

Her revolutionary CBS comedic variety show The Carol Burnett Show is what made her famous. A woman was the first to host a show like this.

TV Host Comedian With 23 Emmy Nominations

She’s a hit in both serious and comic performances on stage, screen, and television. She has won a slew of awards and recognitions, including seven Golden Globes.

A Tony, a Grammy, and six Primetime Emmys. Burnett has received the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award (2015), the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor (2013), and the Presidential Medal of Freedom (2005).

As a Young Girl, Brunette Spent Many Hours in Movie Theaters

Burnett, as a little girl during the Great Depression, spent a lot of time at the movies, which sparked her interest in acting.

She attended UCLA’s acting programme in the ’50s, where she realised she had a knack for making people laugh.

A mysterious patron who appreciated her art lent her the funds to relocate to New York in 1955.

And she went on to appear on the Winchell-Mahoney Show and, a year later, the short-lived comedy Stanley as the girlfriend of Buddy Hackett’s character.

Her Great Appearance in Garry Moore

After gaining some notoriety through Moore’s debut on the CBS Morning Show in 1956, the young comedian was invited to join Moore on his own show, The Garry Moore Show, in 1959.

Her performance in the musical comedy Once upon a Mattress on Broadway that same year earned her rave reviews and a Tony Award nomination.

‘The Carol Burnett Show’

Broad comedic skits and sketches, with Burnett employing her expressive face to great humorous ends, were the norm on The Carol Burnett Show after an opening Q&A with the audience.

After 11 seasons on TV, the show was cancelled in 1978. Burnett later made her way back to the small screen with the comedy series.

Carol & Company in 1990 and The Carol Burnett Show in 1991. Neither endeavour, however, succeeded for very long.


After gaining notoriety through several TV performances and specials, Carol Burnett was finally given her own comedy-variety show, The Carol Burnett Show, in 1967.

Eleven seasons were broadcast. Burnett’s acting career has also taken her to the big screen and the Broadway stage. In 1986, she released her memoirs, titled One More Time.

One of the highest honours bestowed upon artists in the United States, she was honoured with the Kennedy Center’s highest prize in 2013.